20 Unique Baby Girl Nursery Themes

Updated January 19, 2021

More Than Pink for Girls


The best baby girl nursery themes go beyond the standard pink room and offer lots of lovely details for you and your little one to enjoy. From simple nursery ideas that are sure to impress to baby girl nursery themes you can do on a budget, there are lots of great ideas to make this room a magical place for you special little girl.

Pretty Linens and Patterned Walls


When it comes to creating a beautiful baby girl nursery, wall decor is an important element. You can easily make a patterned wall design with paint by using painter's tape to block off sections of the wall. If you want to create a baby girl nursery that's not pink, try a soft yellow for the main color. Then add some vintage-inspired pretty linens to give the room some feminine beauty.

Modern Meets Traditional


Coral and gray may be an unexpected combination for a little girl's nursery, but they work so well together. This Lambs & Ivy nursery set has the sweetness and tradition of hearts with a modern color scheme. The white and gold help keep the look fresh and vibrant and add a beautiful contrast.

The World on Her Nursery Wall


Give your little girl the world - or at least a view of some of your favorite parts of it. This fun baby girl nursery theme is inspired by nature. Choose wall decals or paint a simple mural of mountains and stars. You can get creative with the color scheme - pink mountains and green walls look beautiful together. Then add in lots of fun accessories like coordinated bedding and a cute mobile.

Unicorns, Mint Green, and Dreams

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Add a touch of magic to the nursery with a unicorn theme couched in mystical mint green and dreamy white. This set has a vibrant, whimsical touch without being overwhelming. A few additional pops of color (your choice) here and there will add a personal touch and turn it into a room she'll love even after she's outgrown the crib.

Scallops and Vintage Flair


If you're looking for a fun and modern baby girl nursery decor idea that doesn't feel too put together, try incorporating vintage pieces with a pretty scalloped wall treatment. Look for vintage furniture and accessories that look collected and interesting, and then tie everything together with a scalloped paint job. You can use a stencil to get a nice clean line. Simply choose a pretty shade of paint like a light teal and pair it with a neutral like white. Add pops of color with curtains and crib bedding.

Adorable Southwestern Style

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This Lambs & Ivy Little Spirit collection combines teal, coral, white, and gray with an adorable southwestern theme that's out of the ordinary for a nursery. Pale blue walls (plus the decal, of course) with textured, neutral-toned accents tie this all together, and the collection makes sure all the other details are covered, from the fox mobile to the coral lamp that fits the theme perfectly.

Statement-Making Wallpaper and Modern Touches


Create a style statement with wallpaper in this baby girl nursery idea. Choose a graphic, modern wallpaper, such as the phases of the moon. Then use that bold pattern as a backdrop for simple, modern accessories that repeat the design elements of the paper. For instance, a pom-pom mobile can echo the moon shapes. A contemporary crib style and pale pink sheets help make it feel feminine.

Lavender Butterflies


Purple is a little less predictable than pink for a baby girl's room, and butterflies make this theme even sweeter. When the purple is paired with white and/or silver, the whole room is fit for a princess. Even the sheets are covered in butterflies and flowers in shades of purple and blue. Butterfly wall decals take things up one notch further, and finishing touches like the lavender valance and butterfly lamp turn it into a soothing, well-designed space for baby and her parents.

Colorful Accents


If you're renting or need baby girl nursery ideas on a budget, you can create a colorful decorating theme without painting or investing in high-end furniture. Pick a bold accent colors, such as coral pink, and incorporate it wherever you can in the room in the form of accessories. You can even source these items from thrift stores to add some vintage flair and stay on budget. Consider bringing in colorful curtains, accent pillows, throws, and decorative items. The color is your nursery theme, so it's easy to mix and match pieces to get this look.

Touches of Blue

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Think blue is just for boys? Think again. When paired with ruffles or a sparkling chandelier, it can be perfect for girls, too! You can also have fun with the pictures on the wall and go for images of dolls, flowers, butterflies, female superheroes, or anything else you like. Make them colorful and bright, or do something similar to the ones shown here in black and white for a more visually soothing look.

Mixed Patterns in a Color Scheme


Mixing patterns is another fun way to get creative with your baby girl nursery theme. Pick a color scheme, such as pink and green, and then bring in all kinds of patterns in those colors. The key is to vary the scale of the patterns. Try a larger pattern on the rug, for instance, and a smaller pattern on the crib bedding.

Monochromatic Designs

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A deep color on the walls makes the white trim pop and adds a dramatic background for a lighter crib with pastel bedding. An almost monochromatic look is relaxed and peaceful, but not boring or babyish, so your little girl can enjoy the same color scheme for years. The crib shown here is a 4-in-1 design that will grow with her, too, so you'll even get more use out of the bedding.

White and Bright


A white nursery doesn't have to feel stark, especially when you create a bright and fun theme. Start with a statement-making white crib and then keep other furnishings simple to let the crib shine. Next, bring in some subtle patterns, all including plenty of white. Think seersucker bedding and pale patterned pillows. This baby girl nursery theme is all about light, so keep window treatments minimal.

Pops of Bright Color

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A room with pops of hot pink, black, white, and orange may be just what you're looking for if you like the idea of neutrals, but want something eye-catching, too. Accent with gold or silver and keep the attention-grabbing color limited to the floor and furniture accents to make a statement with your nursery decor. This is a light, bright, and cheerful option.

Peaceful Lovebirds

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You can't go wrong with a combination of aqua, purple, pink, white, and lovebirds for a baby girl's nursery. This 10-piece Pam Grace Creations set promotes a peaceful vibe and comes with a quilt, bed sheets, bed skirt, decorative bunting, a tote bag, a musical mobile, and more.

Modern Birds in Flight


Although cute birds are wonderful for baby girl nurseries, you can give the room a modern flair with stylized birds in flight. Choose bird-shaped mirrors, decals, or stencils. Then paint the wall a gorgeous sky blue and let the birds soar. Add other bird elements to the room, including throw pillows, crib bedding, and window treatments.

Antique Elements


Incorporate antique elements into your baby girl nursery to give it a sense of history and style. You can create an entire antique theme by using vintage textiles, antique furniture, and decorative elements like antique mirrors.

Wild Child

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The cheetah print from Sweet Jojo Designs pairs up with pink in almost every piece, from the bedding to the lampshade. This collection has a lot of items that other collections may not always have, like a hamper, changing pad cover, and memo boards. It ensures all the bases are covered, which is great for parents who don't want to piece something together across several different stores and brands. This one takes care of all the details for you.

One Step Away from Pink

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Peach is just one step away from pink, but it's a little unexpected and still looks wonderful with white or any wood tones. This floral set has the print you may have always dreamed of and a warm, girly accent shade that somehow looks modern and classic all at one time. Choose between a two-, three-, or four-piece set that consists of a crib rail cover, sheet, skirt, and blanket.

Bright, Bold, and Patterned

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If you were hoping for the brightest, boldest, hot pink inspiration with a few other colors thrown into the mix, this is your nursery theme. The Chevron Sunnyside Up collection will look great with any crib (white, black, any type of wood finish), and if you want to paint the walls pink, this set will fit right in. Not all of the patterns and colors in this set are as bright and attention-grabbing as the chevron one (you also get white pique, yellow polka dot, and solid yellow fabrics), but they all complement each other for a combination that's colorful without being too loud.

There are so many options for baby girls' nurseries. Start with some essential nursery furniture items and then bring in colors and accessories to create the perfect spot for your little one.

20 Unique Baby Girl Nursery Themes