22 Stylish Ideas to Decorate a Modern Keeping Room

Bring back the traditional keeping room in a new and updated way with expert design tips.

Published March 10, 2023

Popularized in colonial times when families used their home's keeping room for warmth, this design detail is making an upscale comeback. A keeping room is traditionally a small room just off the kitchen area of a home, previously serving as a space for the family to gather and even sleep near the warmth of the stove. You can try this trending home addition to add cozy and welcoming vibes to your space. New keeping room ideas and design trends will make your home the entertaining hub of the neighborhood as your friends and family use the area to hang out, relax, and even keep you company while preparing a meal.

Offer Small Seating Options


Most keeping rooms are on the small scale and meant to be cozy and conversational. Provide a few small seating options in your keeping room that give family and guests an opportunity to chat as they watch your dinner come together. A small sofa or loveseat is a cozy choice for a welcoming keeping room.

Include Accent Chairs


For a formal look or to save space, accent chairs in your keeping room are functional and stylish. Pair them with a small table and angle them inward or toward other furniture pieces to encourage conversation.

Use Soft Neutral Colors


You want your keeping room to tie in to the color palette in your kitchen or dining area while also feeling like a calm and restful retreat. Use soft, neutral colors to keep the style simple and elegant. Light gray, cream, or a soft shade of beige add just a touch of color to your keeping room.

Add a Cozy Rug


Amp up the coziness in your keeping room with a plush and comfy rug underfoot. Look for a simple pattern or a neutral solid that coordinates with your furniture. Make sure your rug is the correct size for the room, ideally large enough to fit the front half of your furniture pieces on every side.

Slide in a Sectional


If your keeping room is spacious, a sectional will provide tons of seating options for family and guests. Choose a comfy fabric in a neutral color and complement that with a couple of accent chairs and plenty of cushy pillows.

Make Use of Natural Light


Whenever you can take advantage of natural light in your home, doing so will instantly elevate your decor. Make use of any windows or natural light in your keeping room. Choose window treatments that easily open and arrange your furniture near the windows if you're able. Natural light is the perfect backdrop for an afternoon of reading or a fun brunch party on a Saturday.

Choose a Colorful Couch


Even if most of your decor is neutral, a pop of color can make a huge impact. Choose a colorful couch for your keeping room to add a bit of fun to the space. Rich green, vibrant blue, and blushing pink are all exciting choices that will leave your keeping room with a bold detail to get guests talking.

Decorate With Plants


Bring a little life to your keeping room with vibrant greenery. A few potted plants or trees will add natural color and texture to your space. Even a vase full of fresh flowers on the coffee table will instantly dress up your keeping room.

Use Vintage Furniture


If you want to pay tribute to the original style of the keeping room, look for fun vintage pieces. Slipcover chairs, a claw foot sofa, and ornate tables fit in perfectly with the architectural history of the keeping room.

Use Books for Decor


Your keeping room can double as a small library with the right design plan. Fill any available shelves with your collection of great reads. Spend afternoons getting lost in a book or give dinner guests the perfect display of conversation starters.

Try Crisp White Details


For a timeless look that is crisp and clean, a color palette with an abundance of white gives your keeping room a beautiful blank canvas. Small decorative details or pops of color stand out against a foundation of white walls, furniture, and upholstery.

Use a Dark & Moody Color Scheme


For cozy vibes and elegant style, try a dark and moody color palette in your keeping room. Deep shades of blue, muted purple tones, and plenty of dark neutrals are sophisticated and welcoming. Accent with rich shades of rust, olive green, or deep teal for a vivid yet classic color combination.

Incorporate Contemporary Shapes


Bring modern style to your keeping room with furniture pieces featuring various contemporary shapes. Rounded chair backs, soft edges on lighting fixtures, and geometric art will have your keeping room overflowing with contemporary flair.

Add Rattan or Wicker Details


While you might hesitate to try trending materials or heavier textures in your living room or family room, a keeping room is a great space to try something a bit out of the ordinary. Rattan and wicker furniture have continued to gain momentum in the home design world, and it looks like they will be around for quite some time. Try adding fun chairs featuring these rougher materials for a dynamic space that is still inviting and comfortable for guests.

Include Luxe Elements


Create a luxurious escape right off your kitchen by weaving a few luxe details into the design of your keeping room. Try glamorous elements like touches of gold, plenty of glass, velvet or silk textiles, and even gemstones or marble details for a keeping room that makes your family and guests feel like royalty.

Add a Feature Wall


Add a bit of texture or fun color to your keeping room with a feature wall. Exposed brick or a slat wall adds texture and movement to the space. Bold wallpaper or panel molding elevates your space with visual detail and architectural features.

Use a Space Adjacent to Your Dining Room


If you don't have a specific room near your kitchen, you can use a portion of your dining area as a keeping room. Use a rug to separate spaces and arrange furniture in a square or U-shape with backs facing the dining area. Encourage guests to lounge and relax while meals are prepared.

Use a Corner or Alcove


If you have limited space or you aren't able to dedicate an entire room to serve one purpose, you can use a corner or alcove as your keeping room. A cozy corner in your living room or an alcove in your kitchen area is perfect for a mini keeping room. Slide in a bench, chairs, and even a small table to make the space inviting.

Add Coziness With a Fireplace


A central focus in a keeping room is great for directing design inspiration and the attention of your guests. Draw people in to your keeping room with a cozy fireplace. Focus your furniture pieces toward the area and be sure to have a warm fire rolling on those chilly nights.

Coordinate With Your Dining Room & Kitchen


Keep your living spaces cohesive by blending the design of your kitchen or dining room into your keeping room. Use the same accent colors, carry over textures or materials, and keep the same design style flowing from room to room.

Use an Open Floor Plan


If your home has an open floor plan, make that arrangement work perfectly for your keeping room addition. Transform your space by adding the keeping room area near the windows of your dining room or kitchen. Choose formal details to help the space feel intentional and luxurious. Make use of any pillars of architectural details and use rugs or room dividers to create the illusion of separate rooms.

Choose a Room With a View


Your keeping room will be even more inviting if it features a spectacular view. Take advantage of a space that features a skylight, balcony, screened porch, or large window.

Create the Perfect Entertaining Space


Give guests a small retreat or create the perfect breakfast lounge with an updated twist on the traditional keeping room. With fun design ideas and expert tips, your keeping room will feel like a first-class feature for all your dinner parties and holiday gatherings.

22 Stylish Ideas to Decorate a Modern Keeping Room