What Causes Bad Luck in Feng Shui?

Published March 22, 2018
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You'll often hear about the concept of bad luck in feng shui, which can make this art sound like superstition. However, it's important to understand that what bad luck refers to are conditions creating energy that is negative (sha chi), stagnant, unbalanced, or flows poorly for optimal feng shui. Many things can create these conditions which dis-allow optimal flow of positive energy and may lead to undesirable circumstances.

Poison Arrows Are Bad Feng Shui

Poison arrows are conditions that produce negative chi. While some are conditions you can alter by rearranging, others are permanent fixtures that require feng shui remedies to help balance the energy. Some poison arrows that require either re-arranging or feng shui cures include the following:

  • Having a house situated at the end of a cul-de-sac or at the T of a road where a road runs exactly perpendicular to the front or back of your home
House On a Culdesac
  • Buildings with severe angles (such as rooflines) pointed directly at your house; where these angles intersect your home (based on the bagua) will determine how this negative energy manifests and which aspects of your life it affects
  • Anything with lines that run perpendicular to your front door (such as a driveway, stairway, fence line, or roofline)
  • Bedroom furniture with sharp points (such as a square bedside table) pointing directly at your head
  • High rises and large buildings facing your home, which create bad energy

Front Door (Mis)Alignment Creates Bad Luck in Feng Shui

Several issues associated with how your front door is aligned may cause negative energy.

  • A front door directly aligned with the back door causes energy, luck, and prosperity to run in the front door and immediately out the back.
  • Having a bathroom facing the front door can cause negative energy.
  • A staircase directly facing the front door deprives the main floor of chi as it comes through the front door and rushes up or down the staircase.
  • A mirror within five feet of the front door (especially facing it) causes chi to bounce right back out the door.
  • A black colored front door facing any direction but north is bad luck.
  • A front door that opens outward pushes positive energy out the door before it can enter.
    front of a Victorian house

Décor That Creates Inauspicious Feng Shui Chi

Many elements of décor are associated with bad luck.

  • Art depicting disasters (particularly shipwrecks), wars, or other negative scenes bring bad energy.
  • Cacti and other spikey or thorny plants (such as mother-in-law's tongue/snake plant) create negative energy.
  • Mirrors facing the bed may invite relationship difficulties.
  • Hanging a calendar on the front door is believed to shorten the lives of the people inhabiting the home.
  • Water in the bedroom (water elements, fish tanks, or depictions of water such as paintings) is said to cool the fire of passion, which is bad luck for a marriage.
  • Dead plants indoors or out invite bad energy.
  • Placing furniture under a beam, especially a bed, can invite illness and bad luck.
    wall decoration with clock

Other Things That Create Bad Luck

Other worrisome conditions that negatively affect feng shui include:

  • Clutter, which keeps energy from flowing smoothly
  • Bad smells, discordant sounds, and dirt, which bring negative energy
  • Three doors in a straight line, which move energy too quickly and create bad luck
  • Missing corners of a home (such as in L or T shaped homes), which may cause bad luck for the area that corner represents
  • Open toilet seats (uncovered toilets), which flush wealth down the drain
  • Placing or storing a purse or handbag on the floor, which invites your money to go out the door
    red bag and kitten asleep

Creating Favorable Feng Shui Energy

The goal with feng shui is to create conditions favorable to the balance of yin and yang energy and the circulation of chi. However, if you do have some of these elements in your home or workspace, the negative energy they generate is never insurmountable. Instead, you can implement feng shui cures to rebalance energy and invite positivity into your home and life.

What Causes Bad Luck in Feng Shui?