10 Beach Color Palettes to Create Your Paradise

Published June 9, 2022
Young woman relaxing with glass of coffee in a blue loft looking out of window

Capture that relaxing coastal feeling with a beach-inspired color palette. Color is the easiest way to make a big style change in your home. With paint, accessories, and a few pieces of art, you can totally transform any space into a gorgeous beach retreat. Adding key furniture pieces in aqua and blue upholstery can give your home that pulled-together look.

Finding Your Beach Color Palette Inspiration

Finding inspiration in room photos and color palettes is the best way to see the colors together in a room. To develop an idea of the colors you'd like to use in your palette, artwork or photos of beaches and beach scenes can also be very helpful. The beauty of creating a palette of coastal colors based on combinations that exist in nature, including blue, aqua, and beige. That means the good news is that it's hard to mess it up.

Monochromatic Blue

Decorating in beach colors is already so relaxing, but when you start creating a monochromatic palette with a serene shade of blue, you're taking relaxation to the next level. For an exceptionally soothing blue monochromatic palette, keep the range of blue hues close.

Monochromatic blue living room

Teal + Gray

Bold furniture pieces in vibrant teal bring energy to a soothing gray palette. All shades of teal are excellent additions to a coastal palette, and can be balanced with natural colors and materials to soften their impact.

Teal and gray color palette

Blue + White

A blue and white beach color palette can be the perfect setting for a boho or contemporary room. Adding accents in natural colors and with handcrafted woven and macramé fibers gives a coastal style space a relaxed vibe.

Blue and white living room

Aqua + Black & White

Sometimes the most impactful way to bring in beachy style is through one key piece or focal point. In a contemporary room with an uncomplicated style, a vibrant aqua or teal sofa or headboard is all that is needed to add coastal color energy.

Black and white color palette

Green + Natural

If you've ever been to a beach framed by tall grass or beautiful trees, you know that green is definitely a beach-inspired color. Green paired with natural colors and wood tones bring the same relaxing style to any room, and is perfect when blue is not your favorite color.

Green and natural living room

Vintage Beach Color Scheme

Have fun with your beach color palette with vintage patterns and vibrant colors. Using a beachy floral gives you more decorating options in the accent colors already built into the fabric's color scheme. This is a designer trick that works well for any room.

Vintage beach color palette

Blue + Gold

Like sunset over the ocean, blue and gold make a perfect pair for your color scheme. The key to using these colors together is to balance their vibrancy. If you use a bold blue and aqua in your color palette, your gold should also be saturated with color. Keeping your hues consistent, even if they're all vibrant, creates a harmonious color scheme.

Modern Blue and Gold Living Room with Sofa and Book Shelf

Aqua + Pink

The ultimate retro beach color palette brings visions of pink plastic flamingos and long convertibles. Pairing aqua or blue with bright pink creates a fresh and fun energy that's perfect for Mid-Century Modern decor.

Blue and pink color palette

Blue + Beige

Your beige carpet or flooring can be part of a beautiful coastal color scheme. In your palette's beige is the sand, blue and aqua are the water and sky. This makes creating a relaxing palette for your bedroom so easy.

Blue and beige living room

Aqua + Gray

When you pair rich aqua blue with gray or greige, you can create drama in the simplest of rooms. The finishing touch to this effortless color scheme can come from silver accent metals in lamps and accessories.

Aqua and gray color palette

Creating a Beach-Inspired vs Beach-Themed Room

It's so easy to get carried away when you're decorating a room with a coastal color palette. The colors you choose will already be beachy and gorgeous, but suddenly you'll start seeing beach-themed decor everywhere. Unless your goal is to create a themed room, it's best to resist most of the accessories and instead choose decor that enhances your new color scheme, making it a timeless space to enjoy for a long time. And if a beach sunset is more your thing, check out these sunset-inspired color schemes.

10 Beach Color Palettes to Create Your Paradise