25 Arts & Craft Storage Ideas for a Clean Craft Room

Use clever craft storage ideas to keep your hobby room full of inspiration.

Published February 6, 2023

Give your craft room or your kids' art supplies a fresh new look with functional organization. Craft time is fun again when you have a tidy art area to keep you inspired. With a few craft room storage ideas in place, you'll be on your way to finding a brand new spark of creativity.

Choose a Functional Craft Table


If you have a craft room, you must have a craft table. Whether this is a large focal point in the center of the room or a smaller piece against the wall, you want to make sure the craft table you select works for your needs. If sewing is your craft of choice, an L-shaped table will provide space for cutting fabric and storing your sewing machine. If you dabble in multiple arts, a square table with storage on all four sides will give you the tabletop and storage space for all your crafting needs.

Find a Filing Cabinet


Filing cabinets aren't just for home offices. Add one or two to your craft room to store crafting paper, vinyl sheets, canvases, and fabric for all your crafting needs. Use all your creativity to make your filing cabinet look fun and stylish. Position filing cabinets under a wood slab for a DIY craft table, or set them out so you can use the tabletop space for more craft supplies.

Add a Storage Cubby


For all of your fabric, yarn, canvases, or art equipment, slide a storage cubby into your craft room. You can stack folded fabric in the cubbies or add baskets for yarn and paints. Store your photo printer, cutting machine, or serger in cubbies near an outlet so you can easily plug them in when needed.

Install Shelving


Keep all your arts and crafts supplies within reach and on display. The more you're able to see all your tools and details, the more inspired you will feel to use them. Try floating shelves for a decorative look or add a large hanging unit for all the small items you need to store, like jars of glitter or spools of yarn.

Hang a Pegboard


Storage space in your craft room can exist on the wall as much as in a drawer or on a table. Hang a large pegboard near your crafting area to hold tools, cups for paint brushes, and wire baskets for bobbles and beads. You can even mount lightweight shelving on your pegboard to hold jars of art supplies and sheets of craft paper.

Make a Mood Board


Never run out of inspiration with a DIY mood board hanging in your craft room. Make your own by stapling a preferred fabric to a large cork board. You can leave the board unframed or add a decorative touch by setting it in an ornate frame. Mount on your wall and use push pins to display inspiring photos, art prints, and other items to encourage your imaginative nature every time you sit down to craft.

Try a Lazy Susan


For quick clean up and easy access for a group of kids, a large Lazy Susan will get the job done. Fill this spinning art supply storage solution with crayons, paints, brushes, buttons, and ribbons. Kids can reach the tool they need with a simple twirl. When art time is over, this supply holder can sit inside of a cabinet, on a shelf, or remain on a kids' table for future art endeavors.

Use Storage Containers for Simple Sorting


When you need to keep craft and art supplies organized, but your kids aren't pros at tidying yet, stick to clear storage containers to make tidying easier. Select containers with lids so you can stack them to save space. Designate different containers for paint supplies, paper goods, jewelry making, and play dough. With clearly defined storage solutions, children can start their creative engines without needing to ask for help each time.

Make a Kid Craft Cart


Small craft carts are a great way to engage your child in creative play regularly while keeping your home neat and tidy. Fill your cart with all your child's favorite art supplies, and roll it out next to your table when it's time to play. Once craft time is over, this small cart will slide easily into a corner or closet for quick cleanup.

Get Creative With Marker & Pen Storage


For all the writing and drawing tools your child uses, tap into your innovative side to find the perfect storage solution. Small, wall-mounted bins are great for collections of colored pencils. You can store pens and slim markers in carrying cases or storage trays with slim sections. You can even use an artist storage box to store markers and crayons like a professional.

Convert a Closet


Even if you don't have an entire room to dedicate to your crafting or artistry, you can use craft storage hacks to keep your supplies tidy. Look for opportunities to use hidden storage, clever products, and space-saving solutions for a mini craft area in any room of your home.

Unused closet space is the perfect opportunity to make a hidden crafting escape. For large closets, add a table, set of drawers, pegboard, and a few upper shelves to store all your art supplies. You can replace doors with decorative curtains or use French doors to hang door organizers for small items like tubes of paint or spools of thread. For smaller closets, try hanging a collection of shelves filled with various sized bins to keep all your items organized.

Use Recycled Jars


No need to spend your entire crafting budget on storage products. Recycled glass jars are the perfect way to keep beads, pencils, and pompoms tidy. Color code your jars on a shelf for a mini crafting area that still looks clean and thoughtfully displayed in your home.

Store Craft Supplies in a Spare Cabinet


If your kitchen has a spare cabinet or there's a built-in unit in your living room that you're unsure how to take advantage of, turn it into a mini craft closet. Add trays and containers for all your small items and label everything, so it's easy to sift through and find exactly what you need. You can also use the cabinets or drawers of a dining room buffet, china cabinet, or entertainment center.

Mount Dowels for Creative Wall Storage


A collection of dowels mounted on the wall will save space and keep small craft supplies organized. No more looking for spools of thread as they roll around inside your junk drawer. Color code your collection of yarn, thread, Washi tape, or ribbon for a storage solution that looks as pretty as the items you will create in your crafting space.

Create a Mini Rolling Craft Table


You can still have a crafting table on a small scale if saving space is a goal for your home. Try a rolling drawer unit to keep all your odds and ends in one space. You can easily roll the table to any area of your home to crochet, draw, or make jewelry. Avoid clear drawers if this rolling unit will sit in a visible area so your space doesn't feel cluttered.

Make Use of Bins & Baskets


When you're short on space, bins and baskets can offer hidden storage for all your crafting needs. Store these on shelving units, built-ins, and under console tables for quick access when needed, but invisibility when you're not in a crafting mood. You can even keep baskets and bins near your comfiest chair or your kitchen table so you can craft in comfort.

Organize Your Gift Wrap


Wrapping a gift beautifully is an art, and it requires a significant amount of space. Use wall space to create your gift wrap station for thoughtfully decorated presents every time. Mount a DIY gift wrap organizer to the wall to display all your favorite wrapping paper in a stylish manner. Keep small gift wrapping tools in a nearby drawer or a storage container. Use a gift wrap storage bag to hold paper you use less often or to keep your tissue paper nice and neat.

Make Your Own Craft Storage Products


Put all of that creativity to great use by making your own craft and art supply storage products. A DIY storage solution is the perfect way to christen your new crafting area.

  • Use an upcycled paper towel holder to display all your ribbon for sewing or gift wrapping. Give it a fresh coat of paint for a fun upgrade.
  • Decorate a few plastic magazine holders to sort your crafting papers, vinyl templates, and fabric scraps.
  • Wrap toilet paper rolls in Washi tape and glue them to a painted wood plank for a DIY marker, pencil, and paintbrush storage system.
  • DIY your own maker mat for your Cricut crafting area or sewing machine station.
  • Add threaded hooks to a reclaimed window frame or door to display yarn, large paint brushes, Washi tape, and other craft supplies on your wall.
  • Nail an over-the-door shoe organizer to the wall of your garage to hold all your spray paint cans for your furniture flipping hobby.
  • Make your own canvas drying rack by attaching long dowels to a wooden frame and mounting it to the wall.
  • Convert a suitcase into a storage container for markers, paint, or crochet supplies.

Get Excited for Crafting Again


Regain that spark of joy and surge of creativity when you get your crafting space organized. You'll be more productive in your creative process and feel more peaceful in your art room when everything has a place. All that creativity you love to express can help you organize the hobby area of your dreams.

25 Arts & Craft Storage Ideas for a Clean Craft Room