6 Creative Ideas for Decorating Cabinet Interiors

Published April 16, 2018
Patterned paper inside cabinet wall

Decorating your home doesn't have to stop with what's outside your cabinets. You can transform simple mundane cabinet interiors into colorful extensions of your décor with paint, wallpaper, stickers and other treatments.

Surprise Pop of Color

Give yourself a visual treat when you open the medicine cabinet in the bathroom or spice cabinet in the kitchen with a pop of color.

The colors you choose depend on how much you wish to coordinate with your existing décor. You don't necessarily have to stick with the color scheme of your kitchen. After all, few people will ever see inside your cabinets. You may decide it's time to have a little fun by taking some bold moves or going with complementary colors.

Complementary Colors

Blue interior cabinet
Cute cabinet with blue interior

Use complementary colors to give a stunning look inside your cabinets. These are the colors opposite each other on a color wheel. These include:

  • Blue and orange: If your kitchen is blue, paint the inside of your cabinets orange and vice versa.
  • Red and green: If your primary kitchen color scheme is red, go with green cabinet interiors and vice versa.
  • Yellow and purple: A yellow kitchen will sparkle with purple cabinet interiors and vice versa.

Accent Colors

You can take advantage of the accent color you used in the room décor. For example, if the accent color in your dining room is peach, use the same color for the interior of the china cabinet or built-in wet bar.

Glass Door Cabinet Interiors

Cabinets with glass doors are ideal for this type of cabinet interior treatment. Show off your dinnerware and glassware with matching or contrasting paint.

Themed Décor

If you have a themed kitchen, such as a beach or coastal motif, paint the inside of the cabinets a sky blue, ocean blue or turquoise.


Stenciled wall in china cabinet
Stenciled wall in china cabinet

One way to draw attention to a glass door cabinet is to add a bold stencil pattern. You'll need to paint the interior of the cabinet and then use a contrasting paint color for the stenciling. This is a great way to add depth.

Patterns to Match

If you have a specific pattern in your décor, such as a paisley patterned curtain in the breakfast nook windows, then select a paisley stencil pattern for the china cabinet and/or kitchen cabinets.

Bathroom Themes

A medicine or other cabinet in the bathroom can carry out a specific theme with the right stencils, such as a kids' bathroom with a marine life theme. Playful dolphins or different seashells can be stenciled inside the cabinet for that special added touch your children will adore.

Wallpaper Beyond Walls

Wallpaper is a great choice for decorating the inside of a cabinet. There is a wide selection of different patterns and colors that can become a stunning design statement. If you have wallpaper leftover from a project, consider using it to paper the inside of cabinets.

Decals and Stickers

A fast fix for decorating cabinet interiors is to use removable decals and stickers. The choices available for this approach seem limitless.

Messages and Word Art

You can add a message or other word art to your cabinet interiors too. Place on the back wall of the cabinet or go for a less subtle messaging by placing inside the cabinet door(s). Select an inspirational message that will greet you every morning when you open the medicine cabinet or when you're preparing a meal in the kitchen.

Dramatic Effects

There are other creative ways to give your cabinet interiors a dramatic touch. Some include:

  • Mirror effect: You can add needed lighting inside a cabinet when you line the interior with mirrored tiles or a reflective contact paper.
  • Fairy dust: Stimulate a child's mind with a glitter interior. Add depth to a fairy stencil with glitter paint.
  • Chalkboard: Create a messaging center by painting the inside of cabinet doors with chalkboard paint.
  • Texture: Glue a textured fabric to cabinet interiors, an ideal treatment for a bedroom cabinet.

Creating Décor Depth

Decorating the interior of a cabinet will add greater depth to your room design. It's easy to make subtle changes to the inside of cabinets using any of these techniques.

6 Creative Ideas for Decorating Cabinet Interiors