Essential Feng Shui Tips for House Hunting

Published July 18, 2018
Exterior of a large house

Applying feng shui tips when you are house hunting can help ensure that you end up with an auspicious new home. It's best to filter out houses that have flawed feng shui designs so you don't end up trying to remedy inauspicious effects.

Street and House

The first thing you want to consider is the relationship of the house with any streets.

  • Is the house at the end of a road? The chi energy will dump right into the driveway and grow stagnant with only one way in and no way out. The residents will feel trapped with no way out.
  • Is the house on a cul-de-sac? The chi energy will pool and grow stagnant.
  • Is there a street that ends directly across from the house? The chi energy will slam into the house with too much energy.
  • Is the house on a curve? If the house is on the inside of the curve, the energy is slow moving and auspicious. If the house is located on the outside of the curve, the energy will rush too quickly past the house.
  • Is there a street or running water, such as a river, behind the house? If so, you won't have the support you need and will be vulnerable to anything and everything.

House and Street Level

When you tour homes, notice if the house is sitting above the street, level with the street or below the street.

  • A house that is street level or above the street is in an auspicious location.
  • A house below street level is inauspicious. Those living there will find themselves bombarded with negative chi energy. Money will need to be poured into house repairs and the residents will feel they're constantly fighting an uphill battle.
House and Street Level

Nearby Structures

Poison arrows (sha chi) pointed at the house are inauspicious. These can range from utility poles to the roofline of a neighbor's home. While remedies can alleviate the negative effects, this will require additional expense.

Backyard Assessment

Be sure to check out the backyard for anything inauspicious.

  • The backyard should be larger than the front yard.
  • The backyard land should slope towards the house, not away from it.
  • The land should be higher (not too much) in the backyard than the front yard.


Does the driveway lead into your garage or carport or does it go around the house or beyond? A straight driveway isn't the best choice, but a driveway that doesn't end at the house and continues past will take the chi energy with it.

Facing Direction

You want the house to be facing one of you or your spouse's best directions. The bread winner's best directions are ideal for the kitchen direction to ensure good health and wealth.

Front Door

Double doors are considered auspicious in feng shui since they allow more chi energy to enter the home. Double doors aren't necessary, but they are a positive. If you come across a house with these, place a check mark in the pro column for that house.

Front Door

Foyer or Front Entrance

The entrance to your home is where the chi energy enters. Stand in the open doorway and ask yourself what you can see. Are you able to see through the house and out a window or door? If so, this is very inauspicious since the chi energy will enter the home and exit almost as quickly as it entered. While there are some things you can do to counter some of this, such as placing plants or a screen in the middle of the path, it would require structural reconfiguration to remedy.


If the house has more than one story, pay close attention the staircase location.

  • You don't want the stairs to be directly across from the front door. The chi energy will rush up the staircase, neglecting the rest of the house.
  • A staircase in the center of the house is like a whirlwind drawing all the energy out of the house.
  • An open staircase leading downstairs is like a hole in the floor where all the chi energy falls through.
  • Is the staircase across from the bathroom or is a bedroom at the top of the staircase? Both are inauspicious locations.
Staircase to livingroom

Bathroom Over Front Door

A bathroom over the front door and foyer area is highly negative. While there are a few feng shui remedies that can help negate this negative energy, it's best to avoid buying a house with this kind of structural feng shui problem.

Assessing Feng Shui Qualities of a House

A few tips can help you assess any house you tour during your house hunting adventure. Use feng shui rules and principles to ensure you make a good auspicious choice for your new home.

Essential Feng Shui Tips for House Hunting