10 Refreshing Laundry Room Colors That Fit Your Vibe 

Choose a laundry room paint color so beautiful that you'll be excited to do the wash.

Published December 9, 2022
Laundry room colors

Give your laundry room so much style that you'll want to spend more time there. One of the easiest ways to give your laundry room a fun and updated look is to introduce a new paint color on your walls or cabinets. Choosing a paint color for your laundry room is an opportunity to experiment with new styles, bold colors, or new shades of a color you love.

Choose the Perfect Type of Laundry Room Colors

When deciding on your new laundry room colors, consider what type of color best suits your space. Most paint colors will fall under one or more of the five color categories.

  • Light
  • Dark
  • Neutral
  • Bright
  • Muted

Each type will work with certain styles, lighting, and vibes in your laundry room. Neutral colors may be more versatile and minimalist, while muted colors are moody and modern. Use of dark or light colors may depend on your access to natural lighting. Bright colors may work well for your space if you're looking to add vibrancy.

Keep It Light

Light paint colors may be perfect for your laundry room if you want a simple, minimalist look that stands the test of time. Light colors are the perfect backdrop to bold or dark hues you use as accents. Choose light shades of colors you love for walls or cabinets to make your laundry room a relaxing place to get those laundry chores done. Light colors are also a safe choice if your laundry space is small.

Warm Cream

Laundry room designed in warm cream color palette

A creamy shade of white is a transitional and timeless color that works as well for your laundry room as it does for your living spaces. Choose a shade of cream that isn't too yellow by looking for a slight brown or peach undertone during the selection process. This gives the space warmth while keeping it light and calm.

Sweet Blush

Sweet blush color

A light, soft shade of blush is the perfect way to keep your laundry room light while also adding color and whimsy. Use blush on walls to soften the whole space or carry it over to your cabinets with brass or acrylic hardware for a fun, modern look.

Add Drama With a Dark Color

Dark paint colors in a laundry room can take this overlooked space from plain to stunning. Deep and dark colors add drama, elegance, and sophistication to any space, but using them in a laundry room is an unexpected and beautiful twist.

Dramatic Charcoal

Laundry room designed in dark charcoal color palette

Not quite black and darker than gray, charcoal is a great paint option for amping up the depth and drama in your laundry room. Use this on all the walls for the most dramatic look or contrast light walls with charcoal trim or cabinets. Be sure the charcoal isn't too blue, so it isn't confused with navy when your guests gush over your laundry room.

Dark Teal

Dark teal color

Bring depth alongside rich color with a deep shade of teal in your laundry room. This color is modern and dramatic and looks beautiful alongside muted contrasting colors and matte black accents. Choose a teal that has plenty of green, so there's a touch of warmth in your laundry room.

Stay Timeless With Neutrals

Neutral colors are not only a safe color choice for any room of your home, but they also provide the perfect canvas for plenty of fun with accents and decor. Carry your trusted home neutrals into your laundry room for a color scheme that grows with your family.

Reliable Beige

Laundry room designed in reliable beige color palette

Beige is a beloved neutral because it lends itself so well to nearly every other color imaginable. Use this warm, light neutral color in your laundry room for a soft look that feels cozy and comfortable. Accent with black or brown shades to ground the space. Throw in pops of your favorite home decor color. Even as your taste and decor may grow and change, beige will continue to be a trusted color in your home.

Trending Greige

Trending Greige color

Greige, a warm gray shade with brown undertones, started out as a trend but quickly became a versatile and classic color for neutral lovers. This shade of gray is blended just enough with beige to create a warm gray that is perfect for any room. Use this on your laundry room shelving, cabinets, trim, or walls for a classic look.

Be Bold and Bright

Your laundry room is the perfect place to play with fun colors that may have intimidated you in the past. Colors you would recoil from in your kitchen or bedroom suddenly look perfectly in place in your laundry area. Go bold, make it bright, and have fun.

Vibrant Coral

Laundry room designed in vibrant coral color palette

Coral is a great choice for laundry rooms because, though it's bright, it also has a comforting and refreshing quality. Use it on shelving to accent fun wallpaper or let it be your primary wall color accented with touches of brass, gold, or black in your finishes and hardware. This color is fun, punchy, and definitely makes folding laundry a less taxing chore.

Bold Periwinkle

Bold periwinkle color

Periwinkle, a cross between pastel blue and rich lavender, is bright and clean for a laundry room. It complements white, black, and chrome details and can make your laundry room more of an oasis than a room dedicated to cleaning. Use a bright shade of periwinkle to perk up cabinets or to modernize wainscoting and paneling accents.

Make It Moody With Muted Colors

Muted colors are trending in home design, but they truly are classic color choices that give your home a comforting atmosphere. Muted colors can make any room feel intentionally moody and elegant. With colorful muted tones, you can instantly make your home's laundry room feel high end and sophisticated.

Elegant Olive

Laundry room designed in elegant olive color palette

Olive is a traditional color that has grown in trending modern designs. A muted shade of olive green is a timeless and elegant choice for your laundry room. Make sure to choose a lighter shade of this warm green so you can really appreciate the color and embrace the muted look.

Sophisticated Slate

Sophisticated slate color

Slate is a shade of deep gray that has a blue undertone, making it appear more like a very muddy shade of navy. This is a beautiful muted color for a laundry room that creates a sophisticated yet neutral space. Try slate on your laundry room walls for an overall moody feel, or introduce it through trim and shelving for a subtler look.

Start Creating Your Dream Laundry Room

Bringing a new color to the walls and details of your laundry room can create a space that you look forward to being in. Once you choose a color that suits your home and style, be sure to spend time carefully considering details like wall decor, flooring, rugs, shelves, and hardware. The perfect color choice is only the beginning of designing a laundry room you love.

10 Refreshing Laundry Room Colors That Fit Your Vibe