14 Gemstone Pendulums and Their Uses

Updated May 20, 2019
gemstone pendulums hanging on display

A gemstone pendulum can be multi-faceted or smooth. Choose the gemstones based on their properties and then use them appropriately. These pendulums have many uses in feng shui and other applications.

Feng Shui Uses of Gemstone Pendulum

Historically, certain properties have been assigned to gemstones and crystals based on cultural and spiritual beliefs. Many cultures revere certain gemstones for communicating with the spirits of the deceased or to draw specific energies to an individual. The art of feng shui often uses gemstones to activate certain chi energies. You can use a gemstone pendulum as a feng shui enhancer in various sectors of your home. Often, gemstones attract energies that can restore the proper balance between yin and yang.

14 Pendulums Based on Gemstone Properties

Many believe gemstones can receive, contain, and even transmit certain energies that you can tap into and even use for healing. Many who work with gemstones in metaphysical fields claim that individuals are often attracted to a certain gemstone. Practitioners believe this kind of instinct is governed by the individual's chi (energy) and serves as a barometer to pick up the kind of energy best suited for the balancing of auras and chakras. Below are some of the most popular gemstones and the common properties associated with each.

Emerald Pendulum

  • Range of green colors
  • Dated uses from 2,000 B.C.
  • Used as talisman for healing and protection against enemies
  • Best area of home for feng shui placement: helpful people and health/family sectors

Garnet Pendulum

  • Wide range of rainbow colors with varying hues - pink, red, brown most popular colors
  • Ancient Egyptian favorite gemstone
  • Energy balancer and romance enhancer
  • Best area of home for feng shui placement: marriage sector

Hematite Pendulum

  • Shiny and silver
  • Used in Egyptian tombs as ornaments
  • Protection and grounding
  • Best area of home for feng shui placement: to balance yin yang any sector

Sodalite Pendulum

  • Blue in color, usually a royal blue hue
  • Some varieties sensitive to UV light and may change colors or fade
  • Calms and enables you to analyze situations and circumstances
  • Best area of home for feng shui placement: knowledge sector

Amethyst Pendulum

amethyst gemstone pendulum necklace
  • Purple quartz once prized as valuable as diamonds
  • Enhances spiritual energies to use during meditations
  • Best area of home for feng shui placement: knowledge, marriage and helpful people sectors

Agate Pendulum

  • Microcrystalline quartz stone available in wide array of colors and patterns
  • Used as talisman in ancient time for power and to relieve stress
  • Best area of home for feng shui placement: meditation and relaxation or any area in need of relieving tension

Topaz Pendulum

  • Pale yellow to deep smoky yellow
  • Healing of emotions and finances
  • Best area of home for feng shui placement: wherever balancing yin and yang energies needed

Jasper Pendulum

  • Prominent color red with varying veins of yellow, brown, white, and hematite
  • Used in dowsing and divination and healing bodywork
  • Best area of home for feng shui placement: restoring balance of yin and yang chi

Citrine Pendulum

  • Yellow to golden orange sometimes with dark specks or streaks of iron
  • Treasured Greek stone from fourth to first centuries B.C.
  • Bestows happiness, aids fighting addictions, improves mind
  • Best area of home for feng shui placement: knowledge, family/health, and other sectors

Amber Pendulum

  • Yellow to red colors, most popular honey brown, cherished gem for jewelry by Greeks and Romans
  • Brings luck and healing
  • Best area of home for feng shui placement: health/family and wealth sectors

Aquamarine Pendulum

  • Pale blue, blue-green, dark blue
  • Assists newlyweds adjusting and revives older marriages
  • Best area of home for feng shui placement: marriage sector

Lapis Pendulum

  • Blue often with speck of yellow pyrite or white calcite
  • Treasured by ancient civilizations of Egypt and Babylon
  • Used for mental clarity by seers
  • Best area of home for feng shui placement: knowledge and career sectors

Peridot Pendulum

  • Pale green to dark green hues
  • Used for protection and fame
  • Best area of home for feng shui applications: fame, career, children health/family, marriage sectors

Turquoise Pendulum

  • Color range from blue to green
  • One of oldest valued gemstones usage dating to 4,000 B.C.
  • Gem of health and wealth given as gifts
  • Best area of home for feng shui placement: wealth, health/family and career sectors

Shopping for Gemstone Pendulums

There are hundreds of places where you can purchase gemstone pendulums. There are many gemstones in addition to those listed above that you can purchase. Each gemstone has specific properties and meanings associated with them that have been handed down from one generation to another. You can even use gemstones in your feng shui application to draw these specific energies into your home and to you.

Using a Pendulum for Feng Shui Dowsing

Sometimes, a feng shui practitioner discovers the applications used to correct known feng shui issues simply don't work. When this happens, an experienced expert recognizes there is a hidden issue within the home or office. This is when dowsing is warranted.

Pendulum used for dowsing

Discovering Hidden Issues

In feng shui, the pendulum is used as a dowsing tool to find hidden energy sources. These can include such things as underground water streams or rivers as well as energy grids or earth energy lines that run underneath the house or building.

Disruptive Unseen Energies

The disruptive powers of unseen energy grids, such as the Benker Cubic System or the Hartmann and Curry Lines, ley lines, and various Electromagnetic fields (EMF) artificial (manmade) or natural can be disruptive to feng shui applications, making them ineffective. The areas where these lines cross create a low-level intensity of radiation. These energy points in turn are blamed for things, such as insomnia, headaches, joint pain, and various illnesses. For example, if your bed is over an intersection of these energy lines, insomnia is a likely symptom.

Find Feng Shui Cures by Dowsing

If you've never used a pendulum, you want to practice before attempting a dowsing at your client's home or office. Learn how your pendulum communicates a yes, no and a maybe. Your energy works with the crystal and the energy of the Earth. The pendulum will swing in response to the questions you ask. You need to know what a horizontal swing or vertical swing mean as well as a circular, although this response is typically "maybe".

Ask Your Pendulum

Once you identify the trouble area(s) in the home, you need to do some detective work. You'll ask your pendulum yes and no questions about remedies. For example, in a home office you might ask about adding a tabletop water fountain in the north corner or perhaps moving the desk to a different area of the room (keeping a command position). The introduction of a weakening element might be needed. It is a process, so be patient and continue to ask questions until you're certain you know what is needed to correct the chi energy.

Using Your Gemstone Pendulum

You can use a gemstone pendulum for divination, dowsing, protection, and an energy balancer in feng shui applications. Choose one you feel resonates with your personal chi energy.

14 Gemstone Pendulums and Their Uses