14 Brown Color Scheme Ideas for a Classically Modern Home

Adding shades of brown to your home will add all the warmth, richness, and timeless style you're looking for.

Published March 4, 2023
Kitchen with warm brown color scheme

Bring classic warmth and timeless neutrals to your home by introducing a bit of brown to your space. Whether it's a fresh coat of brown paint, a color scheme centered on a shade of brown, or just learning how to decorate with the color, you can use this traditional neutral to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home.

How to Decorate Your Home With Shades of Brown

Say goodbye to stiff and cool neutrals and make way for the return of classic shades of brown in interior design trends. Whether you've always been drawn to the color or you are just dipping your toe into this rich neutral trend, you can learn how to add brown to your home's decor.

Add Brown Accent Furniture

brown accent furniture

You don't have to overhaul your interiors to embrace the brown trend. A piece of accent furniture can help you bring this popular shade into your home in an understated way. Look for furniture pieces that don't demand too much attention, like a side chair, an ottoman, or a couple of nightstands.

Try a Brown Feature Wall

Brown wood feature wall

Accent walls don't have to be bright or overly colorful. You can use timeless neutrals to get the designer feature wall that will help your home shine. Look for textured feature wall applications that sport a shade of brown. You can try stained shiplap, rich brown slats, and even light brown grass-cloth wallpaper.

Work in Brown Cabinets

Modern kitchen with brown cabinets

Warm design elements just feel right in a kitchen. Bring some brown to your cabinets, whether in a glossy paint or a classic stain. If you still love the idea of a mostly white or light-toned set of cabinets, you can add an accent with an island stained in a soft shade of brown.

Choose Brown Leather

room with brown leather sofa

Leather is a chic way to incorporate a bit of brown into any room of your home. A medium brown sofa can warm up your living space. Dark brown leather chairs bring sophistication to your dining area. A light brown ottoman looks elegant and timeless in an office, study, or bedroom.

Pair Brown With Other Warm Neutrals

brown room with neutrals

The key to making brown work within your interiors is to pair it with the right colors. Other warm neutrals look best with brown like beige, cream, and tan. Greens with warm undertones also complement brown well. You can even work with layers of brown in various shades to create a monochromatic look.

Use Brown With Black & White

brown, black, and white room

It's hard to find a trio of colors that looks more elegant and stylish than black, brown, and white. These three neutrals come together for an effortlessly regal look, and you can combine them in countless ways.

Look for Small Brown Accents

great room with brown accents

Introducing shades of brown doesn't have to suddenly overwhelm your home. Look for small ways you can use the color with your current decor. Brown leather throw pillows, ceramics in shades of brown, and small wood accents can add that touch of warmth your home is begging for.

Try Brown-Toned Metals

dining set with brown-toned metal

Metal details can elevate your space, but brown shades of metal offer a bit of warmth as well. Look for opportunities to use copper, bronze, or oil-rubbed bronze on cabinet hardware, plumbing fixtures, lighting, and small home accents.

Choose Rich Brown Upholstery

Chairs with rich brown upholstery

Warmth is wonderful in any home, but soft warmth is even better. Make your home welcoming and instantly cozy with a couple of rich brown upholstery pieces. Whether it's an armchair in your office, a cozy sofa in the family room, or even your master bedroom's headboard, brown upholstery will soften your space with a classic neutral color.

Find the Best Brown Paint for Your Home

Not all brown paint colors are the same. Choosing the right one for your home will depend on your design goals and the style of your space. When you understand the strengths of each type of brown, you will find the paint color that best suits your home.


camel-colored leather sofa against espresso brown wall

Marked by its rich depth and slight coolness, espresso brown comes close to a shade of black or charcoal. This paint color works well in homes with tall ceilings, minimalist architecture, and plenty of natural light. Espresso Bark from Benjamin Moore is a great example of this polished shade of brown.


television against mocha brown wall

Warmer and lighter than espresso, mocha brown looks much like a chocolate brown and can work as easily in modern interiors as it does in traditional spaces. This shade of brown can fit neatly alongside natural elements like stone or brick, and it offers a beautiful backdrop for lighter wood tone furniture pieces. Behr's Museum is a timeless variant of mocha brown.

Medium Brown

sunflowers against medium brown wall

Still warm, but not nearly as dark as many other browns, a medium brown offers the balance between rich depth and a light neutral shade. This color works well in traditional homes but can offer modern characteristics when paired with black, cream, or warm greens. Try a perfect medium brown like Sherwin Williams' Tiki Hut.


sienna brown wall

Sporting a slight red undertone, sienna brown is reminiscent of rust. This shade is stunning in modern interiors and highlights intricate architectural details. Pair a paint color like Chestnut from Benjamin Moore with blonde wood shades, matte black details, and elegant gold finishes.


empty picture frame on caramel colored wall

Much lighter than your basic brown, a shade of caramel is still rich and warm. This brown tone, like El Caramelo by Sherwin Williams, complements many trending styles today, like bohemian, modern 70s, mid-century modern, and modern farmhouse.

A Brown Color Scheme Makes Your Home a Welcoming Oasis

Brown can bring all the cozy vibes into your home while maintaining the chic and elegant look you love. A touch of this classic neutral can elevate your space and help you step into current trends without making your home feel dated.

14 Brown Color Scheme Ideas for a Classically Modern Home