Feng Shui Cures to Take Your Career to the Next Level

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A career that is suffering from stagnation, lack of promotion, or office politics can be remedied with feng shui. Whether you're seeking a new job, making a career change, or simply want a little boost in an otherwise successful career, feng shui tips can help.

Activate the North Feng Shui Career Area With Water Elements

North is the compass direction that governs careers. Once activated, the chi energy residing here can aid and boost your career efforts. The water element controls the north sector. You need to activate this element for a career cure and enhancer or even to correct a career that's gone off course. Activating the water element will attract greater career opportunity luck to you.

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    Place an aquarium on the north wall with eight red fish and one black fish (you can add other fish, too). Always keep the aquarium clean. Remove and replace any dead fish immediately.
  • Set a tabletop six-tier water fountain on the north wall. Make sure the water flows into the room, never out of the room or toward a door or window. This will attract career luck to flow to you.
  • Hang a photo/painting of a waterfall on the north wall.
  • Hang a photo or painting of a meandering curving stream traveling towards you, never away from you.
  • If you have a garden, add a water feature, such as a fountain in the northern area of the garden. Be sure the water flows toward your home.
  • Don't use photos/paintings of still bodies of water since these can become stagnant pools. Additionally, don't use images of a pounding ocean scene on the beach or turbulent seas since this kind of water energy is too powerful and destructive.
  • If you can't add a water feature, you can always attract the water element through metal objects, such as metal furniture, objects, trays, and even picture/photo frames.

Locate Your Home Office Using Kua Number

If you have a home office and things aren't going well with your career, double-check the compass direction of where your office is located. While the north sector rules over career luck, it doesn't necessarily mean that's where you need to place your office. A better way to determine the ideal compass direction for your home office location is to use your kua number.

Calculate your kua number and select your success direction (sheng chi). You should sit facing this direction when working at your office or home office. If you can't sit facing this direction, then opt for your personal direction (fu wei). This is a very lucky direction specifically for you. When facing this direction, you attract prosperity and respectability. This direction ensure you will enjoy a good reputation in your career.

Cure a Negative Architectural Impact

You may not be aware of some things that are harming your career. You may have to put on an investigator's hat to ferret out feng shui issues hiding in your home or office, such as architectural causes.

Cure for Missing Corner in North

If you're having career problems, check the shape of your home. You don't want the north corner of your home to be missing, such as an L-shape or other home design. A missing corner looks exactly as it sounds - the corner, for whatever design reason, was omitted in the construction of the home. Many modern architectural designs often feature difficult floor plans like this. A missing corner in the north can have a devastating effect on your career. If the north corner of your home is missing, then you have a few ways to cure this effect on your career. These include:

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  • Move to a home that doesn't have any missing corners.
  • Add on to your home so that the missing corner is no longer there.
  • Install an outdoor light, preferably on a five-foot or taller lamp post. You can determine this location by drawing a line from each end of the house to create the missing corner. Set the light where the two lines meet. Leave the light turned on 24/7.
  • In addition to the light, you can use plants to create faux walls that join at the corner light. This could become a secret garden, complete with a water fountain that flows toward the house. Be careful not to select plants with pointy leaves or thorns.

Remedy Poison Arrows

A pillar, utility pole, triangle of roofline, or intersection can all impact your career in negative ways by creating poison arrows. These poison arrows can stunt, derail, and threaten your career if they are aimed at your office.

  • Pillar/column: A column in your office creates a poison arrow you can remedy by placing a tall plant in front of it. Avoid pointed leaves (which create poison arrows) and use rounded or oval leaves.
  • Utility pole, roofline, or intersection: Plant a tall shrub, hedge, or leafy tree between your office and the pole. If in a commercial building, add an office plant to block the pathway.

Using Feng Shui for Specific Career Issues

There are many issues that pop up during the daily course of your career, such as backstabbing, office gossip, power struggles, lack of respect and so on. Feng shui can help insulate and protect you from much of these negative aspects of human dynamics.

Feng Shui for Backstabbing and Office Gossip

If you are the victim of backstabbing, being blindsided by issues or people harming your career or office gossip, you need to first check your desk position. Your desk should have command of the room.

  • Command position: Sit so you are facing the door leading into your office. This way no one can surprise you from behind.
  • Cubicle cure: If you're in a cubicle and sit with your back to the door, add a small round mirror so you have line-of-sight of what's behind you.
  • Back support: Sit with a solid wall behind you to have the support you need at work.
  • Office politics: Place a colorful rooster figurine, photo, or painting in a prominent area of your office. The rooster will peck away anything coming your way.
  • Harmony: Diffuse conflict with an amethyst cluster or crystal displayed on your desk.

Feng Shui for Workplace Power Struggles

There are all kinds of power struggles going on in an office. Individual goals, ambitions, and agendas can impact yours. There are a few things you can do to ensure you come out on top of any such struggles. These include:

  • North: Whenever in a negotiation, sit in the north compass direction to maintain control and victory. Never sit at table/desk corner (poison arrow).
  • Kua number: Use your kua number to ascertain your best position and sit facing this way whenever working, eating, or in meetings.
  • Office sharing: If you share an office, avoid conflict by never sitting directly facing the other person. If you have no other option, set plants between your space and the partner's space.
  • Northwest corner: Activate this sector of helpful people, mentors, and networking with metal and symbols of wealth, such as gold, to create a faux wall.

Career Support Symbols and Enhancers in Feng Shui

Add these feng shui symbols to support and enhance a career that's currently going in the right direction.

Executive Desk
  • Green plant: A small plant with round or oval leaves will attract wealth/success luck when placed in the southeast sector of your desk.
  • Mountain support: Reinforce your position and ensure company support with a mountain photo/picture placed directly behind your chair/desk. Don't use any jagged, sharp mountain ranges.
  • Cardinal: Any red bird is a feng shui symbol of career success. Place a figurine or wall art in the south sector of your office.
  • High chair backs: Your office chair should have a high back to give you greater career support.
  • Crystal orbs: Crystal balls, spheres, or orbs can aid your success by providing auspicious work conditions. Ideally, display six crystal spheres. You can use various sizes. A crystal ball set in the southwest sector of your desk ensures colleague harmony and cooperation.
  • Light up the south: Use lamps in this sector of your office to boost your professional reputation.
  • Three-legged toad with coin: This success symbol should reside on your desk directly across from the door.
  • Number 8: Use this symbol of prosperity for your phone number, credit card numbers, bank accounts, licenses, and even house numbers to attract success. Groupings of eight photos, symbols, plants and so on reinforce this auspicious energy.
  • Ru Yi Scepter: This power symbol of authority will activate wealth luck and attract high ranking to you. This is an especially helpful symbol to anyone who seeks a promotion.
  • Elephant: Place a trumpeting elephant in the North sector or facing the north sector of your office. Never use an elephant with its trunk down.
  • Horse: Display a horse either facing your desk or charging into the office from the South for career success, fame and growth.

Feng Shui for Non-Office Careers

Not everyone works in an office. Even if you don't have an office where you report every day, you can still use a few feng shui cures to protect and help your career .

  • Display the number 8 as a screen saver to attract wealth energies.
  • A Ru Yi symbol on a necklace, bracelet, or keyring will attract that promotion.
  • Keep your vehicle clean and clutter free.
  • Black and red are power and wealth colors.
  • A keyring with a rooster icon will quell gossip and politics.
  • Wear colors that govern your best direction (compass direction).
  • When meeting with supervisors and clients, sit in one of your best positions dictated by your personal kua number.

Paving a Career Using Feng Shui Cures

A career path doesn't have to be difficult. You can maneuver any potholes or pitfalls by applying a few feng shui cures and helpers. Don't overload. Always aim for a natural balance of yin and yang energies to ensure your career stays on course.

Feng Shui Cures to Take Your Career to the Next Level