Feng Shui to Attract Love and Enhance Your Romantic Life

Updated March 21, 2022
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Attracting love with feng shui doesn't require elaborate rituals or large purchases of symbolic accessories. There are simple things you can do right now to improve your feng shui bedroom for love. If you've already found the person of your dreams, using feng shui tips for love can help you bring harmony into your relationship.

Find Your Love Sector With the Bagua Map

In Western Feng Shui, you can use the bagua map to find the best areas in and around your home for enhancing all facets of your life, based on their relationship to your front entrance. It's essential to locate love sector because that area is most important to attracting and keeping love. If you're lucky enough to find that your bedroom is in the love sector, you will be one step closer to creating feng shui love luck. Align the map below with your front door and lay it over the layout of your house to find your home's love and marriage sector.

Love and Marriage Bagua Map

There's a Feng Shui Love Corner in Every Room

Don't despair if your bedroom is not in the love sector, as these tips can be used in any bedroom, regardless of the location on the bagua map. Because the bedroom is considered the focus of love and marriage, applying feng shui enhancements can benefit the entire room. You can also use the bagua map on any single room in your home, based on the entrance to that room, to identify the love corner of that room where you may choose to focus many of these feng shui love tips.

If you prefer to practice Eastern feng shui and use a compass, the love corner of your home and any room is located in the southwest sector of your home.

Feng Shui Symbols to Attract Love Luck

You can place any of these objects and symbols in the love sector of your home, your love corner, and also the primary bedroom.

  • Rose quartz figurines are auspicious for attracting and keeping love.
  • Display a pair of ceramic mandarin ducks or cranes in a dining room or on a nightstand.
  • The double happiness symbol uses the Chinese character for joy placed side-by-side. These are used to adorn wedding gifts and as wedding ceremony motifs.
  • The mystic knot is a symbol of eternal love and made of six figure eight knots.

Feng Shui Colors to Attract Love

feng shui bedroom with red blanket and a pair of lamps

It's no surprise that the best feng shui colors for love are pink and red, the colors already associated with love and romance. Using pink and red in the bedroom may not fit your personal taste in color, but there is no strict rule on which shades of red and pink are auspicious for love. Your best pink may be closer to coral, and your favorite red might be russet, not Chinese red. If you're not ready to paint your walls in the feng shui colors, there are simple alternatives to filling your room with red or pink. Accents in these romantic colors can include candles, throws, pillows, and art. The auspicious feng shui symbols and colors work together to create an overall environment welcomes love energy.

Everything in Pairs

When you're hoping to attract or maintain a good love relationship, the items you display can boost your efforts. A simple feng shui love rule is to display objects in pairs. Two Mandarin ducks are especially auspicious for romance, but other animals that you enjoy are also helpful. In the bedroom, it's important to pair furniture and accessories for harmonious feng shui energy that can attract love. Lamps, nightstands, and chairs are easy to pair up in the bedroom, and will also contribute to an attractive and balanced room.

Feng Shui Art for Attracting and Keeping Love

Decorating your feng shui bedroom should include art that reflects love and partnership. If you are unable to paint your bedroom walls or replace window coverings, adding feng shui art is a powerful way to attract and enhance romance.

  • Choose pleasant subjects for paintings. Save jarring and energetic images for other rooms of your home.
  • Look for art with the feng shui love colors of pink and red, as they can fit into any color palette.
  • Images or paintings of Mandarin ducks, peonies, or peach blossoms, are considered auspicious for attracting love.
  • Artwork in pairs encourages positive love energy and symbolizes togetherness.

Choose the Best Feng Shui Bed

feng shui bedroom to attract love headboard red pillow

Your bed has a big influence on feng shui love luck. Start with the headboard, as this creates the foundation for your bed. Choose a sturdy headboard that is attractive and has a solid frame or platform. Because this is the most important element in your bedroom, care should be taken in choosing a comfortable mattress that encourages restful sleep and positive energy.

Keep Your Bedding in Top Condition

The perfect headboard and mattress deserves great bedding. For positive feng shui that invites and encourages love, be sure your bedding is in great condition. Use comfortable fabrics and matching sets, and discard any worn or frayed bedroom linens.

Feng Shui Bedroom Layout for Love

Even the most perfect bed needs to be placed in an auspicious position to enhance your love and marriage energy, and is the most important element of a feng shui bedroom layout.

  • Avoid placing the head of your bed under a window as it will rush positive chi out of the bedroom.
  • A bed placed in a corner position can make your partner feel trapped.
  • Bed placement with feet pointed directly in line with a door is considered very inauspicious in feng shui. It can also symbolize a partner ready to leave at any moment.
  • Place matching nightstands and lamps on each side of the beds to generate romantic pair energy.

Special Consideration for King-Size Beds

Most king-size beds have a pair of twin bed size box springs. While these aren't visible with the top king-size mattress, feng shui rules state this subtlety creates a division in the relationship. To remedy the separation, a pink king size fitted sheet should be placed over the box springs to unify them as one support mattress.

The Secret Power of Peach Blossom Love Luck

A less-known, but powerful technique to use feng shui to attract a soulmate is using the peach blossom animal luck symbolism. This technique remained hidden from the world until recently. It has become one of the most popular tools for attracting love.

Find Your Peach Blossom Animal Symbol

Using your Chinese astrological sign based on the year you were born, locate your peach blossom animal on the chart below.

find your peach blossom animal infographic

Place Your Peach Blossom Animal Symbol in Feng Shui Love Corner

To activate positive love energy, your peach blossom animal should be placed in your love and marriage sector of your home, or in the love corner of any room. You will probably want to purchase your Peach Blossom Animal. Just be sure that an animal figurine is in pristine condition, absent of flaws, such as scratches, nicks, cracks, or chips. While many people prefer a figurine or statue, you aren't limited to this. You can also display art depicting your Peach Blossom Animal.

Avoid These Feng Shui Moves

There are a few feng shui placements to avoid when it comes to love and committed relationships. Steer clear of these if you wish to have a long-lasting love relationship, especially marriage.

  • Use water features outside the front door cautiously.
  • Never place an outside water feature to the right of the front door, especially one that's in the ground. The right side is determined by standing inside the front doorway and looking out. In feng shui, this placement is said to generate inauspicious energy that leads to infidelity.
  • A mirror or TV that reflects the bed is discouraged in feng shui, as it's believed that the mirror or TV reflection invites a third party and infidelity into the couple's bed.

Feng Shui for Love Energy

Whether your goal is to enhance your feng shui to attract a soulmate or strengthen the relationship you already have, making simple changes to your bedroom or love corner can have a big impact. The most important takeaway is to use these tips to create a space that you enjoy filled with positive and romantic energy.

Feng Shui to Attract Love and Enhance Your Romantic Life