Feng Shui Ideas for Auspicious Calendar Placement

Published April 12, 2018
Daily calendar page with Chinese characters

Calendar placements that align with feng shui principles can support activities and ongoing auspicious energies. You can use these principles to assist in determining the best location for a calendar in your home.

Feng Shui Calendar Placement to Avoid

There are a few practical feng shui rules that you can follow for inauspicious areas and sectors to avoid when placing a calendar.

Not by the Front Door

You don't want to time-stamp chi energy entering your home or worse, limit the amount of chi energy that can move past a time constraint, such as a calendar. Never place a calendar on or near the front door.

Keep Calendars Out of the Bathroom

The bathroom is a room of clean water entering and waste water leaving. A calendar in this area is inauspicious.

Bedrooms Should Be Calendar-Free

The bedroom should be a restive place and unencumbered by time. A calendar in this area will disrupt the auspicious, revitalizing chi energy.

Avoid Dining Room Calendars

The dining room is the room where family abundance is generated. A calendar in this area, just like a clock in this room, will generate a time limit on this abundance. Don't place a calendar here.

Keep Calendars Out of the East Sector

A calendar is a timing device, so consider this when placing in a specific sector. For example, the east sector rules health luck. A calendar in this area may signal a limitation on your health.

Auspicious Feng Shui Calendar Placements

Where you place your feng shui calendar can keep this information in the forefront of your daily life. It can afford you the opportunity to take full advantage of auspicious flying star alignments and more.

North Sector Boost

A calendar in the north sector can aid your career since this sector is guided by a water element. This element implies movement and has yang chi energy, representing action, aggression and creation. Time becomes fluid and flows with the chi energy generated by the water element, working in your favor.

Home or Work Office

A desk calendar can be placed in the north sector of your desk to take advantage of the water element. A day-to-day calendar that allows you to plan and see your day at a glance is an ideal choice.

Woman writing on desk calendar

Wall Calendar Feng Shui

Wall calendars can be very auspicious.

  • Place a wall calendar where it's most advantageous for you. This is typically a room where you spend a lot of time, such as the kitchen, living room or home office.
  • You can place a wall calendar on the north wall of your office to stimulate a good work flow.
  • A calendar that displays the whole year of months (scroll calendar) is considered auspicious since you can visually see the year before you.
  • You can also use monthly wall calendars. Just don't forget to advance each month.
    Large wall calendar

Auspicious Calendar Styles

Auspicious photos of the things you want to achieve or even buy, such as a new home, are excellent choices for calendar photos. This is especially true if you're making your own display calendar.

Feng Shui Calendar Tips

Some calendar practices and calendar styles are not helpful from a feng shui perspective.

Dispose of Old Calendars

Vastu Shastra and feng shui often intersect. Take a page from Vastu Shastra principles and get rid of old calendars. Don't hang on to old calendars and display them. In feng shui, this is considered clutter. The past is stagnant chi energy; old calendars will keep you stuck in the past and prevent you from moving forward.

You also should not keep old calendars simply because you want the pictures. If you like a photo in a calendar, cut it out and place in a frame or scrapbook to preserve.

Choose Auspicious Calendar Photo Subjects

There are a few rules about the photos displayed on a calendar. The main one is not to have any photos that can be viewed as disturbing, harmful or negative.

  • Photos of violence should not be on a calendar.
  • Vicious animals should be avoided.
  • Expressions of anger aren't suitable for a calendar.

Personal Calendar Placement Matters

Calendars that can be tucked in a purse, briefcase or saved on a cellphone are practical and important ways to keep up with the daily, weekly and monthly events and appointments. Just be mindful where you place this calendar.

Personal weekly planner

Calendars Play an Important Role in Feng Shui

Calendars remind you of important dates and a feng shui calendar marks specific places in the time dimension, including yourself. It provides a greater understanding of where you need to be or activate sectors in your home and office to take advantage of auspicious energies.

Feng Shui Ideas for Auspicious Calendar Placement