9 Feng Shui Ideas With Bells for Luck and Harmony

Published February 16, 2021
Feng Shui Bells

Ringing feng shui bells attracts auspicious chi to bring you luck. You can also use feng shui bells to restore harmony in your home or office.

9 Great Ideas to Use Feng Shui Bells

Several feng shui symbols are often used to decorate feng shui bells and are activated whenever the bell is rung. There are several areas where you can place and use a bell to act as a cure, or to bring good luck and prosperity.

  • Bells are also used to expel evil spirits and harmful energies.
  • Bells can be hung on the outside doorknob of your front door.
  • You can hang a bell on the outside doorknob of your home office.

1. Feng Shui Bell for Prosperity and Wealth

In feng shui, hanging bells where they will be rung often is the most desirable placement. Entrance doors are the ideal place to hang a bell. Outside your front door is the entry point of chi energy coming into your home. By hanging a bell on the outside doorknob, you ensure positive chi energy will enter your home. You can select a bell with a prosperity symbol or two such as:

  • A Buddha bell will bring prosperity and fortune luck.
  • A pair of carp will attract auspicious news, wealth and prosperity luck.
  • The symbol of a dragon or a dragon and phoenix duo will bring abundance, career opportunities, wealth, and success luck.

2. Feng Shui Bell for Abundance

You can place a Tang bell in your dining room, so you can reach it whenever you sit down to eat. You'll need to ring the bell three times before you eat. The ringing of the bell invites auspicious chi energy to join you and bring great abundance to you and your family.

Feng Shui Bell for Abundance

A Tang dynasty bell design is usually made of copper and is a handheld bell often used by monks. The bell is usually highly polished and absent of decorations. However, the handle is often decorated with various auspicious symbols. While a Tang bell is a nice authentic feng shui touch, any metal handheld bell will work just as well.

3. Feng Shui Bell for Protection

A bell with elephants with trunks lifted in triumph can offer protection as a fierce guardian. The elephant heralds new opportunities and security of your possessions.

4. Feng Shui Bell Cure for Illness Star #5

You can use a five element bell in the sector where the flying star #5 yellow star, illness/misfortune star is located. There are many design choices for this bell. One version features the suspended between two five-element pagodas and mounted on a stand. The other two versions are handbells. One may feature the five element symbols, the other might feature the 8 Auspicious feng shui objects. The bells may be inscribed with a healing mantra. You'll need to ring the bell three times to transform the negative energies. For the best results, you should ring the bell daily.

5. Feng Shui Bell for Career

You can place a gong on your desk. You should strike it three times every morning to clear any residual negative energy and activate the positive chi energy to stimulate your career luck. If you're experiencing office gossip or backstabbing, choose a bell with a rooster symbol.

Feng Shui Bell for Career

6. Feng Shui Bell for Love and Relationship Luck

You can use a feng shui bell to activate your love and relationship luck. The most common way to use this feng shui bell is to hang it on the bedroom door handle. The bell will ring every time you open and close the door to reinforce your love and relationship luck.

Feng Shui Bell for Love and Relationship Luck

7. Feng Shui Wu Lou Bell for Health

You can use a Wu Lou bell to ring in good health. The feng shui Wu Lou bell is especially good if your front door faces east, the health sector. You can't go wrong with a Wu Lou bell for any compass direction, since no amount of wealth can compare to good health.

8. Feng Shui Bell With Mystic Knot

The mystic knot is the symbol of infinity. It is also one of the eight auspicious symbols in feng shui. You can use it as a hanger for your feng shui bell, and/or you can choose a bell with this symbol decoration. When you use this symbol as a feng shui bell on your front door, you ensure prosperity luck and happiness luck without end.

Feng Shui Bell With Mystic Knot

9. Feng Shui Lotus Symbol Bell

The lotus symbol is an excellent choice for restoring harmony in your home. You can place a bell in your living room and ring it in the morning to clear any negative energy that is disruptive to your family. If your family is experiencing disagreements and arguments, this bell will bring harmony into your home once more.

Feng Shui Bells Attract Beneficial Chi Energy

The use of a feng shui bell inside or outside your home will attract auspicious chi energy. You can use specific symbol designs to address various feng shui issues.

9 Feng Shui Ideas With Bells for Luck and Harmony