Feng Shui for Spring Energy and Renewal 

Published May 11, 2022
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After a dark and quiet winter, the bursting energy of feng shui spring is a welcome change. Feng shui, which translates to the words wind and water, is the active philosophy that chi energy flows through everything on earth and in heaven. The seasons and their weather influence how chi moves through your home and your life, and are each represented by an element. Learning the secrets of using the elements to balance seasonal chi energy can bring harmony and luck to your life.

What Is the Feng Shui Spring Element?

Feng Shui Spring Infographic

Feng shui spring is represented by the wood element. The exuberant chi energy of feng shui spring may need the help of yin colors and elements to maintain a comfortable balance.

  • Feng Shui Spring Colors: The spring wood element is associated with natural colors of blue, green, and teal, representing new life.
  • Chi Energy: Spring emerges with positive yang energy, and the promise of growth and renewal. The yang energy of spring is less intense than summer, but it's powerful enough to burn away the darkness and lethargy of winter.
  • Feng Shui Spring Personality: The cheerful chi energy of spring encourages optimism, new beginnings, and fresh starts, creativity, and activity. The chill of winter is fading away, and spring's chi is encouraging brighter days.

How to Balance Spring Chi Energy

Feng shui spring is like waking up from a long nap (winter) with a bouquet of flowers in your arms. Spring is the perfect time to clean and organize your home for better chi. Though spring is a bright and hopeful season, even the most positive chi can become unbalanced, here are tips for reclaiming the harmony and balance of spring chi in your home.

Attract Yin Energy With Cool Colors

Spring is the season to indulge in happy yang colors, but it can result in an imbalance of chi when it creates the heat of summer energy. An easy way to keep your feng shui spring color palette balance, is to include wood element colors of blue and green, in soft tones.

Add Yin Accessories

Cropped shot of an empty and neatly arranged bedroom at home during the day

Yin energy is soft and quiet, so balancing an overly energetic room can be achieved with the addition of accessories in soft neutral tones and plush fabrics. Indirect accent lighting and filtering window treatments can soften active chi energy throughout your home.

Bring in Fresh flowers for Positive Yang Chi

Though the feng shui spring season is yang, you can soften the effects with fresh flowers in cool colors. White, blue, and pink, flowers enhance spring energy but with a yin color palette for balance.

Activate Yin Symbolism

A simple and delightful way to balance strong yang energy is through the use of yin symbolism. Charming figurines of yin animals, including pigs and rabbits, can be a quick fix for an overabundance of yang energy. Displaying artwork or fabric depicting the moon or night is also an easy remedy.

Plan for Your Feng Shui Summer

Spring is a great time to plan for intense feng shui summer energy. To direct rushing yang energy in your home this summer, updating window treatments, outdoor shades, and HVAC units can make a big impact. The influence of cool and refreshing yin colors and features on your home's yang energy will be even more important in the summer months. Plans for water features, summer gardens, and home improvements should be undertaken in the spring before summer's yang energy heats things up.

Feng Shui for Spring Energy and Renewal