9 Burgundy Color Palettes for Gorgeous, Moody Designs

Published June 9, 2022
burgundy color palette living room

Burgundy is a surprisingly versatile color, thanks to its many variations. Creating a burgundy color palette can include hues like maroon, wine, or even raisin. This gives you so much flexibility in finding the perfect color combination for your home.

Burgundy Color Palette Inspiration

With so many variations of burgundy, it's helpful to see how it looks together in a room. Your favorite shade of burgundy can shine as an accent wall, accessories, or luxurious fabric.

Burgundy + Pink

burgundy and pink color palette paint chips

Light shades of burgundy, including pink, can create a stylish monochromatic color scheme. By anchoring cheerful colors with rich burgundy, you get a relaxing room with just the right amount of energy. This color combination is perfect for styling an eclectic or boho room.

Burgundy + Black

burgundy and black color palette with living room interior example

When you combine black and burgundy in a color palette, you get a lush and romantic vibe. This dramatic color scheme is perfect for a maximalist decorating style or as the backdrop for an eclectic space.

Burgundy + Navy

living room with burgundy and navy color palette

With accents of metallic gold, burgundy, and navy create an on-trend contemporary color scheme. This simple palette is stunning when pastels are added as accent colors and is a gorgeous backdrop for artwork and accessories.

Burgundy + Black & White

burgundy with black and white color palette paint chips

A burgundy accent wall is an effortless upgrade to a simple black and white space. Add accessories in monochromatic colors from a burgundy palette to preserve the simplicity of the uncomplicated black and white decor.

Burgundy + Gray

living room with burgundy and gray color palette

Burgundy is at its best when it's represented in luscious fabrics like velvet. Against a rich wall color, the depth of burgundy in silk drapes and luxury accent fabrics is key to high-end decorating style. Burgundy and its related colors, like maroon, work best with rich gray colors. Pale gray does not stand up to the intensity of this deep color.

Burgundy + Coral

burgundy and coral color palette paint chips

Coral is a fresh addition to a burgundy color scheme. By using both colors as accents, they add visual interest to a neutral space. Maroon, with its warm undertones, is also an excellent match for coral and orange. The secret to success with these energetic colors is to match the tone of each. The tone of a color is easily explained as its lightness or darkness, and it can help you create an exciting color scheme.

Burgundy + Green

bedroom with burgundy and green color palette

Burgundy and green were a popular color scheme in the 1980s, but today's color palettes are understated and sophisticated. The key to adding green into a burgundy or maroon color palette is to choose a deep green color. The shade of green that pairs the best with burgundy is dark, and comparable to charcoal or dark navy blue. Adding any lighter shades of green can give your space an unintended 1980s throwback look.

Burgundy + White

burgundy and white color palette with paint chips

You may be surprised by how well burgundy works in a small space, like a bathroom or dining area. Dark colors have a reputation for making a room look small, but when they're used correctly, they are just as suitable as light colors. The key is to use plenty of light colors in trim and fixtures to break up the richness of burgundy and other dark colors.

Burgundy + Gold

living room with burgundy and gold color palette

Burgundy and yellow make a jarring color combination, best used for team colors and packaging. It can be successfully done, but not effortlessly. This is where gold comes in as a better choice. A soft gold color doesn't oppose the coolness of burgundy, but instead lets burgundy play a supporting role. The best choice for adding gold into a burgundy or maroon color palette is to choose a color that is slightly beige and neutral.

The Other Names for Burgundy

In order to find the right color combination for your space, you'll want to start with the right shade of burgundy. Depending on the undertone of what might be called burgundy, it can be known by another name and have characteristics that need special treatment when pairing with other colors.


This name is the catch-all for many other colors with a similar look. Unlike shades of gray, which might include silver and charcoal, the burgundy imposters are entirely different colors. The difference is in the colors that make up your burgundy. Purple is added to red to get a true burgundy, which is a cool color. If blue is added directly to red in large amounts, it will become purple.


Maroon is created when brown is added to red, but blue needs to be added too, even in small amounts, or red becomes too warm and becomes russet. Though there is a hint of blue undertone, maroon is a warm color. It looks wonderful with wood tones and warm colors.


This is a burgundy that leans toward purple undertones. Burgundy is a cool color and maroon is a warm color, but wine can be considered either, which makes it extremely versatile and very sophisticated.


This dark purple color is often confused with burgundy. Raisin is best thought of as a warm purple, which means it is warmed up with a brown undertone. Raisin is often used in a dark shade, comparable to charcoal gray, which also makes it a perfect substitute for black.

Beyond Burgundy

If you aren't finding the perfect color burgundy scheme, it may be time to explore similar colors that can give you the same look. The best direction for finding an alternative color is to experiment with your palette, swapping in other deep jewel tones like sapphire, emerald, and purple to get the result you desire.

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9 Burgundy Color Palettes for Gorgeous, Moody Designs