Animals That Bring Good Luck

Published February 12, 2019
Year of the Rooster Figurine

Animals in feng shui bring good luck when you know how to use them. Lucky animals are placed in corresponding feng shui sectors in your home to activate specific luck areas in your life.


The bat is an ancient feng shui symbol of wealth. In Chinese, the word bat means prosperity, so it's a great symbol to use as a cure for any financial woes. Just place this symbol in the southeast (wealth) sector of your home or business.

Boar (Pig)

The boar or pig is a symbol for overall good luck and fortune. It's also a Chinese astrology animal sign. When placed in the wealth luck sector (southeast) you activate this area in your life. This animal is a famous collector of money in the form of piggy banks.


The crane is a feng shui symbol of longevity. If you wish to activate the health sector (east) of your home, place a crane in this area. It will protect your health against illness and promote a long life.


In feng shui, the presence of a cricket in the home, especially the kitchen, is a symbol of wealth luck. Cricket boxes have been a long-time favorite decorative item for homes to further symbolize good fortune. Just add a small golden cricket statue to complete the look. Place this symbol in the southeast (wealth) sector of your home or office.


Antique print paper books with two deer bookends

The deer is a symbol of grace, elegance, endurance, and longevity. It's also a symbol of abundance. You can set one in a dining room in the southeast (wealth) sector. Another great placement for this symbol is the health (east) sector to improve and protect health.


If ever there were a symbol of faithfulness and loyalty, it's the dog. This Chinese astrology animal sign is also a powerful feng shui symbol of protection and justice. The dog is persistent and stands strong in the face of adversity. You can place this symbol in any area you need protecting, such as a front door, career corner (north sector), wealth corner (southeast sector), descendants corner (west), or marriage/relationship corner (southwest).


Dragon in Forbidden City, Beijing

This Chinese astrology animal sign is also an ancient symbol of Chinese royalty and power. You can place a dragon at the front door to protect your home from burglary or the southeast (wealth) sector to protect finances.

Dragon and Phoenix

These two symbols are used to represent the perfect union of dragon (yang) and phoenix (yin) energies. Place this symbol of a happy union in the southwest (marriage/relationship) corner or sector.

Dragon Turtle

Some feng shui animal symbols are a combination of animals, such as the dragon turtle. The head of the dragon and body of the turtle are combined to create a mythical creature to attract great wealth and acclaimed success in the luck sector you place it. A Chinese coin from a good dynasty is usually set in the dragon's open mouth to ensure attracting wealth luck (southeast sector).


The elephant is a long-time symbol of great strength, intelligence, and fertility. In Hinduism, the elephant represents one of the gods, Ganesha. Buddhism is a prominent Chinese religion, and the elephant is one of the Buddhist's eight holy animals. Make sure any elephant used in feng shui has its trunk lifted in trumpet fashion to signal great fortune. Set one or more elephants facing the north to trumpet in a career promotion or the southwest to trumpet a new love or to celebrate a long-lasting current love.

Fu or Foo Dogs (Lion Dogs)

Sometimes referred to as a lion dogs, the fu (foo) dogs are a stylized mythical creature invented for the Emperor by the royal artist charged to create the most fearsome animal to guard the palace, especially against thieves. The fu dog is part lion and part dog and used as a pair at the front entrance of the palace and royal tombs. One fu dog is a male with a ball under its paw and the other is a female with a cub underneath a paw. This pair of guard dogs can be set on either side of your home front door or business front entrance as wealth and personal guard dogs.


The horse is a powerful and popular choice for a home or office. This Chinese astrology animal sign is used in feng shui as a symbol of power, strength, success, and conquest. The horse can deliver you to victory and success. Choose a horse in a galloping pose (victory horse) to represent moving toward a goal. Place this symbol in the south (fame and recognition) sector or the north (career) sector of your home or office.

Koi (Carp)

Colorful Koi Fish In Water

The koi or carp is an ancient symbol of perseverance in the face of great hardship and any test of endurance. You can use koi in a pond, goldfish in an aquarium or koi drawings. You can also use a depiction of the legendary carp jumping and crossing Dragon Gate to transform into the mighty dragon. Koi is used as a symbol for scholastic (northeast education sector) or literary success (north career sector) but can also be used for business success (southeast wealth sector).


The inclusion of the ladybug as a feng shui animal good luck symbol is purely a Westernized addition to Black Hat (BTB) feng shui. Ladybugs are not a Classical Feng Shui symbol since they don't exist in China but are often confused with the orange Asian Lady Beetle. This probably accounts for its inclusion in Western BTB feng shui. You can use this symbol in any sector you wish to activate prosperity luck.

Lucky Cat

The lucky cat, also known as Maneki-Neko is a feng shui symbol imported from Japan. This decorative cat is posed with its right paw in the air. It's believed a protective symbol against illness and financial loss. Often placed at a business cash register, it can also be used in the east (health) or southeast (wealth) sector.

Mandarin Duck

Traditionally, the Mandarin duck is used as a male and female pair of ducks to represent a happy marriage. This feng shui symbol of love relationship bliss is placed in the southwest (love and relationship) sector. It's also popular to place in the couple's bedroom in the southwest corner.


Monkey on the horse

The monkey is a Chinese astrology animal sign and also a symbol of creativity, innovation, and intelligence. The monkey's sense of humor and mischievousness frequently gets it into trouble. In feng shui, this animal is often depicted riding the back of a powerful animal, such as an elephant or horse. These combinations are meant to infuse the two powerful energies to boost the area in life you choose to place this symbol, such as career N), wealth (SE) or fame and recognition (S).

Ox (Cow)

Another Chinese astrology animal sign, the ox (cow) is also a sacred animal in Hinduism. In feng shui, the ox represents incredible strength and labor endurance. The ox is believed to activate the chi luck energy for receiving your heart's desire. Place this wish granter in any area of life you desire abundance, such as wealth sector (SE), career sector (N) or beside a cash register.


One of the four celestial animals, the Phoenix rises out of the ashes to success. This is an especially auspicious symbol for the fire element sector of the south (fame and recognition). It's also a great symbol for anyone seeking a new love interest. Place in the southwest sector (love and relationship).


This Chinese astrology animal sign is also a feng shui symbol for fertility and abundance. Feng shui applications include placing it in areas you wish to attract abundance, such as in a dining room or office. Choose the appropriate luck sector for other areas, such as the southeast for wealth and west (descendants) if you desire children.


Another Chinese astrology animal sign, the rat is a symbol of leadership and cunning. You can use this symbol for the feng shui peach blossom animal. The rat is the desirable astrology sign in Peach Blossom theory for boar, sheep or rabbit astrology signs.


Rhinoceros Belt

The blue rhinoceros is a great feng shui protection symbol. It wards off robbery and accidents and can be placed by the front door (on the shelf or other higher elevation) or any flying star sector that needs countering.


A Chinese astrology animal sign, the rooster is a dependable, self-reliant and courageous sign. Place this symbol in your career sector (N), fame and recognition sector (S) or love and relationship sector (SW) so it can peck away any threats or barriers. You can stave off office gossip when you place this defender on your work desk.

Sheep (Ram, Goat)

This Chinese astrology animal sign sheep, ram or goat, depending on the region, is a symbol of nurturing and caring that's often associated with family. If you wish to attract an abundance of love and caring, place this symbol in the southwest sector (love and relationship) of your home or business. You can attract auspicious chi to your descendants (children) when placed in the west sector.


A Chinese astrology animal sign, the snake is the symbol of intelligence, determination, romance, and passion. This symbol is often placed in the southwest sector (love and relationship) but can also be used in an area you wish to attract abundance or an inspiration of brilliance.


The elegance and grace of the swan makes it a very auspicious symbol in feng shui. It is a sign of tranquility and peace. A favorite choice for a master bedroom, place a pair of swans in the southwest sector to ensure a peaceful, loving and tranquil love relationship.


golden and white stone tigers on the street

Another Chinese astrology animal sign, the tiger plays an important role in feng shui. It is a symbol of courage, grace, bravery, and leadership. If you need these characteristics in work, place this symbol in the north sector of your desk or along the north wall of your office.

Toad (Frog)

The three-legged toad is often referred to as the money toad or frog. It's a mythical animal that brings abundance and wealth to anyone displaying it. This symbol of prosperity is displayed in the southeast luck sector to attract wealth and abundance. Inspire a personal windfall by placing a three-legged toad on the southeast corner of your work desk. Be sure it has a Chinese coin from a good dynasty in its mouth.


A mythical turtle lived 3,000 years and is the feng shui inspiration for using it to attract good health in the east luck sector. It is also believed to revive failing careers when placed in the north luck sector.

Feng Shui Animals that Bring Good Luck

There are many animals that bring good luck when used in feng shui applications. Don't overload your home with these auspicious creatures. One animal is sufficient to bring auspicious energies into your home or business.

Animals That Bring Good Luck