Feng Shui Kitchen Plants and Flowers

Published April 1, 2019
Pink orchids on kitchen table

Feng shui offers guidelines how to use kitchen plants and flowers. The kitchen is the heart of the feng shui home and is vital to the health and wealth of every member in your family household.

Plants and Flowers in a Feng Shui Kitchen

The fire element is found in the kitchen by the very nature of it being the place where food is prepared and cooked. Plant life represents the wood element. In the feng shui productive cycle, wood feeds fire. Placing plants and flowers in your kitchen can help boost the energy in this important area of your home by attracting auspicious chi energy.

Herbs in Kitchens

A window sill herb garden or individual potted plants are great choices for kitchen plants. Fresh herbs can be used when cooking to infuse the family meals with more healthy and beneficial live plant energy and nourishment. Some herbs are considered good luck in feng shui.

Potted Plants On Kitchen Island At Home

Use Hanging Plants in Kitchen

There are times when you may want to use a hanging plant or two in your kitchen. These can be suspended by rope, plastic or metal chains. A hanging plant is especially beneficial for a feng shui kitchen cure between clashing elements, such as a sink and oven.

Woman watering plants at kitchen table

Type of Plants

Plants with pointed leaves should never be used in any feng shui applications since they create poison arrows. For the kitchen, choose plants with round or oval leaves to reinforce the symbolism of money (wealth). Some popular feng shui plants include jade, money tree, philodendron, rubber tree and lucky bamboo.

Young woman eating breakfast in her kitchen

Placements for Plants in Kitchen

You can place plants on a kitchen table, bar, island, counter, and on top of upper cabinets that don't go all the way to the ceiling. Floor plants, such as a tall rubber plant can be placed snuggly in a southeast corner to attract wealth luck. You may prefer a hanging basket in the southeast corner filled with a philodendron plant.

Fresh Flowers Are Powerful Energizers

The chi energy of fresh flowers can be a powerful infusion into a kitchen. Place a vase of colorful flowers on a table or kitchen island/counter. Be sure to change out the water to keep it fresh and remove flowers as they fade and die.

Yellow flowers in modern kitchen

Extend Freshness of Flowers

If using fresh-cut flowers from your garden or flower market, use a well-known flower life extending technique. Place the flowers in a vase of fresh water. Set the vase of flowers in the refrigerator for a couple of hours or overnight before setting out in the kitchen. Refrigeration helps the flowers to absorb enough water, so they stay fresh longer and won't droop from shock or change in environment.

Flower Colors

You can select colors that go with your kitchen décor for an additional burst of chi energy from the feng shui color symbolism. When you choose colors that match those assigned to the sector where the kitchen is located, you give a small additional boost to the chi energy.

Floral Bouquets and Number of Flowers

You can take advantage of lucky feng shui numbers. Place a specific number of flowers in your kitchen bouquet(s) to represent a lucky feng shui number and its auspicious meaning.

Bowl of Fresh Fruit

Anything that introduces living plant energy, including fruits and other foods are good choices. You can select unblemished, healthy fruits to display in a bowl on the kitchen table or counter. Family members will be encouraged to eat these offerings when placed in direct sight.

Fruit bowl with fresh fruit and family cooking

Don't Use Dried Flowers, Plants or Herbs as Decorations

In feng shui, the energy of anything dead is inauspicious. This includes dried flower arrangements, wreaths and dried herbs.

You Can Use Artificial Plants, Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables

Some people confuse the feng shui taboo of dried flowers, plants and herbs with faux ones. The good news is you can safely use silk or any other fake flower, plant, fruits and veggies. Since these items were never alive, they don't qualify as part of the dried (dead) flowers, herbs and other plant life taboo. You can certainly use things like silk flowers or resin fruits in a bowl in your feng shui decorations like any other inert objects/items. Be sure to keep them dust free, so you don't create clutter with stagnant chi from accumulated dust.

Using Feng Shui Kitchen Plants and Flowers

When you understand the feng shui rules about using plant life in your kitchen you can take advantage of auspicious energy. If you have an imbalance or conflict of water and fire elements in your kitchen, add a few plants to soak up the water (exhaustive cycle) and fuel the fire (productive cycle).

Feng Shui Kitchen Plants and Flowers