Energizing Your Feng Shui Fame Area: 9 Simple Tips

Published November 20, 2020
person depicting fame

The feng shui fame area is an important sector to your overall success in your life and career. You can energize and activate your feng shui fame area with a few simple tips.

1. Find Your Feng Shui Fame Area

You need to first locate your feng shui fame area. Depending on the school of feng shui you practice, this will either be done using the Classical feng shui compass facing direction of your home or with a nine-grid bagua map used in BTB feng shui.

Fame and Reputation Area in Classic Feng Shui

If you practice Classical feng shui, then you will use the bagua. The bagua is divided into eight sectors. You'll superimpose the bagua over the floor plan of your home once you've determined the facing direction of your home by taking compass readings. You will look for the south sector of the bagua. This is your fame and recognition sector.

BTB Fame and Recognition Sector

If you follow Western feng shui known as BTB (Black Sect Tantric Buddhist School of Feng Shui). The BTB bagua is used the same for all houses, regardless of the compass direction. The nine-square bagua map is placed over your floor plan with the career sector falling along the front wall (front door) of your home. You will find your fame and recognition sector at the top of the layout, opposite the career sector on the BTB floor plan.

2. Create a Wall of Achievements

The south wall in your home or office is the ideal place to display your achievements. This includes framed diplomas, certificates, licenses, trophies, awards, photos with industry professionals, and any other claims to fame that you've garnered. You can use wooden frames as a way to introduce the wood element to feed the fire element. If you prefer, you can use red wooden frames to let the red color to represent the fire element.

Trophies Lined Up On Display Shelf

3. Use Fame Feng Shui Color and Element

Fire is the element for the south sector, and red is the assigned fame feng shui color. You can activate this element with a red candle. (Never leave a candle unattended.) If you are building a home or renovating, the south sector is an excellent place to locate a fireplace.

4. Use Light to Activate Feng Shui Fame and Reputation Area

Light is the best way to attract auspicious yang energy and activate a sector. You can activate your feng shui fame and reputation area with light. This can be an overhead light, wall sconce, floor lamp, or table lamp. The light should be left on for a minimum of six hours every day.

5. Display an Aspiration Board or Wall

If you haven't earned your diploma or you don't have any awards to display, you can make your fame and recognition wall an aspiration wall. You can display things you want to achieve. For example, you may include a vision board on this wall or framed photos of places you wish to travel. You might use wall art or wall hangings that represent your ideals and goals.

6. Fame Feng Shui Triangle and Hexagon Shapes

You can use a combination of the fame and recognitions shape of the triangle. You can use the triangle in the south sector to decorate your home or office. You may decide to use a hand carved wooden pyramid on your living room coffee table or home office desk. A red pyramid-shaped candle is a great touch, or you may prefer a wooden triangle end table by a chair. You can focus on decorating with wood furniture and various wooden objects to fuel your fame and recognition luck.

Use Different Triangle Shapes

You can even add a hexagon shape to magnify the triangle energy since it is considered truncated triangles. You may choose an octahedron of eight equal triangles or a pointed star wall art. The many possibilities can lead you to many triangle shapes.

7. Enhance Garden Areas in Fame and Recognition Sector

If you have a garden in your fame and recognition sector, you can play up this area to reinforce the fire element. You can add woody plants to feed the fire element. You may want to choose plants that have red leaves and evergreens for a year round bounty of foliage. You may decide to build a patio in your garden. You can install a fire element, such as a fire pit, chiminea, or outdoor fireplace.

fire pit on a beautiful stone patio

8. Use Patterns, Art Objects, and Design Elements for Fame

You can always use various art objects as symbols of your fame and recognition energies. You can choose wood carvings that reflect your goals and ambitions. Design elements can include upholstery patterns and/or draperies with triangle patterns and red colors for your décor. Always strive for balance and never over use any feng shui elements, shapes, or colors.

9. Activate Cures for Fame and Recognition Sector

You can apply feng shui cures for an afflicted fame and recognition sector. For example, if your bathroom falls in this sector, you can use a six rod metal wind chime to tamp down the negative energy. If the south sector is missing in your home, you can build a wooden deck to define the space or plant tall shrubbery, plant a tree at the missing corner, or install a light at the missing corner and leave it on for at least six hours every day.

How to Activate Feng Shui Fame Area

With a few helpful tips on how to activate and energize your feng shui fame area, you can soon notice a shift in this area of your life. Stick with one or two tips to keep this area balance and don't overload this sector of your home or office.

Energizing Your Feng Shui Fame Area: 9 Simple Tips