14 Cool Door Painting Design Ideas to Stand Out

Freehand Mural Design


Go for a unique and colorful approach to door paint the next time interior or exterior doors need a new coat. Think outside the normal box of color choices and designs when it comes to expressing your inner designer.

This is an artistic approach to decorating a door uses a freehand mural style. Decorative motif flowers are painted along the door jamb and molding. The door is surrounded by metal sculptures, wall plaques, and various figurine art on the siding, making it part of the outside art tapestry.

Blue Moroccan Design


This is an intricate style of door painting. Traditional geometric motifs are used. It's easy to incorporate these classic Moroccan designs into a door design. The colors are used to showcase the design. This design approach is great for expressing individual style. Find a great stencil or two, select your color palette, and then have fun.

Hint of Harlequin


This technique takes advantage of the relief patterns of the door. A relief is a raised or projected area from a flat surface. Relief carvings are an ancient form of creating decorative woodwork. You can add moldings to doors to create a relief effect.

The center diamond shapes are accentuated with the colors of gold and white that contrast against the lime green background paint color. If desired, the rest of the relief could also be painted for greater contrast of the geometric border.

Medieval Meets Free Spirit


Another relief pattern is accentuated with colors. The blue doorframe is contrasted with the complementary color orange border around the door. The eye is drawn into the center diamond blue with the motif repeating the orange and green colors to create a cohesive balanced color palette. The metal rivets add texture to the overall design.

1920s Green Design


This homeowner chose to use one paint color to highlight the chevron architectural design. The exterior of the home is painted a gold, including the large capstone above the door. The green door stands out against the gold.

The center of each door features amber glass diamond shapes that are protected with wrought iron Xs that are painted black to match the hardware and handle.

Tuscan Flair


This door design is a work of art with four panels painted in lighter colors depicting various plants and flowers in a stylized approach. The natural design of the panels afford a framing and matting effect by using different contrasting colors.

Garden Delight


A green doorframe and lavender French doors is a perfect color combination for the outside entrance from a garden. This painted door design makes a dramatic statement that sets the palette and style for the patio area. Use this technique to advance the color palette from a garden into your home.

Pastel and Constrasting Vivid Colors


This unusual door design is styled with whimsical marshmallow stone shapes and strips of brick painted in pastel colors surrounding an arch. The three colors used for the archway create depth that shows off the fan light glass panel at the top of the door. The rest of the door glass panels are painted alternating colors of medium pink and blue hues.

Back From the Sea


This seafaring motif and crest are anchored with the chevron door design. Attention to detail with paint color choices brings out the architectural relief features and creates a bold striking entrance door.

The crest at the top of the door mirrors the chevron colors. The color white is introduced and quickly draws attention to key and ring symbols. This is an excellent way to make a design element stand out from the others.

Chalk It Up


Painting a door with chalkboard paint (not to be confused with chalk paint) is a fun way to personalize a room's décor. You can use this for art creations or word messages. Paint the front and back of a pantry door and use the inside for a convenient shopping list, inventory record, or family message center.

Front Door Focal Point


Make your front door stand out with your favorite color. This is a popular technique used by homeowners of row houses where multiple units are alike. Color is one way to quickly differentiate a unit from the others and give a personal touch.

Multi-Colored Slat Door


The construction of slat double doors can be emphasized by painting the slats in various colors. These doors follow a symmetrical color layout for a truly balanced effect.

You could easily select a different palette and opt for a different pattern. For example, you might prefer to paint every two slats the same color and forget symmetry. You might like the effect of painting two complementary color, alternating every other one, for a different look.

Diamond Motif


The colors yellow and green are used to create a diamond designs suggestive of the harlequin pattern. Red, the complementary color of green, is used to accent architectural features.

Comforting Touch


This door paint is simplistic but gives a homey feel that makes for a great backdrop to any season or holiday decorations. Highlighted with a contrasting yellow/gold, the word art spells out "Welcome" for an unexpected but hospitable design.

Paint is one of the ways you can decorate a front door and other doors of your home. Discover other design ideas for decorating doors.

14 Cool Door Painting Design Ideas to Stand Out