How to Determine the Feng Shui Direction of Your House

Updated April 22, 2022
use compass app to determine direction of house

In classical feng shui, knowing the direction your house is facing is necessary in order to determine enhancements and remedies. The only way to discover your home's direction is with a compass, or even a compass app on your phone. The process of finding your home's facing and sitting directions is very simple, and can provide you with important feng shui guidance.

Feng Shui House Directions You Need to Know

There are two directions that are essential for a feng shui home. The sitting direction and the facing direction are crucial components for many classical feng shui applications. Knowing your home's facing and sitting directions unlocks enhancements and remedies that can generate positive chi energy.

How to Check House Facing Direction

The facing direction describes the direction that the front of your home faces. Using a compass is the most accurate way to get a correct reading. A simple handheld compass or a compass app can give you the exact facing direction of your home.

How to Check House Sitting Direction

The sitting or mountain direction, often referred to in classical feng shui, is opposite your home's facing direction. This reading would be done with your back to the back of your home, facing the backyard. In finding your home's facing direction, it's easy to learn its sitting direction, as it's the exact opposite of the facing direction.

Importance of Feng Shui Home Direction

The direction or orientation of your home is important in performing accurate analyses when using classical compass feng shui applications to determine how the chi flows in and around your home. The compass direction analysis is used to determine if you need to apply any feng shui remedies and cures.

Exterior of Your Home Matters Most in Classical Feng Shui

In the classical form and compass schools of feng shui, what surrounds your home is far more important than the structure or interior of your home. If there are inauspicious land formations surrounding your home, no amount of feng shui cures conducted on your home interior will remedy the exterior. That's why traditional feng shui places so much attention and importance on compass and landform.

Compass Direction and Western Feng Shui

Western Feng Shui, also known as Black Hat School, does not use compass directions or land features to determine exterior feng shui attributes. The exterior of your home is not a consideration in Western Feng Shui, except as it relates to areas in proximity to the bagua map, like your porch or front door.

Feng Shui Front Door Direction

front exterior house with blue door

According to classical feng shui applications, what you've determined to be the front of your home based on your feng shui front door direction isn't always the actual facing direction of your home. The side of your home that overlooks the most yang energy is considered the front of your home, regardless of what you've designated as your front door. For example, if the street on the front door side of your home has little traffic and another street that runs along the side of your home has more traffic, then the busier street is considered the facing direction.

Yang Side of House With No Door

There is a catch to using the higher yang energy side of your home. There needs to be a door on that yang side of the house to allow the auspicious chi to enter your home. If you don't have a door on that side of the house, then use your front door to take a compass reading for the facing direction. You can redirect much of the side street yang energy to your front door through landscaping.

Determine Facing Direction With a Compass

backyard view with chairs

Taking a compass reading is the only way to get a true reading to ascertain the magnetic facing direction. Take the reading from your front door, unless you've determined another side to be the facing side for feng shui. This reading is essential to help you find the right feng shui remedies to cure inauspicious elements around your home.

How to Take a Compass Reading

The main direction you should be concerned about obtaining is the magnetic North. Once you have this reading, the rest will be easy.

  • Be sure to remove all metallic objects and jewelry.
  • Don't stand beside a vehicle while taking readings.
  • Stand outside the front of your home about five feet away from the house.
  • Hold the compass in front of you so it's level and you can easily read it.

How to Use Your Home's Feng Shui Compass Reading

Once you have your home's facing and sitting compass directions, you can use that knowledge to apply classical feng shui enhancements and remedies to improve the chi energy around your home. You'll find that there are many uses for this reading, and it can help you determine the best colors, landscaping, and feng shui symbols for your home's exterior areas.

Understanding House Directions in Feng Shui

In Classical Feng Shui, the house facing direction can tell you a lot about your home, and how to optimize your feng shui energy. Once you identify facing and sitting feng shui directions, you can apply enhancements and remedies to create harmony for your home.

How to Determine the Feng Shui Direction of Your House