10 Places to Declutter and Instantly Feel Happier

Clearing clutter isn't necessarily fun, but it sure is satisfying. Get your chi on by focusing on these areas.

Updated May 7, 2019

If you're feeling unhappy, restless, imbalanced, or dissatisfied in any way, then the first feng shui technique you can use to feel instantly happier is to declutter. In feng shui, clutter blocks chi energy flow and causes it to stagnate. Fortunately, decluttering can create instant changes in your energy, allowing you to feel happier and more balanced. Start with these 10 spaces in your home to feel the energy flow.

Clear Away Laundry Room Clutter


Overflowing clothes hampers and laundry baskets of folded clothes are both considered clutter. Trust us, we understand how easy it is to let the laundry (especially the folding and putting away) pile up. However, it's a chore that once done, gives you instant satisfaction. And who doesn't love that?

Organize Your Files


File cabinets and drawers that are crammed with papers and other items should cleaned out and organized. Get rid of any papers you don't need or consider long-term storage or digitizing them. Maintain other documents in neatly organized and labeled files. Make this a less daunting task by putting on your favorite tunes, or starting a Netflix binge while you sort.

Organize Messy Electrical Wires


Electronics have wires, there's no way around that. If someone could come up with a line of 'em that had attractive cords or another way to plug them in (or cordless everything), they'd be on the cover of Forbes in no time. Until then, bundle your cords together using one of the many concealing wire kits on the market.

Empty the Trash


Maybe you're like us and have families who enjoy a good round of trash can Tetris - but this practice is just plain bad feng shui. Train everyone to take out the garbage when it gets full, and don't forget those outdoor bins either. Hide those in a shed or garage if possible.

Make Your Bed


Something as simple as an unmade bed contributes to clutter in your bedroom. Test for yourself by walking into your bedroom when the bed is unmade and again, with the bed made. Which version feels better? The made bed creates order that allows chi energy to flow freely without getting entangled in the layers of disarrayed bedding.

Organize Paperwork and Clutter on Your Desk


Desks are like clutter magnets. They collect papers, coffee cups, pens, books, the mail, snacks (and the resulting crumbs), pet hair, and loads of other random items. Regularly decluttering and tidying your desk not only helps your feng shui energy, it also helps your concentration while you work.

Wash and Put Away Dirty Dishes


Wash and put away all dishes, glasses, utensils, pots and pans rather than letting them collect in the sink or sit in the dishwasher for days. Even that big, greasy pot that you couldn't face and stuck in the dishwasher so you didn't have to look at it. (Sorry, we might be projecting there.)

Keep Bathrooms Clean and Organized


Bathroom disorganization creates chaos. You wouldn't think the bathroom would be a prime target for clutter, but then take a look at the counter and wherever you place your stuff in the tub or shower. Yup, clutter. Chuck or donate those products you bought, tried once, and didn't like.

Sweep Away Dust and Debris


Dust and debris are the biggest culprits of clutter. Sweeping, vacuuming, and dusting regularly can prevent chi from becoming stagnant in your home - not to mention giving you cleaner indoor air.

Remove All Clutter Outside Your Home


Get some fresh air and sunshine while tending to your yard and garden. Also check the small home repairs like fixing torn window screens or taking care of chipped paint on the shed. Make sure the entrance to your home is clutter free and inviting. Boom, chi energy unlocked.

Clutter Busting Boosts Happiness


No one like clutter, but it's amazing how fast it accumulates in all areas of our homes. Taking some time each day to focus on one or two areas that you can clear out has a big old snowball effect. Before you know it, your chi energy will be flowing like mad and you'll start to feel happier!

10 Places to Declutter and Instantly Feel Happier