How to Feng Shui Your Wallet

Published July 9, 2019
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You can feng shui your wallet when you know how to apply feng shui rules to this important financial influencer. Most people neglect their wallets when it comes to using feng shui to improve their finances. A few simple tips can get your wallet set to generate auspicious money luck energy!

Tip One: Replace Worn, Frayed and Tattered Wallets

You want to examine your wallet with an objective eye. If you answer yes to just one of these questions, it's time to replace your wallet with a new one.

  • Is your wallet beginning to show signs of wear?
  • Is it often difficult to get the zipper to open or close?
  • Does the clasp not always close or jars open?
  • Is the snap no longer easy to connect?
  • Are there any holes in your wallet?
  • Is your wallet frayed around the edges?
Old Wallet With Coins

Tip Two: Clean Out Your Wallet

As part of your wallet health assessment, you need to take a critical look inside. The things that take up space in your wallet can easily represent things blocking or draining your financial affairs. Your wallet should be treated with the same respect you give the feng shui of your home.

Remove Old Receipts

Old receipts stashed in your wallet represent clutter. They are simply accumulating and not serving any purpose. It's time to take them out and file them away. Anything else stored inside your wallet that doesn't belong should also be removed.

old wallet stuffed with money and papers

Tip Three: Organize Your Money

The way your money appears in your wallet says a lot about your current finances. If you have paper money folded up, crumpled or haphazardly stuffed inside your wallet, this symbolizes a careless disregard of your finances. It's time to unfold those bills and give them the proper attention they deserve.

Organize Money in Your Wallet

Arrange your paper money logically so all bills face the same way for easy recognition when paying for things. Organize paper money so denominations are grouped together. Place them in your wallet in ascending order, such as one-, five-, ten-, and twenty-dollar bills so you can easily pay out with ease.

Separate Coins From Paper Money

If you've tossed coins in the slots designed to hold paper money, remove and place in a coin purse. If there's no place in your wallet for loose change, purchase a separate coin purse, or a wallet that can hold coins. Loose coins can mean lost wealth.

Man with wallet full of dollars

Tip Four: How to Choose a New Wallet

If you've decided you need to replace your wallet, there are a few feng shui rules that can help you select the best one. The style, type of material and color are all important factors.

Wallet Style

Everyone has a specific style and when choosing a wallet not everyone wants a bi-fold or trifold. Some people prefer a wallet that is secured with a zipper while others want one that is controlled by a clasp. Determine the style you feel is most secure.

Type of Material

While the most popular choice of material for a wallet is leather, not everyone likes leather or approves of using leather. If you're a nylon wallet person, then find your style in this material.

Wallet Shapes Can Represent Elements

Most wallets are either a rectangle or square shape. Many coin purses are round. Each shape has a feng shui meaning.

  • Rectangle is a good symbol for a wallet since it represents the wood element. Wood is a symbol of growth.
  • Square is the symbol for the earth element. This wallet shape brings stability and balance into your finances
  • A round coin purse is auspicious since it represents the metal element.

Good Feng Shui Wallet Colors

There are several ways to select a good feng shui color for your wallet. The first is to choose one that represents the element you wish to focus on. For example, if your birth element is wood, you may choose a water element color, such as black or blue. Water nourishes wood. You might also choose green or tan for a wood color.

  • Red is auspicious and is a magnet for wealth. This fire color generates creative yang energy.
  • Black is another auspicious feng shui color. This water element color attracts wealth.
  • Green is a wood element color and ideal for a rectangle wallet (wood element shape).
  • Tan is another wood element color and attracts growth and renewal of energies.
  • Ochre is a strong earth element color and provides support for your finances.
  • A gold, copper, silver, gray, and white wallet are all great metal colors that attract wealth and abundance.
  • Navy blue is another water symbol. This color energizes and can help you expand your finances.
woman picking up a red wallet

Tip Five: Red Envelope for Your Wallet

A red envelope containing money is considered very auspicious. You can increase your money luck by carrying money that adds to an auspicious number, such as eight or nine one-dollar bills or a twenty, five, and two one-dollar bills (27) and so on.

  • Place a Chinese coin from a successful good dynasty.
  • Exchange money with a wealthy person or from a successful company and place inside your red envelope so good fortune luck rubs off on you!
  • Place the red envelope beside any paper money you're carrying.

Tip Six: Make Your Wallet Auspicious

There are a couple of additional things you can do to make your wallet auspicious. You can add a good luck talisman or charm inside your wallet, such as a frog or other auspicious symbol. Another way to make your wallet energized to attract money is leave part of it empty to allow room for financial growth.

Tip Seven: Identity Documents

Your identity is most important when it comes to your wealth. You want to place your driver's license, passport, photos, and other important documents where you can access them easily but not so they can fall from your wallet when you open it. For example, never toss your driver's license in with your paper money or in with your credit cards.

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Knowing How to Feng Shui Your Wallet

Once you understand how important your wallet is, you can begin to make feng shui adjustments. Keep your wallet free of clutter and well organized to reap the financial benefits.

How to Feng Shui Your Wallet