12 Easy DIY Room Decor Ideas for Teenagers

Published June 5, 2018
Easy DIY Room Decor Ideas for Teenagers

Your bedroom is one of the few spaces you get to call your own and show off your true personality. Keep your space fresh, fun, and inspirational with these simple DIY room decorating projects you can finish in a few hours or less.

Chalkboard Label Calendar

All you need are some white label stickers and chalkboard paint to create trendy organizational chalkboard painted labels. Stick the painted stickers on a large canvas, piece of poster board, or piece of cardboard in a grid pattern with six rows of seven to make a reusable wall calendar to keep track of your schedule old-style instead of digitally. Center a sticker on the top of the board to use for the month then fill in the days of the week on the top row of stickers. Use colorful chalks to write upcoming events.

Chalkboard label calendar

Artistic Accent Wall

You don't need to be artistic to create an abstract art accent wall as the point of this style is convey feelings, not replicate a recognizable image. Trace household objects like the bottom of a coffee can or a book onto the wall in a random pattern and fill each in with paint for a quick, unique look.

Artistic accent wall

Keepsake Box Collage

If you've got an old jewelry box or keepsake box, you can give it a new look with white glue and paper using the decoupage technique. Collect unique papers like book pages, baseball cards, lyrics to a favorite song, printed images from Instagram, or old CD covers. Use a paintbrush to glue the paper all over the box then cover the entire thing with another thin layer of glue.

Keepsake Collage Box

Custom Braided Rug

Turn old sheets, thin blankets, old t-shirts, or new fabric into a colorful, decorative braided rug you'll be comfortable lounging on. You'll need fabric strips that are about 2 inches wide and 3 to 4 feet long. Using a simple three-strand braiding technique, you can create a circular or oval rug in no time. Essentially you braid around in one big strand, adding more strips and shaping the rug as you go. Tie the rows together with ribbon, twine, or string.

Braided Rug

Woven Wastebasket

Add style to every detail in your room, even the garbage can, when you weave a paper wastebasket. You can really use any kind of paper from colorful wrapping paper to old magazine pages for this simple project. The length of your paper will determine how tall your wastebasket stands. Use rolls of bulletin board paper or old movie posters to create a tall basket you can use as a clothes hamper.

Woven Wastebasket

Beaded Curtains

Add privacy and a relaxed vibe to your bed with an easy beaded curtain. Buy and cut bead strands or make your own beads from polymer clay. If you have a canopy bed, tie the strings to the top of the canopy frame to hang down one or all four sides. If you have a standard bed frame, hang a hula hoop from the ceiling near your headboard and tie the bead strings around three quarters of the hoop. Drape the strands so they encircle your head without laying on you.

Beaded Curtains

No-Sew Pillows

Turn your old pillows into soft, comfortable, and stylish accent pieces when you make tied fleece accent pillows. Sandwich the pillow between two larger, but equal, pieces of fabric, cut tabs all along the fabric's edge, then tie the tabs from each side together. Use an old t-shirt you love for a funky feel and fold an old, flat pillow in half to create a plumper filling.

No-Sew Heart Pillow

Patterned Sheet Set

Update plain, solid-colored sheet sets with a camouflage pattern or unique tie dye pattern. You'll need some fabric paint and an open space to create your unique sheet set. Make sure you plan ahead by choosing a few specific colors and visualizing the pattern on the fabric before you begin. Put them on your bed or use them to create one of a kind wall art.

Tie Dye Sheet Set

Safety Pin Candle Holders

Take any standard candle from tea light to pillar, in a jar or on its own, from boring to cool with a few safety pins, wire, or elastic string, and some beads. Simply thread beads onto each safety pin then secure them together in a circle by stringing the wire through the top and then the bottoms. Safety pin candle holders can easily wrap around any jar or container to give it a new look instantly.

Safety pin candle holder

Bohemian Lampshade

Give your room a cool, laid back style with an easy DIY Bohemian lampshade. Use hot glue to stick some short bead strands around the bottom of the shade then drape a sheer scarf over top of the whole shade. You'll not only have a cool accent piece, but it will cast a warm colored glow around the room.

Bohemian Lampshade

Photo Tree

Use any color paint to make a tree photo gallery on one wall in your room. Find the center of the wall and paint a bare tree then hang picture hanging hooks on various branches around the tree. Ask your friends to create mini pieces of art you can hang around the tree.

Tree photo gallery

Writing Utensil Wall Art

Make your room describe you by displaying a personal motto on one wall. Choose a text message symbol that best describes what you're all about or your current mood to get started.

What You'll Need:

  • Hot glue
  • Writing utensils in different sizes like crayons, pencils, pens, markers, colored pencils, chalk, etc.
  • String
  • Nails or picture hooks


  1. Use the utensils to create each letter by laying them on a flat surface and trying out different combinations.
  2. Once you've figured out how to make each letter, glue the writing utensils together. You'll need to hold each seam for a few seconds to help it dry in the right formation.
  3. Tie equal lengths of string to the top of each letter then hang in order from evenly spaced nails or hooks on the wall.
Writing Utensil Wall Art

Show Your True Colors

No matter how often your tastes and interests change, your room decor can keep up. DIY projects made it easy and affordable to alter the details of your bedroom so it suits your personality at all times.

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