Feng Shui Tips for the Center of House

Published July 26, 2018
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In feng shui, the center of the house is known as the heart of the home. What happens in this area affects all members of the family. A few feng shui tips can help you ensure the center of your house delivers only auspicious energy to your family.

Find the Center of Your House

You first need to find the center of your home, using one of three methods.

Geometric Center

The geometric center is found by drawing two diagonal lines to connect the opposite corners of the home. The point where the two drawn lines intersect is the center of your home. If your house is an odd shape, such as missing corners, then extend imaginary lines so it is a square or rectangle shape and proceed to draw the diagonal connecting lines for the center intersection.

Classical Feng Shui Bagua

The octagon-shaped bagua used in Classical Feng Shui can be superimposed over your home based on the facing direction. The center of the bagua is clearly defined and can be transposed to your house layout or blueprint (best choice). If using a hand-drawn layout, be sure your layout is proportional to actual room sizes.

Black Hat Nine-Square Map

You can use the nine-square grid map used in Black Hat Sect Feng Shui (BTB) by super-imposing it over the layout of your home. In BTB, the south is always placed at the top of the layout.

  • The center of your home will fall within the ninth square (center) of the grid.
  • Draw two lines connecting the opposite diagonal corners of this center square.
  • Where the two lines intersect is the center of your home.
  • If your house layout/blueprint features missing or extended corners, use the 50% Rule to determine the center of your home.
  • If the garage is connected to your home by a door, then include it in the overall house layout.

Using the Center of Your Home

The center of your home is vital to your overall feng shui design and is often overlooked. The chi energy radiated from the center of your home should be nourishing and protective. The best use for this area of your home is a dining room or family/living room.

Center Dining Room

The dining room is where much of the abundance for a family is generated. This area should be set up to enhance these energies. It should be kept free of clutter and feng shui rules for dining rooms should be strictly followed.

Center Dining Room

Family/Living Room in Center of Home

When the family/living room is in the center of the home, the house is filled with lots of activity that generates yang energy. The yang energy has health benefits for family members and the abundance for each. This activity should be consistent to create prosperity luck and generate balance and harmony within the family. There are a few things you can do to ensure this abundance continues.

Perfecting the Center of Your Home

You want the center of your home to be designed as perfectly as possible using feng shui principles.

  • Just as you would with any space or room, make sure the wall surfaces are free of blemishes, dirt, and holes.
  • If the paint is dingy, apply a new coat of paint. Select an ochre color for the best earth element color.
  • Check to make sure the chi energy can move freely about the center of your home.
  • Utilize the earth element in choosing accessories, such as pottery, ceramics, and crystals to activate and generate healthy chi energy.

Avoid Staircases in Center of Home

A staircase, especially a spiral one will make everything in your life unstable. The spiral staircase will create a vortex that sucks all of the chi energy out of your home.

Avoid Staircases in Center of Home

Remedies for Center Staircases

If you have a center staircase, you can try to slow the flow of chi energy with feng shui remedies.

  • Hang a multi-faceted crystal in the center of the staircase.
  • Use square shapes (earth symbol) in the form of picture frames, long the ascending wall(s).
  • Add various stone, ceramic, pottery and crystal objects that go naturally with your décor.

Cure for Other Home Center Afflictions

There are a few other possible remedies for specific afflictions in the center of your home.


If the center of your home features a hallway, you can counter the tunnel effect by slowing the chi energy flow.

  • A mirror on one wall will expand the chi energy and allow it to fill the hall.
  • Hang a multi-faceted crystal in the center of the hallway to disperse and slow the chi energy.
  • Square stone tiles in an ochre color will activate the earth element and continually fed the chi energy.


The introduction of fire in the earth sector isn't necessarily inauspicious. In the productive cycle, the fire element feeds the earth element. The only possible affliction could be too much yang energy being generated by this element. You can always exhaust some of the fire element by adding more earth elements, such as stones, rocks, pottery, ceramics, or crystals. Add a little at first to see if you need more earth elements.

Feng Shui Tips to Maximize Center of House Chi

Feng shui tips can help you take advantage of the chi energy generated from the center of your house. Use feng shui remedies to correct any mistakes so your family abundance doesn't suffer.

Feng Shui Tips for the Center of House