How to Use Arowana Fish in Feng Shui

Golden Arowana

In feng shui the arowana fish, also known as the golden dragon, is considered a powerful symbol as a bringer of good luck. The feng shui arowana fish bestows happiness, great love, health, wealth, prosperity, and personal power to its owner.

Dragon Fish Good Luck Icon in Feng Shui

The arowana is like a wealth luck magnet. Considered one of the most valuable feng shui tokens, the fish is often said to be the most expensive aquarium fish. This fish is prized for all the luck it imbues to its owners. The dragon is an ancient sacred Chinese symbol for the emperor. It was believed that the royal family were descendants of the dragon. This symbolic icon is a cherished favorite gift among business executives and owners.

Arowana Colors

Depending on the species, colors include, gold, silver, red, black, or pearl. The red Asian arowana cannot be imported to the U.S. Their scales often have a reflective tendency. Many times, when light touches its dragonlike scales, a prism of rainbow colors is reflected. Choose any color of arowana fish that appeals to you.

Number of Arowana Fish for Feng Shui

You can use the feng shui standard number of fish in an aquarium or pond. The auspicious rule of nine suggests eight gold or red fish and one black fish. The black fish absorbs all negative energy headed your way. The fish swimming in the aquarium or pond generate yang energy through the movement through water. Multiples of three always bring auspicious energy as well as good luck, so you aren't limited to just nine fish for a pond or aquarium.

Feng Shui Placement Arowana Fish Aquarium

Most fish keepers place one arowana per tank due to the fish's aggressiveness and ensuing size. There are several feng shui placements for an aquarium. These include:

  • Southeast: The Southeast is the wealth sector and placing an arowana aquarium here will activate big money and great wealth.
  • North: The career sector is another auspicious placement for an aquarium. Prepare for your career to skyrocket.
  • East: The health sector will provide great health luck when an aquarium is placed here. Improved health can be experienced.

Feng Shui Arowana Pond

As long as you understand the risks, you can undertake an arowana pond.

Combine With Koi

If you wish to place other fish like koi in a pond with your arowana, you must assume that the arowana will devour his smaller companions at some point in time. Fish keepers have kept arowana with koi and other fish for years, then one day discover it has eaten a prized koi. Even koi that are the same size as an arowana may fall prey to this highly territorial predator. Decide whether this is a risk you want to take and make sure your koi are large.

  • A school of arowana may sound like a solution. Depending on how aggressive each fish is, there could reasonably be a constant battle in the pond.
  • Finally, consider the temperature of the water; your arowana may not enjoy the same water temperature as your koi.

Location for Arowana Pond

The southeast sector of your yard is the ideal place to locate a pond. If you wish to have a fish pond in the front yard, be sure you place it left of the front door. To determine the correct placement, stand inside the front doorway, looking out onto the yard. The area to the left of the door is the correct placement. In feng shui, you should avoid any water feature to the right of the door (looking out from your home) since it will activate the inauspicious energy of male infidelity.

Use Arowana Art Instead of Live Fish for Feng Shui

If you find the prospect of accommodating such a large fish and an aquarium inside your home daunting as well as the constant maintenance and cleaning, don't panic. You can easily capitalize on the wonderful luck energy of the arowana through the use of art objects and prints in your home. Some of these include:

  • Translucent golden arowana: There are many styles and colors of arowana figurines. This one is a golden-yellow that is symbolic of wealth (gold) 4.75" x 2.125" x 3.25". It's perfect on the north corner of your home office desk. Be sure to face it into your office and never pointed at a door or window. Around $12.
Feng Shui Arowana
  • Gold arowana with coin: This gold-finished resin figurine is an ideal business gift for anyone you wish to bestow with great wealth luck. The figurine incorporates the wealth luck symbol of a Chinese gold coin along with an arowana in a 7"x 3.75" x 9" display. Around $58.
  • Prosperity plaque: This 8"x 10" hardboard plaque comes with an attached easel stand for easy display. The black background highlights the gold arowana with the gold Chinese characters for the word "Prosperity". Around $24. Set on a desk, shelf, mantel or credenza.
  • Hand-painted original oil painting: This artist grade canvas 24" x 48" original painting doesn't include the frame. Before it is shipped out, you are sent a digital copy via email. Once you've approved the painting, it is mailed directly to you in a shipping tube. It costs around $275.
  • Longshore Tides 'Arowana' (signed): This unique artistic depiction of an arowana fish is a stunning collage that captures the imagination. It has a black frame and is 25'' H x 48'' W x 1.4'' D. The graphic art print is signed by the artist, Alex Zeng, and sells for less than $250.

Where to Place Arowana Art

Besides the compass directions of north, southeast, and east as the sectors for placing arowana fish art, there are a few other locations that you might want to try that are specific to a business or an individual.

  • Business entrance: If you wish to increase sales for your business, set a statute or plaque just outside your office door or business entrance. If this isn't feasible, place the arowana inside the main door area. Be sure that the fish is swimming into your office space and not away.
  • Water fountain: Since fish need water, you can enhance your wealth by placing a figurine or other work of art near a water fountain.
  • Kua number: Use your kua number to locate your four auspicious directions in the eight mansions luck map for placement. Sheng chi is the auspicious direction for prosperity and excellent reputation that's very important in business and life in general.
  • Cash register: If you use a cash register for your business, place an arowana depiction beside the cash register to bring in more business.

More About Arowana Fish

The arowana, like koi (carp), has been used for centuries to maintain healthy rice paddies. The fish serve to keep the paddies free of harmful pests and provide valuable fertilizer to the crops. In the winter, the farmers dine on the arowana and koi.

in a pond habitat

Deep, Dark Waters

In their natural habitats of rivers, paddys, and waterways, the fish thrives in deep dark waters. It lurks unseen as it awaits new prey and then lunges for them, scooping up the unsuspecting creature in its drawbridge mouth. The arowana will eat frogs, baby animals, and even small birds that venture too close.

  • Arowanas can jump up to three feet from the water. This can become an issue for a home aquarium. The tank lid must be closed at all times.
  • Arowanas have up to a 20-year lifespan. During this time, the fish will grow in size.

Sizes and Accommodating Live Arowana Fish

You can use live arowanas indoors in an aquarium or outside in a pond. This fish has some specific obstacles, such as size.

  • There are several species and each will grow to different sizes, from 2 feet to as much as 10 feet (gigas).
  • The average size is four feet long.
  • Some specifics grow faster than others. An average growth rate in 5 years is 5 inches.
  • An average full-grown fish requires a minimum of a 450-gallon tank, although some species might only require 150-gallon tank.
  • Tanks should be a minimum of 20" deep, but larger fish will require a deeper tank to maneuver and turn in the aquarium.
  • The arowana is a top-level predator and other fish don't survive long when put in the same tank.

Create Wealth Luck

You can use living arowana fish or artistic depictions to reap the rich wealth luck this feng shui icon brings to your home or office. As with all things feng shui, less is more, so don't overuse this symbol or you'll diminish its many blessings.

How to Use Arowana Fish in Feng Shui