Feng Shui, Birds and You: Symbols of Luck & Opportunity

Published December 3, 2020
Male and female Mandarin ducks on water

Feng shui birds are excellent symbols of good luck that you can use throughout your home or office. You want to select a bird or birds that you feel a connection to for the best outcome in your feng shui décor.

Feng Shui Birds and How to Use Them

There are several lucky birds in feng shui. You can use them in various sectors of your home to attract good fortune and create new opportunities for you and your family.

What Do Birds Symbolize in Feng Shui?

In feng shui, birds are symbols of new opportunities on the horizon. Birds often visit you during times of great challenges or when you're facing what appear to be insurmountable obstacles. These messengers arrive to let you know change for the better is on the way and to be ready to grab that opportunity, so it doesn't pass you by.

Lucky Birds in Feng Shui

There are several birds that are feng shui symbols of good luck. They include the phoenix, mandarin duck, crane, rooster, peacock, magpie, dove, swallows, and parrots.

1. Phoenix Symbol of Longevity

The phoenix is a symbol of longevity. This bird is used to symbolize a long and healthy life and can be placed in your health luck sector (east).

phoenix flying through a burning red sky

The phoenix is also considered a feng shui messenger from the god of marriage. Typically, the phoenix is displayed with a dragon as the two most powerful feng shui symbols of marriage. These should be placed in the southwest sector of your home or bedroom.

2. Mandarin Ducks Are Feng Shui Love Birds

A pair of mandarin ducks is considered the feng shui love birds. The mandarin ducks mate just once, and it's for life. This fact makes them an excellent feng shui symbol for love and fidelity.

You can place a pair of mandarin duck figurines in the bedroom southwest corner or on the bedside table as a symbol of your marriage or love relationship. A pair of mandarin ducks in the southwest sector of your home, either as figurines or a painting, will bring good marriage luck. If you're seeking your true love, you can display a pair of mandarin ducks in the southwest sector of your home to guide your soul mate into your life.

3. Crane for a Long Life

The crane is a feng shui symbol of a long and healthy life. You can place a painting of cranes in your foyer or front entrance to your home. This will encourage good energy to enter your home. You can place a painting or figurine of a crane or even 100 if you wish in the east (health luck) sector of your home. You can select a wooden crane to activate the wood element in the east sector.

4. Rooster to Stop Office Politics

The feng shui rooster is a valuable feng shui tool. The rooster can be used as a figurine to ward off office gossip and backstabbing. The rooster placement can enhance the luck of your children and bring mentor luck. Other placements for the rooster can boost your love and marriage luck and your career luck.

5. Peacock for Abundance

The peacock is a feng shui symbol of abundance and prosperity. Peacocks are incredibly regal with their brilliant plumage. The tail feathers of this bird are often referred to as the thousand eyes. You can place a statue, painting, or a vase of feathers in the south (fame and recognition luck) sector to attract fame/recognition and wealth.

Peacock displaying tail feathers

6. Magpies in Feng shui for Happiness

The magpie is a strong and powerful symbol of a happy marriage or other love relationship. You can place a pair of magpies in the southwest sector of your home or bedroom. Magpies in the west sector ensures your children have many opportunities. A magpie figurine or painting in the northwest sector is believed to attract a mentor.

7. Doves Are Messengers

Doves herald good news. They travel in pairs and are often considered the omen of a soul mate's arrival. They also appear as messengers of happy events and situations that will be unfolding soon.

8. Parrots in Feng Shui

The multiple colors of parrots are often referred to having the markings of the five feng shui elements. The parrot is considered a messenger of good luck and fortune. You can place a parrot figurine or painting in the southeast (wealth) sector or the north (career) sector.

Parrots perched on branch

9. Small Birds Are Good Luck Symbols

Small birds, like wrens, appear to announce that good news is on its way. They often appear before an auspicious or happy event occurs.

10. Swallows Are a Popular Choice for 100 Birds

Swallows are often used for the 100 bird display. The swallow symbolizes new beginnings and good luck for the family.

How to Use 100 birds and Why

100 birds is considered a powerful feng shui symbol that protects your home from bad luck. You can display a painting of 100 birds, 100 bird wall decals, or 100 stenciled birds on the wall of your foyer or front entrance. The birds should all be in flight to indicate they are flying into your home, bringing auspicious chi energy and great opportunities. The birds should always be flying into a room, never out and never toward a door or window.

Other areas to display 100 birds include:

  • Display 100 birds in the south sector (fame and recognition luck) to protect your reputation and attract new opportunities.
  • Place a painting of 100 birds at the entrance into your office to bring good luck.
  • Display 100 birds in the southwest sector (love and relationship luck) to protect your marriage/relationship, or attract your soulmate.

Feng Shui Birds in Cages

While you can certainly keep birds in a cage, the best feng shui bird is a free bird. Some feng shui practitioners live in environments where they leave doors and windows open, sharing the space with birds that wonder in and out. You don't have to go to this extreme, but if you can allow your caged bird(s) to fly about each day, you can reap a greater benefit of having them live with you.

Parakeets in Cage

What Does It Mean When a Bird Builds a Nest at Your Front Door?

In feng shui, when a bird builds a nest at your front door, it is a symbol of good luck. The industrious bird is heralding an opportunity of great abundance coming your way.

Three-Legged Bird Symbol

The three-legged bird is one of those strange feng shui symbols that can make you scratch your head. However, it is used to activate the sun energy when you place it in the east or the facing direction of your home. The bird is usually depicted in the center of a round sun on a stand. The three-legged bird is a symbol that can be used to ensure your career advancement. You can place the three-legged bird in the north sector or north wall of your office.

How to Use the Garuda Bird Symbol

The legendary Garuda king bird can fly 10,000 miles a day and is the bringer of good health and a bright future. The Garuda bird is another feng shui symbol you can use for various cures. However, it is mostly used to protect the health of you and your family.

  • You can place the Garuda bird statue in the east sector to protect your health.
  • A Garuda bird statue can be used to deflect the annual flying star #2 (illness star). Place it wherever the annual star #2 resides.
  • Setting a Garuda statue in the south sector will protect you from misfortune, especially any misfortune that will cost you fame and recognition.

Using Feng Shui Birds for Good Luck

Birds are a popular feng shui symbol of good luck and opportunities. You can select the bird(s) you like best and use in your home or office to advance your career and bring you various opportunities.

Feng Shui, Birds and You: Symbols of Luck & Opportunity