Feng Shui Significance of the Number 5 Explained

Published March 18, 2021
Feng shui number 5

Feng shui 5 elements are the foundation of feng shui principles. Feng shui 5 is a power number that represents change and transformation.

Activate the Feng Shui 5 Elements

The feng shui 5 elements are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. If you wish to have a feng shui environment, then these 5 elements must be present and activated within your home or office.

How Do the 5 Elements Work in Feng Shui?

In the 5 element production cycle, the preceding element nurtures the element that follows it. Feng shui principles offer ways to correct this cycle whenever it falls out of balance.

Why Is Number 5 in Feng Shui Lucky?

In part, number 5 in feng shui derives its good luck from the 5 elements. It is through the transformation of the 5 elements in the productive cycle that the number has its amazing power.

Feng Shui 5 Is Number of Change and Transformation

It is through the productive cycle that the 5 elements change and transform into other elements. The cycle begins with water (rain) that nourishes the wood. The wood then fuels the fire element. The fire burns the wood, transforming it into earth (ash). The earth compresses and forms all kinds of metals. The metal element then attracts and draws more water (rain) that nourishes the wood element and the cycle begins anew.

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Feng Shui 5 Elements and Compass Directions

These transformations of chi energy through the 5 elements and their cycles imbues amazing powers that can be activated through feng shui applications. Each of the 5 elements is assigned to a specific compass direction.

How to Activate the 5 Feng Shui Elements

There are eight sectors that represent eight compass directions. When you need to activate an element in a specific compass sector, you introduce the element assigned to that sector. The sectors and their ruling elements include:

  • North: Water element
  • Northeast: Earth element
  • East: Wood element
  • Southeast: Wood element
  • South: Fire element
  • Southwest: Earth element
  • West: Metal element
  • Northwest: Metal element
  • North: Water element

Feng Shui 5 Elements Colors

The basic colors of the 5 elements can be used in feng shui applications for your home or office décor. When you choose to use one of the colors assigned to the element, it represents and fortifies the chi energies that element attracts.

Number 5 Feng Shui Good Luck

The number 5 feng shui meaning is one of big changes and powerful transformations. Whenever you wish to make a change, you can invoke the power of the number 5 feng shui through various feng shui tools.

How to Use Number 5 in Your Life

One of the popular feng shui tools for feng shui number 5 also takes advantage of the element for the metal sectors. The 5 hollow metal wind chime is used to transform negative energies in various feng shui scenarios. This can be to deflect a poison arrow or suppress the negative energy from a toilet. Another feng shui tool is 5 Chinese coins tied together with a red ribbon and placed on a cash register to attract sales.

Number 5 Feng Shui Health Luck

The feng shui number 5 is often used in the east sector (health luck). You can take advantage of the transformative powers of the feng shui number 5 to bring about positive change in your health. You will use groupings of five plants to activate the number 5 energies and the healing chi energy of the wood element.

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Lucky Bamboo Five Stalks

The lucky bamboo plant with 5 stalks represents the five areas of your life, including health. The plant is used to bring balance, happiness, and prosperity into all the areas of your life. In fact, there are five areas of health, such as emotional, mental, physical, intuitive, and spiritual. You can place the 5-stalk lucky bamboo in the east sector of your home to stimulate the healing energy the plant brings to you.

Include Feng Shui Number 5 in Your House Number

One way you can incorporate the powerful feng shui number 5 is with your house number. If you are house hunting, then you might consider looking for addresses that have the number 5 in them.

Other Ways to Use Feng Shui Number 5

There are other ways you can attract the healing and transformative energies of the feng shui number 5. You can request a license plate that includes the number 5. Many people wishing to effect a change or initiate a transformation of some kind focus on using number 5 in their daily lives. For example, you can schedule your medical appointments for the 5th of the month, on the 5th day of the week, the 5th month or at 5 pm. Whenever you exercise, do so in sets of 5, time yourself for 5, 15, 25 minutes and so on.

Appointment on 5/5

Number 5 Feng Shui Personal Kua Number

If you calculated your personal kua number and discovered it is 5, then you realize you'll use a different kua number to find your four best and four worst directions. The kua number 5 belongs to the West Group. If you are woman, you will follow the directions for the kua number 8, while a man will follow the kua number 2.

Flying Star Number 5

If you use flying star feng shui, you can find the sector where the annual flying star 5 resides. The flying star 5 is known as the yellow star of misfortune. The sector where it resides will affect all who live in the house or work in the office. A flying star chart reveals this location, so you can use various feng shui remedies to weaken or even negate the star's impact.

How to Use the Powerful Feng Shui 5 Number

There are many ways you can use the number 5 energies. You can try various number 5 feng shui tools to remedy sectors or serve to activate the element ruling the sector.

Feng Shui Significance of the Number 5 Explained