How to Clean Chrome With Simple Remedies

Published November 3, 2020
woman cleaning chrome

Hard water spots on your chrome faucets and fixtures can be hard to handle. Learn how to clean chrome in your home using simple materials already found in your pantry. Get some quick tips for keeping chrome clean and shiny.

Best Way to Clean Chrome

The best way to clean chrome is typically the least invasive method. What is this magical mixture? Why it's soap and water, of course. While any dish soap works, the grease-fighting power of blue Dawn can't be matched. For this method, you need:

  • Dish soap

  • Water

  • Used soft toothbrush

  • Microfiber cloth

  • White vinegar

  • Baking soda

  • Lemon wedges

  • Spray bottle

Method for Cleaning Chrome

Whether your cleaning chrome fixtures, chrome sinks, and faucets, or even furniture and wheels, this is the method you want to start with.

  1. Add a few squirts of Dawn to a bowl of warm water.

  2. Wash down the chrome, paying special attention to dirt and water spots.

  3. Use the toothbrush to get into all those tight areas. (Remember not to use a hard bristle brush; this can scratch.)

  4. Rinse and use a microfiber cloth to dry and buff.

How to Clean Chrome With White Vinegar

If soap and water aren't cutting through the grime on your chrome, it's time to add a bit of white vinegar to the mix.

  1. Create a 1:1 mixture of water to white vinegar in a spray bottle

  2. Spray white vinegar on to a clean microfiber cloth.

  3. Use circular motions to buff the chrome.

  4. If the cloth isn't cutting it, spray the mixture on the toothbrush and go to work.

How to Clean Chrome With Baking Soda

If vinegar isn't handy or you can't get past the smell, you can try baking soda.

  1. Mix enough baking soda with water to create a thick paste.

  2. Use the toothbrush or a cloth to apply the paste to the chrome.

  3. Allow it to sit for up to 5 minutes.

  4. Wipe the mixture off with a damp cloth, applying firm but gentle pressure to get stuck on grime.

  5. Buff the chrome out with a clean microfiber cloth. And, enjoy that sparkle!

Use Lemon to Clean Chrome

Another alternative to vinegar with a more pleasant smell is lemon wedges. Like vinegar, the acidity in the lemon wedge works to eat away any tarnish or grime.

  1. Cut a lemon in half.

  2. Using firm pressure, scrub the chrome with the flat part of the lemon.

  3. Let it sit for about 5 minutes or so.

  4. Use a damp cloth to wipe away the juice and peel.

  5. Buff with a clean microfiber cloth.

How to Clean Rusty & Tarnished Chrome

Rusty, tarnished chrome might do well from one of the methods above. However, sometimes, you have to break out the big guns. And by big guns, that means you need some aluminum foil. Strange but true! For this hack, grab:

  • Aluminum foil

  • Salt

  • Water

  • Bowl

tarnished chrome tap

How to Clean Chrome With Aluminum Foil

Using aluminum foil seems like a weird trick, but it creates a reaction when you rub the two together that annihilates rust.

  1. In a bowl, mix a teaspoon of salt and warm water.

  2. Dip a strip of aluminum foil in the water.

  3. Use it to scrub at the rust and tarnish until gone.

  4. Rinse with a damp rag.

  5. Buff with a clean microfiber cloth.

How to Polish Chrome

Now that you've removed all that grime, it's time to give that chrome a good polishing. Commercial chrome polish is always an option when it comes to polishing chrome. However, you can try these methods, too.

Polish Chrome With a Magic Eraser

This chrome polishing hack is simple, and most cleaning buffs have a few original magic erasers at home. Dampen the magic eraser and run it over the chrome. The shine will amaze you!

Using WD40 to Polish Chrome

Another home hack for polishing chrome besides using chrome polish is by trying a bit of WD40. Just add a bit to a clean microfiber cloth and use circular motions to get that chrome shiny again.

Tips for Keeping Chrome Clean

When it comes to cleaning and polishing the chrome around your house and in your driveway, you have many different methods in your cleaning arsenal. However, remember, chrome is a soft metal. Therefore, abrasives of all kinds can scratch it and should be avoided. Other tips for keeping chrome clean and scratch-free are:

  • Use gentle pressure when cleaning.

  • If you need to pick debris off chrome, use a plastic spatula with a towel over it.

  • Prevent film on chrome by wiping it down daily with a microfiber cloth.

  • Make sure to dry chrome to avoid hard water stains.

That Shiny Chrome Finish

There is nothing better than a sparkling bathroom with shiny chrome faucets and fixtures. And, most people would love to adhere to a daily cleaning schedule. But who has time for that? Life gets busy, and faucets and fixtures get dirty. Thankfully, now you know how to clean them.

How to Clean Chrome With Simple Remedies