Feng Shui She Shed Design Ideas and Tips

Create an energetically balanced getaway where you can recapture your Zen.

Published May 27, 2022
A table set for party in a she shed in the garden

She sheds are all about immersing yourself in a creative and relaxing space. Using feng shui tips to design and decorate your she shed can help you create the retreat you crave. It may surprise you, but these tips and enhancements can be applied in all decorating styles. Whether your choice is modern farmhouse, boho, contemporary or eclectic, feng shui can bring harmony without conflicting with your personal style.

Feng Shui She Shed Color Ideas

One of the simplest ways to enhance feng shui energy in your she shed is with color. No matter what decorating style is your favorite, you can find a feng shui color palette that can enhance it. There are no specific colors that must be used to activate positive chi energy, but using colors of the five feng shui elements will allow you to activate them for specific she shed goals.

  • Fire Element: Activate the passionate and powerful energy of the fire element with shades of red, orange, and yellow.
  • Wood Element: To bring big creative energy of the wood element, add green and purple to your color palette.
  • Water Element: The feng shui water element activates career and finance energy with shades of blue and black.
  • Metal Element: The metal element enhances concentration and study. Use white, gray, black, and cool neutrals to create a cozy reading space.
  • Earth Element: The earth element provides a feeling of comfort and relaxation. Activate this element with colors of brown, beige, and with any warm neutral.

Feng Shui Tips for Your Favorite She Shed Style

Make your she shed work for you by creating positive feng shui using a style that appeals to your aesthetic.

Modern Farmhouse

Simple white wall color, dark metal, and rustic wood features define modern farmhouse style. For creating balance for your feng shui she shed, add soft neutrals and warm pastels to bridge the distance between the darkest accents and your white walls. Warm neutrals can warm up your small space while still keeping that fresh modern farmhouse vibe.

Interior of a tailor studio She shed


Lived-in style and global florals are sweet elements of boho decorating. It's easy to go overboard when you love everything -- and boho style is all about surrounding yourself the with beautiful patterns and colors you love. Balance your dreamy decor by using a harmonious color scheme for your walls and surfaces. When you think of your walls and surfaces as a backdrop for accessories and furniture, you can achieve feng shui balance and a relaxing retreat.

Boho She shed


With clean lines and simple color palettes, contemporary style is wonderful for a small space. For a she shed though, it's easy to lose sight of retreat goals when your decor and colors are just too understated. To enhance the positive feng shui energy in a contemporary space, you don't need to add bright colors or busy patterns. Placing a small fountain or water feature in, or just outside, your she shed can move stagnant chi, and adding plants can attract positive living chi energy to your space.

Contemporary She she


Decorating a she shed with eclectic style is so much fun. Eclectic style means curating everything that you adore, and combining it in one space. There are no rules for eclectic decorating, so in a small she shed space, the energy can feel a bit chaotic. The way to create a feng shui she shed out of busy eclectic style is to recognize and neutralize clutter. Clutter creates negative chi energy, as it's unable to flow around it. Decorative bins and boxes can hide clutter and let the chi flow freely. Adding organizational pieces in any of the five feng shui element colors can do double duty to set chi energy free, and represent specific goals you'd like to activate in your she shed.

Eclectic She shed

Simple Tips to Enhance Your She Shed Feng Shui

Color is a powerful tool in creating a comfortable and balanced personal space. Using simple feng shui principles, you can bring even more positive chi energy into your she shed.

  • Add plants: When you bring plants into your she shed, you're adding the creative energy of the wood element. Be sure to take good care of your plants, as dying or dried plants can bring negative energy to your creative efforts.
  • Add a water feature: Activate relaxing water element chi with a fountain inside or near your she shed. The movement of water not only carries positive energy flow throughout your space, the sound of moving water can be relaxing and rejuvenating.
  • Maximize air flow: Because feng shui is translated from the Chinese words, air and water, it's essential that your small retreat has active air flow. Moving positive chi energy from the front door and around your space can be done with soft fans and cross breezes from windows.
  • Hang wind chimes: For she sheds without good air flow, there are still ways to enhance the movement of good chi energy. Hanging wind chimes inside or on the porch of your she shed, can mimic or enhance the flow of air to move chi around the room in a positive way.
  • Make sure you have plenty of light: Although your idea of relaxing may mean spending time in a darkened space, it's important to have adequate lighting in your she shed to keep positive chi energy moving. Dark corners encourage stagnant energy to become trapped, building negative chi.

Feng Shui for Small Spaces

The words feng shui means wind and water, and it represents the healthy flow of both. In feng shui, the energy is called chi, which means breath or life force. The movement of chi is important in creating a she shed that is filled with positive energy. Using feng shui principals to enhance positive energy is essential in a small space, where the flow of chi energy can easily get trapped. You can also use feng shui tricks on a man cave.

Feng Shui She Shed Design Ideas and Tips