Feng Shui Ideas for a House Facing East

Updated March 29, 2022
Colonial home with green door and lush greenery

A feng shui house facing east is like an open front door inviting healthy chi inside. In classical feng shui, the east sector governs your health and an east-facing house can generate auspicious energy for not just health good luck, but also wealth luck.

Determining Your Home's Direction

The first step in tapping into the feng shui power of an east facing house is to determine or confirm the direction. There are two methods in classical feng shui, using a compass or using the yin yang energy of your home's location. Using your home's facing direction, you can choose the best front door color to activate the positive chi energies of feng shui.

Use a Compass for a Simple House Direction Reading

For many feng shui adjustments and enhancements, it's essential to know the direction your home faces. Using a compass to determine your home's direction is a quick process and can be done with a basic compass or even a phone app.

Your Home's Yang Side Can be the Facing Direction

In classical feng shui, another method to determine the facing direction of the house is to identify the side with the most yang energy. Yang energy is busy, bright, and vibrant. If the yang side is not the front of your home, you can use these feng shui tips to treat an entry door on this side of your home the same as a front door.

Best Feng Shui Front Door Colors Facing East

East facing houses activate the wood element. You can unlock the positive chi and luck for that element by painting in wood element colors. Because the water element is beneficial to wood, those colors are also an auspicious option.

Front door colors for east facing house infographic

Front Door Colors for the Wood Element

  • Olive
  • Emerald green
  • Sage green
  • Basil
  • Taupe
  • Beige
  • Any wood tones
Wooden front door

Front Door Colors for the Water Element

  • Navy blue
  • Black
  • Midnight blue
  • Charcoal
American house with blue door and gorgeous outdoor landscape

Colors to Avoid for an East Facing Front Door in Feng Shui

Because a feng shui east facing house is aligned with the wood element, you don't want to use colors from a destructive or weakening element, as this will dampen or destroy the positive energy your east facing front door brings.

Fire Element Colors to Avoid

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Rust
Red front door with pillars and railing on both sides

Metal Element Colors to Avoid

  • White
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Gold
  • Pale gray
    White front door of a house

Outdoor Decorating Ideas for an East Facing Home

Don't forget the exterior of your home when boosting auspicious wood element energy. Choose decorative objects and furniture made with wood for your front porch, patio, or deck. Potted plants, wreaths, and cushions, can bring in the colors of the wood and water elements to support good fortune. To enhance the water element energy, use a wavy shape or pattern that represents water in feng shui. Choose a blue or black wavy fabric pattern for an outdoor rug, welcome mat, or yard art.

A Water Feature Can Nurture the Wood Element

You can use a water fountain to enhance wood element energy for your east facing front door, but placement of it on the correct side of the front door is essential. To place your fountain correctly, stand looking out from your doorway and place your water fountain to the left of your door. Never set a water feature to the right of your door. In feng shui, this placement is considered an invitation to infidelity in a marriage or romantic relationship.

Best Front Door Location for Wealth Luck

Sheng chi is a powerful energy for wealth luck. The best location for a sheng chi front door is centered on the front of the house. This ensures positive chi energy can reach the door easily to ensure auspicious chi energy to enter your living room, kitchen, dining room, through the front door. If the front door is not centered on the front of your home, you can still activate beneficial sheng chi by enhancing the east facing wood element through door color and accessories. Often the door that's regularly used to enter a home may not be the front door. To keep the benefits of an east facing door, don't neglect the door--instead use the enhancements of color and decoration. Welcome guests at your front door, even if you rarely use it.

East Facing House in Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is an Indian science, translated from the science of architecture, that has influenced the building and buying of buildings since ancient times. Like feng shui, Vastu Shastra is regarded as an authority for determining auspicious or inauspicious elements in our surroundings. An east facing house is considered the second-most auspicious home direction - trailing the north direction at number 1. The Vastu of an east facing home is not settled just by virtue of its direction. The placement of other important rooms can overrule the effect of the direction of the home, and deem it inauspicious.

Easy Feng Shui Ideas for Living in a House Facing East

Using these feng shui ideas to decorate your home, it's easy to assist the chi energies to enter and flow freely to create a harmonious environment for your family. Give special attention to your front door as it is considered the mouth of chi, where all chi enters.

Feng Shui Ideas for a House Facing East