Using Jade Plants for Good Luck in Feng Shui

Updated March 14, 2022
Young woman is gardening jade plant (Crassulata ovata)

Jade plants are beautiful evergreen succulents prized for attracting good luck and wealth in feng shui. Because of jade plant feng shui symbolism and its coin-shaped leaves, it is often called the money plant, as it activates financial luck. When the leaves are heart-shaped, it can be called a friendship tree, as they are given as gifts to friends and family with wishes for good luck and fortune.

Using Jade Plants for Good Luck in Feng Shui

In feng shui and in Asian culture, the jade plant is regarded as the most auspicious plant for wealth and money luck. Activating the positive wealth energy of the jade plant is as simple as the right placement and ensuring that it stays healthy and vital. The rich green color and succulence of its leaves are tied to the symbolism of growth and renewal, which is the foundation of the jade plant meaning in feng shui. The jade plant's good luck beliefs from feng shui are shared with Vastu Shastra, an Indian system of architecture that combines science and nature to enhance positive energy in buildings. Like feng shui, positive Vastu Shastra is guided by location and placement of the jade plant.

Can Artificial Jade Plants Be Lucky?

A living jade plant that is healthy and well-kept will give you the most feng shui benefit, but it may not be possible to have a live plant in your home. If you live in a home or apartment that doesn't provide adequate lighting for a healthy jade plant, you can use an artificial plant for the same benefits. An artificial jade plant is much better feng shui than unhealthy, dead, or dried plants and flowers, which attract negative chi energy and should be avoided.

Where to Place Jade Plants in Feng Shui

The right placement of your plant can activate the luck benefits of jade plant energy. There are several locations to place a jade plant for luck, and some areas to avoid. The presence of a healthy and thriving jade plant in your home or business is considered auspicious, but the careful placement of a jade plant can enhance the positive luck energy even more. Using a bagua map on your home, or even in a single room, can help you find the perfect place for unlocking the lucky energy of your plant.

Best Jade Plant Placement

Jade plants in flower pot on kitchen table

Finding the best location for your jade plant can be made easier with a bagua map, but it's also important to use your intuition to choose a location that makes sense to you. If your small laundry room is in the southeast sector of your home, which is considered the wealth and prosperity sector in Western Feng Shui, placing a jade plant on the washer or dryer is impractical. An auspicious alternative for awkward locations identified on your bagua map is to find the desired sector within another room.

  • The dining room table is a good location for a activating lucky jade plant benefits, especially when reflected in a mirror to double abundance.
  • Placing a jade plant in the southeast (wealth and prosperity) sector of your home is very considered very lucky.
  • A jade plant in a home office can improve business luck when placed in the southeast corner of the office, or southeast corner of your desk.
  • Encourage good health by placing a jade plant in the center of your home.
  • Attract positive chi by placing a jade plant in the foyer area, just inside the front door.
  • A potted jade plant placed outside, beside the front door, can invite lucky chi to enter your home.
  • In a business, setting a jade plant next to your cash register is believed to increase wealth and success.
  • Placing e a jade plant at the entrance of your shop or other business is considered auspicious for ensuring success and continued growth.
Jade Plant on a white table

Jade Plant Placement to Avoid

Bedrooms can be problematic for plant placement, as many feng shui practitioners believe that the growing energy of plants can disrupt sleep, while others believe plants bring restorative energy. Because the jade plant is considered a generator of luck and prosperity, it will be more effective in other rooms not dedicated to sleep and rest. If you love the idea of a jade plant in your bedroom, an auspicious placement can be made by overlaying the bagua map on your bedroom and placing the jade plant in your wealth area. Bathrooms and laundry rooms are universally considered as unlucky locations for a jade plant. Symbols of wealth and abundance are discouraged in these rooms, as the wastewater energy can send your money luck right down the drain.

Jade Plants Outdoors

Jade Plant in a vintage terracotta pot

Adding a jade plant to your garden can improve your home's feng shui, but considerations must be made based on your environment. If you live in an area of harsh winters, you can set a potted plant in the garden during the spring and summer months and return it indoors when the temperature grows cold. Placing a jade plant in the southeast sector of your garden can activate wealth luck and abundance. You can bring positive chi to your porch with a potted jade plant that can be easily moved when the seasons change.

The Lucky Jade Plant Gift

The gifting of a jade plant is a traditional feng shui practice, especially in business relationships. Business professionals often start a first meeting with exchanging gifts. The gift of a jade plant is very auspicious for a new business or venture, and can easily thrive in an office or commercial business. Prized for their beauty and luck, jade plants also make excellent housewarming gifts. And, when you gift someone with a jade plant for luck, wish them well with a good luck quote.

Jade Plant Care

Spraying Jade Plants

Healthy plants are always good feng shui. Jade plants are easy to care for, but they do have specific care requirements to ensure they stay healthy.

  • Never over water your plant. Succulents are designed for drought conditions, so a little water goes a long way.
  • Your jade plant will require less water in the winter than it does during the growing months of spring and summer.
  • Place your plant so it receives some direct sunlight during the day, but be careful not to burn with too much direct sunlight.
  • Fertilize your jade plant once or twice a month during the spring and summer months.
  • Prune it to encourage new limbs to grow from the trunk. You can transplant the clippings to create more plants.

Unlocking the Benefits of Jade Plants in Feng Shui

Jade plants are adaptable to most placements and environments, making them one of the easiest feng shui luck symbols for your home or business. Finding the perfect placement for your jade plant is important to reap its positive feng shui benefits, but it's also simply a gorgeous and enjoyable plant that can enhance the decor of your home.

Using Jade Plants for Good Luck in Feng Shui