How to Cover Mirrored Closet Doors to Balance Yang Energy

Updated April 1, 2022
A bedroom with a double bed and a closet with sliding doors

Mirrors in feng shui can be helpful in directing positive chi energy where you want it, but they can also be problematic in some spaces, especially the bedroom. Simply taping or draping something over your mirrored closet doors is unattractive, and any positive feng shui benefit you gain by covering them is lost by creating a visual nuisance in your bedroom. There are several beautiful and creative options for covering your mirrored closet doors, to not only improve your chi, but add big style to any room.

Why Should Feng Shui Mirrored Closet Doors Be Covered?

Reflective surfaces, like mirrors and TVs, are seen as bad feng shui for some rooms, but especially for the bedroom. Because this should be a space for relaxing, and also to nurture romantic relationships, all reflective yang elements may create active, inauspicious energy.

Misdirected Chi Energy

Any type of mirror, improperly located, can disrupt the positive flow of chi energy. Just like sunlight hitting a mirror, the chi bounces off of the reflective surface and either creates havoc by bouncing around the room, or the chi just bounces right back out. The exaggerated size of most mirrored closet doors amplifies the bad feng shui energy, as they often fill an entire wall.

Invitation to Third Party in Marriage

If your mirrored closet doors are in the bedroom, feng shui rules say that mirrored surfaces can give the illusion of a third party in the room. This is especially important when the bed is reflected onto the mirrored doors.

Mirror Covering Ideas With Vinyl and Wallpaper

The best ideas for covering mirrored closet doors are the ones that can be installed and removed easily. Mirrored doors are often used in rental homes, so you'll want to find a solution that isn't too expensive and can be reversed without damage. Installing a vinyl film directly onto the mirror glass is something you can easily remove--but there are other options for temporary coverings. Using removable wallpaper or paint can also be a relatively easy solution to covering mirrored doors, but all of these direct-to-mirror options make the mirrors unusable while they're in place, and paint is not easily removed.

Covering Mirrored Closet Doors With Removable Wallpaper

View to kingsize bed, TV and entrance in bright and cozy bedroom

There's been an explosion of on-trend removable temporary wallpaper in the past few years, and it's a game-changer for renters. With so many patterns and styles available, you have a big selection to choose from. For a feng shui bedroom, covering the mirrored closet doors with temporary wallpaper is also an opportunity to add patterns and colors that support positive chi energy for the space.

Having the ease of a non-permanent and stylish solution to cover your mirrored doors makes it a popular choice. Installation of temporary wallpaper is simple, but each manufacturer has their own instructions, and some include tools with purchase. This type of mirror covering is not easily moved or rearranged during installation, so be sure to plan out how it will be positioned on your doors. Removing the wallpaper can require patience, as it requires a very slow peeling back from the corner in order to remove in large sections.

Installing Vinyl Window Film to Mirror Doors

Vinyl window film is the most forgiving method to cover mirrored closet doors. This type of window film isn't permanent. It is very easy to install and doesn't make a mess. Most window film tutorials are for windows, but you can use the same instructions to cover mirrored closet doors.


Tools you'll need include:

  • Scissors or utility knife
  • Pen or pencil
  • Straight edge or ruler
  • Spray bottle
  • Water with several drops dish detergent
  • Glass cleaner
  • Paper towels
  • Dry clean cloth
  • Squeegee

Prep for Vinyl Window Film

Taking the time to prep the mirror surface for vinyl film installation is essential to a good outcome, and worth the extra time it takes to do it right.

  1. Clean mirrors with glass cleaner and paper towel and/or squeegee.
  2. Make sure widows are dry.
  3. Measure the mirror so you know the size of the film needed to completely cover the closet door mirror.
  4. Carefully cut the film with scissors or box cutter utility knife. Most films have a graph backing so you can easily cut along the graph lines with scissors.
  5. If your window film doesn't have a graph back with measurements, you can mark the width and length on the front of the design, use the ruler or straight edge to cut with the utility knife.

How to Cover Mirrored Closet Doors With Vinyl Window Film

The hard work is completed. Applying the film over the closet mirrors is fast and easy.

  1. Fill the spray bottle with water. If desired, you can add a few drops of dish detergent to encourage the film to stick better.
  2. Spray the water/dish detergent mixture over the top part of the mirror.
  3. If the window film has a back, pull the backing halfway down and line the top of the paper to the top of the mirror.
  4. Smooth the film against the mirror and work your way down the length of the strip of window film until it is snuggly against the window.
  5. This method is very forgiving, should you need to adjust the film before moving to the next length of window film.
  6. Repeat the process until the mirror is completely covered.
  7. Spray the water solution onto the film you placed on the mirror.
  8. Use the squeegee to remove trapped air bubbles by working from the center toward the outer edges.
  9. Trim the edge using the box cutter and straight edge should you have any uneven or overlapping areas.
  10. Finish by running a dry piece of paper towel over the film.

Using Glass Paint Directly on Mirrors

A bold solution for covering mirrored doors is glass paint. This is an option for the confident DIYer, as it requires the right coverage and design to look professional. You can paint the mirrors in a pleasing background color and then stencil or paint your design once the base paint is dry. Frosted glass paint is also available if you'd like to diffuse the mirror reflection for feng shui while also keeping the room from becoming too dark. Painting mirrored doors isn't recommended for rentals, as it should be considered semi-permanent due to the work involved in scraping off the paint for removal.

Covering Mirrors With Curtains

Empty double bed reflecting from a built-in wardrobe mirrow

There are two ways you can install door curtains. You can use regular window curtains over sliding mirrored closet doors, or a sash curtain for single doors.

Curtains for Mirrored Sliding Doors

Window curtains are great solutions for sliding mirror doors, as they can be pushed aside as needed to keep their functionality. For sliding doors, you'll want to install two curtain rods, one above each door, so they can be easily pushed aside or tied back. Curtains with grommets at the top are the easiest to move aside and stack cleanly to each side when not in use. Adding draperies to a closet door is your chance to add a beautiful texture or pattern, and introduce feng shui colors to your room.

How to Use Curtained Mirrored Closet Doors

Once installed, you can open the curtains/draperies during the day if you wish to continue to use the mirrors. You may prefer to use tiebacks to give a grander design statement. At night, you'll need to close the draperies to block the yang energy that the mirrors generate. Not having the yang energy blasting through your bedroom means improved sleep and a more restful night.

Installing a Sash Curtains for a Single Mirrored Door

You may have a closet or entry door with a mirror on the back. This type of door is perfect for a sash style curtain and rods. You'll need to install a sash curtain rod directly above and below the mirror. While you do have the option of installing a standard curtain rod above and below the mirror, that would mean the mirror is no longer available to use. A more flexible option is installing a swing-arm curtain rod that will allow you to swing it aside when you need the mirror--so clever!

Exploring How to Cover Mirrored Closet Doors

Closet door mirrors generate too much yang energy for some rooms and deflect good chi energy in others. There are many creative ways you can cover mirrored closet doors, whether they are in a bedroom or any other room in your home, that are inexpensive and easy to do. When covering your doors, it's a great opportunity to express your personal style in your room while safeguarding positive chi energy.

How to Cover Mirrored Closet Doors to Balance Yang Energy