10 Best Scented Candles to Handle Pet Odor

Published June 14, 2022
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Pets often bring love, joy, and laughter into our homes, but they can also create unwanted odors. With two dogs and two cats running around my house, I know the creeping fear of having guests come over and being worried that my house smells like wet dogs or cat litter. After much trial and error, I've found that along with cleaning, pet-safe candles are the best defense against eliminating unwanted pet odors.

Candles are great for adding flair and style to any room, but they can also help you combat pet odors in your home. As an avid candle fan, though, I know not all are up to the task of eliminating pet odors. Luckily, through research and using some of the candles on this list in my own home, I've compiled a list of the 10 Best Scented Candles to Handle Pet Odors to help you enjoy your pets and guests more and worry less about smells.

Things to Consider

Ingredients: It's important to pay attention to what a candle's made of to make sure it won't harm your pet, especially if it has essential oils. Eucalyptus, pine, cinnamon, citrus, and ylang ylang essential oils are toxic to pets even when diffused.

Price: Cost is always important to consider when making a purchase. Candles are available in various price ranges, and while some of the more expensive candles are made with luxurious ingredients and waxes, don't let that fool you. Many great candles are available that'll make your home smell divine and won't stress your budget.

Scent: A candle's fragrance is probably the most significant deciding factor on whether you purchase it or not. While you can't smell a candle on the internet, you can consider the scents you're usually drawn to and read customer reviews to see what others are saying to help you decide if you'll like it.

This lilac-scented pet odor-eliminating candle makes your home smell like a beautiful spring garden. It's a 12-ounce odor-eliminating candle that gets rid of pet, smoke, fire, and food smells and burns for around 80 hours. These candles are made in the USA and use lead-free wicks so you and your pet can breathe easy, knowing you're not inhaling harmful toxins. If you're not a fan of floral scents, it's also available in multiple scents, including Very Berry, Lavender, Fresh Linen, and Vanilla Bean.


What's better than the smell of fresh linen? An odor-eliminating candle that smells of fresh linen and rids your home of any unwanted pet odors. While fresh linen is the star of the show, you'll also get a subtle whiff of lemon and light musk that'll transport you to a relaxing and wonderfully smelling oasis. This 12.5-ounce candle features a beautiful and minimalistic design that'll spruce up any room in your home. It's also made with natural soy wax and 100% fiber wick free of lead and zinc. If the smell and ingredients weren't enough, all the shipping packaging is recyclable too.

Make your home smell like roses with this 6-ounce aromatherapy soy blend candle. This handmade pet odor candle is made in the USA and features a delicate rose scent that burns for around 40 hours. This candle is great for people who may be sensitive to strong fragrances as it gently removes pet odors without being overpowering. If the smell of roses isn't your favorite, this candle also comes in seven other essential oil blends, including Calming Vanilla, Lavender & Chamomile, and Wildwoods. Remember: when it comes to essential oils, always check that they're safe for your pets because some can be toxic even when diffused.

Mrs. Meyer's not only makes fantastic and gently-scented cleaning products, they also make awesome candles too. Their soy wax candles are some of my favorite because they're great for freshening up the home and removing stinky pet odors while not being overwhelming. They're made with a soy wax base and get their scent from essential oils. Each 7.2-ounce candle burns for about 35 hours. While you want to be careful which essential oils you bring into your home with pets, lavender is a safe option for cats and dogs, as long as they don't eat the candle.


Glade's been making air fresheners since the 1950s, so it's no surprise they know how to make one of the best odor-eliminating candles. Their 2in1 candles offer two scents in one candle that continue to linger even after it's blown out. Their Moonlit Walk and Wandering Stream 2-ounce candle provide a luxurious scent that rivals other more expensive candles for less than half the price.

Pet's Favorite Calming Lavender pet odor eliminating candle tops this list as the best calming option. This 12-ounce candle is made with a soy paraffin blend wax and burns for up to 70 hours. The tranquil lavender scent helps remove unwanted pet smells while also creating a calming oasis for you and your furry friend. Reviewers love that it's a strong yet not overpowering scent that uses non-toxic fragrances.

This 100% soy wax candle is a favorite of pet lovers due to its fantastic odor-eliminating abilities. Each candle is hand-poured in the USA and burns for around 60 hours. It's available in over 30 different scents made without dyes or parabens. Some scents include Lilac Garden, Wild Blueberries, Apple Cider, and Vanilla Sandalwood. They even poured in an adorable glass container with beautiful labels that'll fit with almost any room decor.


Sand + Fog candles are among my top favorite candles, so I was excited to see they also have a pet-focused line, Sand + Paws. These 12-ounce candles include two lead-free cotton wicks and burn for around 36 hours. The soy wax blend is poured into a glass container and has an etched wooden top that makes it a perfect gift for any pet owner. This Floral Musk candle neutralizes pet odors with scents of lemon, aloe, lavender, and musk for a seaside escape.

This 13-ounce candle is a top choice for pet owners as one of the best candles for pet odors. It's created with an enzyme formulated that removes instead of just masking smells and burns around 70 hours. This Orange Lemon Splash scent works with various odors and pets, including dogs, cats, and reptiles. If you're not into citrus scents, you can also find this candle brand available in floral and tropical fragrances.

If you're not a fan of candles or can't have them in your home, you can still get their benefits without the burn with these odor-removing gels. These non-toxic gels absorb and neutralize unwanted odors, including yucky smells your pets sometimes create. Just place these in a room, and you'll enjoy aromas of lime, cedarwood, and anise that'll make any space smell fresh and welcoming. Also, since they don't burn, you'll never have to worry about your curious cat getting hurt playing with a burning candle flame.

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10 Best Scented Candles to Handle Pet Odor