Feng Shui Under-Bed Guidelines to Reduce Negative Effects

Published February 25, 2021
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In feng shui, under bed storage is a big no-no. However, not everyone can afford to give up this storage space, and feng shui can help you reduce the negative effects.

Why Feng Shui Under Bed Storage Is Bad

The reason feng shui frowns upon story anything under your bed is a matter of chi energy. When you sleep, you want chi energy to move freely around your bed. This means your body is energized appropriately while you sleep. If you stuff all kinds of things underneath your bed, you block the flow of chi energy. Trying to sleep with shoes under the bed, or boxes of clothes, means you'll have a restless sleep.

Feng Shui Under Bed Storage Is Clutter

In feng shui, using the space under the bed as storage is considered clutter. Clutter produces stagnant chi energy and stagnant chi energy is blamed for illnesses, loss of wealth, loss of jobs, loss of marriages and more.

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Tips for Feng Shui Stuff Under Bed

You may not have enough storage space in your homes. This may mean you need that premium space underneath your bed for storage. A few feng shui tips may help you to reduce some of the negative effects storing things under your bed creates.

Use Reflective Storage Boxes

In feng shui, mirrors are used to create expansive space, such as a missing corner. Mirrors can also repel sha chi (negative energy). You can try using reflective storage boxes underneath your bed to alleviate stagnant chi energy.

In theory, the reflective boxes will keep the chi energy moving and prevent it from accumulating underneath your bed. The reflective boxes will repel the chi energy and send it back into the bedroom. The danger is creating a constant ping pong effect with the chi energy being sent away. Still, if you must have storage boxes underneath the bed, it is a possible way to reduce the clutter effect of stagnant chi. If you find your sleep becomes more restless, then you can change out the boxes. You may decide to try just a few reflective boxes to reduce the stagnant chi energy. With a few boxes, the impact of repelling the stagnant chi won't be so disruptive.

Use Oval and Round Boxes

Perhaps a better remedy when you need to use the space under your bed for storage is to use oval or round boxes. In feng shui, both oval and round boxes allow the chi energy to move along the curves of these shapes. If you can place your boxes so there is some space between them so the chi energy can move from one side and from one end of your bed to the next, then these shapes will prevent the chi from accumulating and growing stagnant. The negative aspect is the round shapes attract the water element, which isn't a good element to have in the bedroom. The best advice is to try the round or oval boxes and see how you sleep. If your sleep is uninterrupted, then you may have a fair solution to storing stuff under your bed.

Use Feng Shui for Shoes Under Bed

You don't want to place multiple pairs of shoes under your bed. This isn't a feng shui solution to a storage problem. Loose pairs of shoes under a bed creates clutter. While your shoes might be out of sight, it's no different from placing them in an entranceway or beside a door. The grouping of shoes that aren't stored properly are considered clutter in feng shui. If you have no alternative and need to store your shoes under the bed, use one of the suggestions for types of boxes or containers for storage.

Feng Shui Shoes Under Bed

Keep Storage Organized

You want to keep the storage under your bed organized so it isn't just a bunch of scattered object tossed under the bed. Neat storage may reduce some of the negative feng shui effects that storing items under your bed has.

Feng Shui Under Bed When Storage Is Needed

If you can't follow the feng shui rule of not storing things under the bed, then you need some kind of workaround. A few simple tips may offer you feng shui ways to reduce the negative effects of storing stuff under your bed.

Feng Shui Under-Bed Guidelines to Reduce Negative Effects