April Fool's Day Pranks to Pull on a Teacher

April fools day with clown

April 1st of each year is a fun day for students, as well as teachers and parents. Pulling April Fool's Day teacher pranks is a tradition for all students. Clean, fun pranks can be amusing for the whole school.

How to Prank Your Teachers

There are many different pranks for April Fool's Day at school. While not all pranks are a good idea, there are lots of pranks you can pull that won't get you in too much trouble. Just make sure your teacher has a good sense of humor before pulling these harmless pranks, or they may not end well.

Let Them Eat Cake

Gift Cake

If you've ever gotten a glimpse of the teacher's lounge, then you already know that there are often snacks that others bring in for the teachers. You'll need a teacher or the principal to help you pull off this prank, as going into the teacher's lounge without permission could get you into trouble. However, with the right accomplice, you can pull this one off without any trouble.

  • The night before, take an empty cereal box and glue the lid back down so you have a perfect rectangle.
  • Place the box on a flat piece of foil-covered cardboard.
  • Use one and a half to two canisters of icing in the flavor of your choice, and put a thick coating of icing on the box. Make sure you cover every inch of the box, so it looks like a sheet cake and not a cereal box. You can add a little extra icing to the corners to further camouflage the shape of the box.
  • Have your accomplice place the "cake" in the teacher's lounge and report back to you about the reactions as the teachers try to cut into the cake. FYI, this would also make a fun April Fools prank for your parents.

Loose Thread

If you have a teacher who is observant and would notice a loose thread, this trick works well to prank her. Wear a shirt with a big pocket.

  • Buy a small, travel-size spool of thread that matches the color of your shirt.
  • Place the spool deep into the pocket with a piece hanging out of the top of your pocket. The piece should be at least two-inches long so that it will be noticed.

When the teacher tries to pull the thread for you, she will have to keep pulling and pulling from the stash in your pocket.

The Prank That Never Was

Sometimes, the best prank is to not throw a prank. For several weeks leading up to April Fool's Day, tell your teacher that you are planning the most amazing prank anyone has ever pulled on a teacher. Remind her every chance you get.

On April 1st, she will be waiting in an anticipation.

Do nothing.

When she realizes you didn't prank her, she'll likely laugh and perhaps even give a small sigh of relief.

A Not so Squeaky Clean Chalkboard


If you're lucky enough to go to a school that still uses chalkboards, place a piece of chalk between the sections of an eraser. When the teacher starts to erase the board, the chalk will make it dirty again. Does your school use a whiteboard instead? No worries. Simply remove the tips from a package of dry erase markers, so the markers are empty. Replace the regular markers with your empty ones.

School for Sale

For Sale By Owner Sign

Buy a large "for sale by owner" yard sign, and put it in front of the school. Put a ridiculous price on it like "$2". In very small letters on the bottom, put "just kidding." You don't really want someone to buy your school for $2 do you? Okay, maybe you do, but the little letters will get you in less trouble.

Weren't You Wearing a Skirt?

At the start of the school day, stash a couple of changes of clothes in a bathroom near your class. If you are female, you may be able to fit a change of clothes into your purse, if you're allowed to carry purses in your school. Once the class starts, ask the teacher to allow you to go the bathroom. This trick works best with a teacher who is lenient with bathroom passes. Once you are granted the bathroom pass, rush to the bathroom and change into a new outfit. Make it as different as possible from the first outfit. For example, change from a skirt into slacks or a gray shirt into a lime green one. Return to the classroom. If the teacher notices, you can reply that it is April Fool's. If she does not notice, ask to go to the bathroom again a bit later and change once again.

Ransomed Knick Knacks

Take something unimportant from the teacher's desk, such as an apple paperweight, and leave a ransom note in its place. Hide the item in a different location in the classroom. You don't want your teacher to think you actually stole the item. The ransom should be for something fun such as no more tests or no homework on Fridays. Whether the teacher responds to the ransom or not, be sure to return the item at the end of the class, or tell her where you relocated it.

Classroom Shuffle

Wait for a teacher to step out of the room to talk to another student or take care of other business. Every student should turn their desks and chairs to face the back of the classroom instead of the front. When the teacher walks back in, everyone should continue to work as though nothing has happened. Wait for the teacher to ask what is going on and then say, "April Fool's!" as a class.

Be Careful How You Prank

Pranks are a fun way to make memories during your school years, but always be careful not to pull pranks that will get you in trouble with your school, or the law. Do not do anything illegal or destructive in nature, or that might physically be dangerous for someone. Don't pull a prank just for an April Fool's Day laugh that might get you into trouble. Some teachers do not appreciate being pranked, and will be quick about giving a detention to a prankster. It's always a good idea to know if the teacher you want to prank has a good sense of humor before pulling the trick.

April Fool's Day Pranks to Pull on a Teacher