Lucky Cricket Meaning and Symbolism

Updated March 24, 2022
Lucky Cricket outdoors

In feng shui, some bugs are lucky; in fact, the lucky cricket's meaning is wealth and good fortune. The cricket represents promising possibilities, so you'll want to take full advantage of this symbol for feng shui luck. When a cricket finds its way inside, it's a powerful feng shui sign that good luck has also entered your home.

Crickets in the House Meaning

If a cricket wanders into your home, you're in luck! These insects activate positive feng shui energy when they come in. Once inside, crickets symbolize good luck venturing into your life. However, not every space in your home is auspicious for the cricket. The attic and basement, which represent the past and future respectively, aren't lucky spaces for a cricket. But, it is a welcome visitor in your current living space--the present.

Why Are Crickets Lucky?

Cricket Perching Outdoors

The history of the lucky cricket began around 500 BC when its song was first noticed and quickly revered. Chinese culture had always exhibited an appreciation for singing insects, and the cricket emerged above all others in popularity. The cricket became a symbol of prosperity, wealth, and abundance, as their presence was believed to be a factor in the occurrence of auspicious events.

How Farmers Relied on Crickets for Good Luck for Harvests

In ancient China, farmers relied on the first cricket chirps in the Spring as a signal to plant the fields, and it became tied into the prosperity of the farms through the belief that it was crickets that brought luck to the harvest. Because farming was an essential part of Chinese history, the presence of crickets within Chinese culture was so prominent that songs and poems were written about crickets. The belief that crickets were lucky for prosperity also led to its symbolism for having a large and happy family.

Prophetic and Spiritual Meaning of a Cricket

The appearance of a cricket in your home is often considered prophetic. It symbolizes someone is coming to pay you an unexpected visit to grant a wish or bestow you with good fortune. This surprise visit and its subsequent wish granting make the cricket a very auspicious and desirable interloper. Crickets are found in colors from light brown to black, but only the black cricket meaning is prophetic. The appearance of a black cricket, which symbolizes knowledge, is believed to be a message that you should dig deeper for the answer to a problem.

Is Killing a Cricket Bad Luck?

It's considered very bad luck to kill a cricket. If you would like to remove a cricket that has gotten inside, gently place it back outside. Placing a cricket outside is not considered to be bad luck, as long as it's not harmed during removal. Should you find a dead cricket, remove it immediately from your house since it is very unlucky.

How to Use Lucky Cricket Symbols

A toy Cricket. A Symbol of good luck

You can use the lucky cricket meaning and symbolism in your home to invite good fortune into your life. Crickets in artwork or figurines are considered as lucky as having a cricket in your home when correctly placed. The symbolism of crickets is focused on abundance in all areas of life, so artwork depicting crickets in pairs or groups is especially auspicious for activating good feng shui luck.

Lucky feng shui cricket placements include:

Cricket bagua map
  • Fireplace: Set a gold cricket figurine on the hearth or fireplace mantel.
  • Kitchen: It's considered an auspicious placement for a cricket symbol.
  • Wealth sector: Use the bagua map to locate your wealth sector, and place cricket symbolism to attract greater wealth and abundance.
  • Love sector: Place cricket symbolism in your home's love sector, or the love corner of your primary bedroom, to attract love and romance.

Feng Shui Lucky Crickets Meanings and Symbolism

The cricket is an enduring part of Chinese culture and feng shui applications. You can use the symbolism of this charming insect to attract wealth, prosperity, and abundance, into your life.

Lucky Cricket Meaning and Symbolism