Foo Dog Meaning and Symbolism in Feng Shui

Updated March 25, 2022
Marble foo dogs standing guard

The foo dog in feng shui is a symbol of protection when used in pairs outside of a front door. Known as the Imperial Guardian Lions, the name foo (or fu) dog, is widely used in Western culture, but they are known as lions in Chinese culture since ancient times. Improving the guardian energy of your home or business entrance with foo dogs is as simple as adding a pair outside your front door.

What Do Foo (Fu) Dog Statues Look Like?

The Chinese foo dog is an ancient symbol that depicts a lion, but was later described by Westerners as a dog because of its resemblance to Chow Chow and Shi Tzu dogs. Though lions are not native to China, their depictions were shared there by Buddhist monks and travelers along the Silk Road, and their likeness became part of Chinese cultural history. There are visual differences between the male and female foo dog that have significant meaning to the foo dog's protective properties. Identifying the female and male foo dogs is easy when you look for the symbolism displayed in the statues.

Female Foo Dog

The female foo dog is depicted with her paw protecting her cub by placing it directly over the pup. The female foo dog symbolizes her maternal instinct to protect her baby. This same devotion, loyalty, and protection translates to the home or business she protects.


Male Foo Dog

The male foo dog is depicted with his paw on top of a ball, which is a symbol for Earth. It symbolizes the male foo dog's control over circumstances and how it affects your own private world.

Male foo dog statue

Foo Dog Meaning

The mythology that evolved around the foo dogs revered the creatures as the ancient mystical protectors of heaven. The ancient Chinese foo dogs were carved from stone, such as marble or granite. A pair of enormous foo dogs, one female (yin) and the other male (yang), were believed to stand guard on either side of the gates at the entrance to heaven, and were used at the entrances to temples, palaces, and government offices.

Foo Dog Symbolism

Foo dogs are considered powerful protectors against evil and inauspicious energies from entering your home or business. The foo dog meaning in feng shui manifests a symbol which can be used to increase lucky wealth energy.

Foo Dog Placement

You can take advantage of the foo dog's protective powers and energies by placing a pair at your front door. Pairing a female (yin) foo dog and a male (yang) foo dog establishes the ideal feng shui balance of chi energies. It's important that both dogs are facing out, so they greet all who enter your home and scare off malicious individuals, evil spirits, and negative chi energies. A few quick steps can ensure your foo dogs are placed correctly:

  • Stand inside the open doorway, looking outside.
  • The male foo dog should be placed on the left side.
  • The female dog should be placed on the right side.

Why Are Foo Dogs Used in Pairs?

Foo dogs are believed to be so fierce that they scare off all malevolent spirits and prevent them from entering the kingdom of heaven. A pair of foo dogs guards the entrances to Chinese palaces, temples, and even garden gates. Any place considered important or sacred is usually protected by a pair of foo dogs, one female and one male. The foo dogs are used in these pairs to activate yin and yang energy, creating balanced energy to meet and deflect negative chi energy or intruders.

Foo dog guardians infographic

Foo Dog Feng Shui Remedies

If you have a poison arrow, or other type of negative energy or sha chi, threatening your home or business, foo dogs can be used as a feng shui remedy. A staircase or elevator can create sha chi. To remedy, you can place a pair of foo dogs at the bottom of the staircase or elevator doors with one on either side. You can use a pair of foo dogs to:

  • Protect your wealth sector by placing a pair of foo dogs in the southeast sector or corner of your home or business.
  • A pair of foo dogs in front of a cash register will protect your business revenues and protect you from robberies and thefts.
  • You can also place a pair of foo dogs on either side of your driveway entrance or at a garden gate entrance.
  • Small foo dog statues are can be used on a console foyer table or shelf facing the front door.

The Foo Dog Means Protection in Feng Shui

Foo dog pairs are not only powerful feng shui protectors for your home, they're also a beautiful addition to your porch or garden. The foo dog symbolism creates a compelling entrance to your home or office, as an impressive pair of guardian statues.

Foo Dog Meaning and Symbolism in Feng Shui