22 Hollywood Regency Style Ideas for a Glam Design Scheme

Combine retro designs with glamorous decor for old Hollywood style that's regal and timeless.

Published March 14, 2023

A blend of old world glam and modern practicality, Hollywood regency style embraces the maximalist trend of the moment. With a new spin on old Hollywood decor, the Hollywood regency style makes a statement with bold colors, retro prints, and grand scale details.

Highlight Grand Architecture


If your home or apartment features any sort of architectural details, you can use those to your advantage in a Hollywood regency design. Draw attention to ornate trim, panel molding, columns, beams, and high ceilings to inspire your old Hollywood style.

Feature Glam Details


The key to portraying Hollywood regency style is to feature as many glam details as you can. Include plenty of gold, plush textiles, and a bit of sparkle. Be sure to use a few glam details that make sense in a practical way as well, like a glass decanter on your nightstand or a bar cart in your dining room.

Use Velvet Furnishings


Nothing says glam Hollywood style like plenty of lush velvet. Use this regal design detail in your furniture, drapery, pillows, and headboards. Velvet may scream glam in appearance, but it also offers practicality with its irresistible comfort.

Choose Statement Lighting


Lighting is an easy update that makes a huge statement in every room. Look for one-of-a-kind, retro, or artistic lighting features. For accent lighting, try gold and glass details or opt for lampshades that feature accordion pleats and rich colors.

Opt for an Upholstered Bed


A plush upholstered bed perfectly exemplifies the luxury of a Hollywood regency design. Drawing inspiration from traditional and retro design styles, an upholstered bed will instantly upgrade your bedroom and set the stage for your glam Hollywood details and decor.

Mix in Mid-Century Modern Style


Much of the Hollywood regency style draws inspiration from the mid-century modern trend. Pull in a few design details from the era like wood paneling, curved shapes, and warm or bold colors.

Add a Seating Area to Your Bedroom


At the core of Hollywood regency style is an appreciation of the lavish and luxurious. Bring this essence to your bedroom with a lounging or seating area. Include a small table alongside an accent chair or an ornate chaise.

Incorporate Jewel Tones


Jewel tones like cobalt, emerald, red, gold, and magenta are perfect accent colors for your Hollywood glam home. These colors feel regal, elegant, and even royal among a canvas of white or neutral shades.

Use Contrasting Colors


One of Hollywood regency style's defining characteristics is contrast. Embrace this style detail by using bold, dark, or vivid contrasting colors wherever you can. Try furniture pieces, paint colors, and large area rugs for a bold statement, or stick to ceramics, pillows, drapes, and accent furniture for an easy style update.

Display Formal Table Settings


Luxury is in the details. Highlight the essence of Hollywood glam, a focus on the indulgent parts of life, by displaying formal table settings in your dining area. Feature cloth napkins, your nicest china, and bold drinking glasses around a striking centerpiece for a show-stopping design.

Look for Art Deco Details


Another key design element of Hollywood regency style is the use of retro art deco motifs. Look for metal, glass, and lacquered furniture and decor. Include sharp lines, geometric shapes, and a blend of soft neutrals with deep colors.

Select Marble for Your Bathroom


The luxury of Hollywood regency must extend into every corner of your home, including the bathroom. If you are remodeling or building, include marble in your vanity or shower. If you are looking for a simple update, try a marble-inspired soap dispenser, decorative tray, or vase.

Use Large-Print Wallpaper


Dress the walls of your home with retro wallpaper styles that highlight the glam essence of your style. Look for large prints, contrasting colors, and nature-inspired motifs to bring vintage glam into the modern Hollywood design trend.

Add Pops of Color


A true Hollywood regency design style features one or two vibrant pops of color. Kelly green, vibrant orange, bright blue, and striking fuchsia are intentional and chic against neutrals or dark muted colors.

Feature Furniture With High Backs


Statement furniture is a simple way to add regency style to your home, and furniture pieces with high backs make a big statement. Try chairs, love seats, and headboards with backs that are slightly higher than the average measurements for a striking design element that screams old Hollywood.

Choose an Oversized Chandelier


Though there are a few statement lighting choices that will elevate your glam Hollywood style, the oversized chandelier belongs in a category all its own. This sparkling fixture will add instant regal vibes to your living room, dining room, or hallway.

Install Interesting Tile Features


Drawing inspiration from the art deco style, tile features will only amplify the luxe vibes of your space. Bathroom tile, kitchen tile, tile half walls, and fireplace installations are all great places to use an interesting tile design or layout that feels luxurious.

Mix Geometric Shapes


The two core styles of Hollywood regency, mid-century modern and art déco, are heavily decorated with geometric details. Look for opportunities to mix sharp-edged geometrics with rounded shapes to give your regency style an intentional blended look.

Display an Extensive Art Collection


Peak luxury design includes a collection of art in canvas, sculpture, and ceramic forms. Showcase an art collection that complements your Hollywood regency style and shows your eye for upscale details and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Incorporate Light & Dark Details


Since the Hollywood regency style features contrasting elements, mixing light and dark details will help your style stand out. Try mixing gold with black metals, pastels with dark colors, and dark wood tones with light shades of stone to create balance.

Lounge in Luxury


One of the key differences between Hollywood regency and other glam styles is a focus on relaxation and lounging in luxury. For the places in your home where you will rest or entertain, choose luxe furniture pieces that help you lounge in style. Large, plush sofas and oversized chairs with layers of textiles will give your glam style a cozy quality.

Use a Maximalist Approach to Decor


Collected pieces, statement decor, and ornate furniture come together for a truly maximalist design style within the Hollywood regency trend. While you don't want to overcrowd your floor or tabletop space, you still want to place an abundance of decorative elements in your home that showcase a maximalist design style. Focus on shelves, accent tables, and fireplace mantels for your decor placement.

Live in Luxury With Hollywood Regency Style


Move into the maximalist design era with luxe updates that introduce Hollywood regency style to your home. Glam Hollywood style is all in the details, so let that be your focus as you approach this trend. No matter what style home you have, a touch of luxury will give you the retro and glamorous design aesthetic that you're aiming for.

22 Hollywood Regency Style Ideas for a Glam Design Scheme