Are Turtles Good Luck in Feng Shui?

Updated March 31, 2022
Lucky Golden Feng Shui dragon turtle

The humble feng shui turtle, or tortoise, is one of the powerful Four Celestial Guardians in feng shui. Add a figurine, statue, or real turtle to your decor or landscaping for luck, longevity, and career success. Knowing what luck energy you'd like to generate or enhance can help you choose the right turtle for your home.

Feng Shui Turtles and Tortoises Meanings

The terms "turtle" and "tortoise" are used interchangeably in feng shui; they refer to the spirit of one of the most auspicious animal figures used as a remedy or to improve luck. Ancient legend recounts the emergence of a turtle from the Lo River and the recognition of the emperor that the markings on its shell mimicked the Magic Square pattern of the feng shui bagua map, making the turtle a powerful feng shui celestial animal.

Turtles, in statue or figurine form, can bestow an abundance of luck in their simplest forms, or even as the dragon turtle, which is infused with feng shui dragon energy. Turtles are considered auspicious for longevity, wealth, and security.

five types of lucky feng shui turtles infographic

The Simple Turtle

Though the symbolism of feng shui turtles includes several types, don't overlook the power of the basic turtle to improve luck and positive energies. Careful placement of all types of feng shui turtles can reap positive benefits in your home.

The Triple Tier Tortoise for Longevity

three tier lucky feng shui turtle figurine

A large turtle with two small turtles stacked on its back represents three healthy generations and is a potent longevity symbol. This charming turtle stack is prized for its positive health and descendent luck energy and is a popular gift for weddings and birthdays.

The Clay Turtle for Stability

The benefit of displaying a clay turtle is to guard against fluctuations in life in areas of health and wealth. Because clay is considered an aspect of the earth element, the clay turtle offers stability at home and is a welcome symbol of luck in the knowledge and self-cultivation and the love and marriage sectors of your home.

The Powerful Feng Shui Dragon Turtle

feng shui dragon turtle for luck

The dragon turtle is an awesome force - it has the body of a turtle and the head of a dragon, and it stands or crawls on a bed of coins and often carries a baby turtle on its back. The dragon turtle holds the most powerful luck energy of any turtle, and can enhance prosperity, protection, longevity, and security.

Feng Shui Turtles for Wealth Luck

feng shui jade turtle for luck

All turtles that are created from quality materials enjoy the most auspicious energies for wealth luck, but the jade turtle's meaning of health, wealth, and protection is intensified by the prized green stone. A dragon turtle, sitting on a "pedestal" made of coins or ingots, gets extra money luck with a Chinese coin in its mouth. The calligraphy on the coin should always be facing up as should any gemstone embedded in the coin to activate the strongest wealth luck.

How to Place a Turtle at Home

Placement is important for unlocking the strong energy that each turtle possesses. You can use the feng shui bagua map to find the best area in your home for a feng shui turtle.

Good Luck Turtle Bagua Map
  • A turtle figurine inside the home, facing the front door, brings positive energy and protects the home and its occupants from misfortune.
  • A mound-shaped figure of a turtle displayed in the backyard or rear garden can substitute for a hill or mountain at the back of the property, a landscape feature considered essential for safety and security.
  • A turtle positioned behind you in a home office adds support and security.
  • For career advancement, place a dragon turtle in the career sector of your home or in your home office.
  • The feng shui dragon turtle placement enhances abundance in your family and health sectors.

Attract Blessings With Turtles

Turtles can bring an abundance of luck and good fortune to your life. Feng shui turtles dynamic feng shui symbol that can bring robust health, opportunity, and abundance luck for those who display them. Experiment with your own turtle luck whether you add a tiny jade turtle paperweight to your desk or a trio of Western Painted Turtles to your backyard pond. With so many beautiful choices available, find your favorite friendly turtle to attract a continual stream of blessings into your life.

Are Turtles Good Luck in Feng Shui?