7 Ideas for Designing a Writing Room

Published May 5, 2018
elegant room with books on bookshelves

The best way to design a writing room is to discard preconceived ideas. Consider colors, styles and furniture that will inspire and stimulate creativity.

Ultra-Elegant Writing Room

Every detail in this home office exudes wealth and luxury, providing a wonderful workspace for writers inspired by grandiose lifestyles and history. The elaborate desk imbues opulence to the room and is sure to inspire any author to create works fit for a king and queen. Break time is easy - just move over to the high-back sofa or chair to relax with a nice cup of tea.

  • Having a sitting area in your writing room will encourage more frequent breaks, which can help boost your productivity.
  • Add objects that resonate with your personal style for more inspiration.
Ultra elegant reading room

City Terrace Garden

This writing space overlooking a garden terrace adds a breath of fresh air to any stressful day filled with writing deadlines. When you need a break, just step outside and soak up all that positive plant energy. If you live in a city apartment, you can still create a writing room with a relaxing nature theme. Studies show that even just looking at plants or trees in a poster can have a positive psychological effect and help reduce stress. Other benefits include lower blood pressure and higher productivity.

  • Place your desk against the window overlooking the terrace to take full advantage of the view.
  • Alternately, cover the wall in front of your desk with lovely wall hangings reminiscent of a terrace garden.
  • Invest in a quality ergonomic office chair to support your back as you write.
desk with garden view

Books and Music Inspiration

Writers often still love to hold a book in their hands and many have a large book collection. Accommodate yours in your writing room with a built-in bookshelf complete with storage cabinets below. Many writers also receive inspiration from music. If you're also a musician, then taking a break to play the piano can often carry your muse into a world of what ifs.

  • Place your prized possessions, including any writing awards, on the shelves to encourage you.
  • Set your own books on the bookshelves to remind you how far you've come.
room with bookshelves and piano

Minimalist Solution

Sometimes less is more. This writing room means business and is ideal for a writer who prefers minimalist décor. You won't have any distractions here. The lack of clutter allows the room's energy to flow, hopefully bringing new writing ideas with it. The ergonomic chair is a must for any writer who sits for extended periods of time.

  • Even a minimalist needs storage options. This long desk features convenient storage for office equipment.
  • Add a few potted plants to break up the white space with relaxing touches of nature.
    desk and chair in minimalist office

Contemporary Chic

You'll be inspired to write the moment you walk into this chic writing room. The pink and white colors create a crisp and energized room sure to stimulate a creative mind. You can re-create this look using the color of your choice for the cubby wall.

  • Select your favorite decorative objects to place in the cubbies to inspire and lift your spirits as you write.
  • The wide white table attached to the wall unit makes it ideal for spreading out research and reference books.
  • The white tufted chair is both comfortable and stylish.
  • Further inspire your muse with select artwork or prints of places you wish to visit.
  • Celebrate your accomplishments by displaying writing certificates or other career recognitions.
contemporary white and pink office decor

Brainstorming or Mentoring

It's great to have a writing room that you can use to meet with a fellow writer to help you brainstorm an idea. If you're mentoring another writer in the local area, this is a great place to have a relaxed meeting. This room design is both cozy and filled with invigorating colors, such as the red parson chairs. Decorative print lumbar pillows are ready to support serious sessions.

  • A table lamp on the desk provides not just ambience, but a great task light for poring over manuscripts.
  • A clock above the floating shelf can help you stay on track and on time.
  • Tall indoor plants soften the corners and infuse nature's calming effect.
Red chairs in home office

Lighting Choices

Lighting plays an important role in a room design. Too little can create stress while ample lighting generates a calm and soothing effect. A warm ambience is conducive to creativity. There are many ways you can add lighting to your writing room to set the mood to maximize your productivity and welcome inspiration. These include:

  • An overhead light with a ceiling fan is ideal when you need to cool things off.
  • A torchiere floor lamp can illuminate dark corners.
  • Recessed ceiling lights can be placed on a dimmer switch to control ambience or downlight a painting.
  • A table lamp selected to go with your décor is an ideal addition to your desk.
Soft yellow lighting in home office

Make Your Space Special

Think of the colors, style and furniture you want for your writing room. Select only things you really love that will also inspire you while writing.

7 Ideas for Designing a Writing Room