16 Gorgeous Master Bedroom Closet Ideas Big and Small

Upscale Luxe Wood Cabinetry


A master bedroom closet is a convenience you can enhance by organizing it. Whether your closet is small or a large walk-in, there are several ways to optimize its use.

If your budget allows, high-end quality cabinetry is a wonderful way to finish out a large walk-in closet. This closet features a unique shoe solution with slanted shelves that expand outside the closet for easy access.

Another wonderful designer feature of this upscale closet is the marble mosaic floor.

Small Closet Cubbies and Rods


Smaller closets offer opportunities for organizing that will allow you to optimize the storage space.

This closet has several deep cubbies ideal for sweaters and tops. A rod completes the storage options for this closet.

Mirrored doors and a nice wood grain interior finish makes this a nice addition to any master bedroom.

Good Mix of Storage Options


A large walk-in closet is only as good as the storage options installed.

This closet offers lots of different types of storage options. Some of those options include:

  • Storage cabinets
  • Lingerie drawers
  • Jewelry drawers
  • Sock drawers
  • Deep drawers
  • Shelving
  • Hanger rods
  • Cubbies

Mirrored Built-in Armoire


Customize your walk-in closet to fit your needs with built-ins. The cost is often comparable or even less than purchasing such items as dressers and armoires.

With built-ins, you can save that valuable square footage in your bedroom for a nice sitting area or vanity table and stool.

This built-in armoire features paned mirrors that are great for last-minute wardrobe checks.

  • Inside are cubbies and drawers for those cherished fashion accessories.
  • Drawers below offer more storage.
  • Each side is flanked with mirrored backs, glass shelves, and deep cubbies.

This built-in is topped with classic crown mouldings that makes it a prized addition to this walk-in closet.

Plenty of Shoe Storage


One of the nicest aspects of an organized walk-in closet is having enough space to store shoes.

This closet uses a slanted shelving system that provides ample storage and easy access for both a woman and a man. Each shelf can be pulled out like a drawer for easy access.

Taller boots are easily accommodated below the shirt rod unit.

Designing Around Windows


Take advantage of an alcove space or architectural window in a closet space.

This walk-in closet has such a window feature and presented a design challenge to utilize all the space available. Instead of ignoring this valuable storage space, the designer took the opportunity to have built-ins.

Since the center window is longer than the two flanking windows, a small window seat was built. The space wasn't wasted since a drawer was added to provide more storage.

Marble countertops on the two adjacent built-in dressers make this a very attractive and usable area of the closet with a unique chandelier providing additional lighting when needed.

Scoop Drawers and Cabinets


The unique feature of this closet is multiple sections of scoop drawers.

Scoop drawers are a perfect choice for a closet since they offer very easy access without the expense of finished drawer fronts and handles/knobs.

The closet also accommodates storage with:

  • Shelves
  • Closet rods
  • Overhead cabinets for items not used every day
  • Pull out pants/trouser rod

Dust-Free Guarantee


Even closets accumulate dust. This high-end boutique style walk-in closet system guarantees dust-free storage.

The double glass door closets are also lighted. The design, finish and door pulls make this a world class storage solution.

Other features include:

  • Overhead cabinets
  • Double drawers
  • Boutique-style paned glass doors

Transform a Double Closet


Replace a double closet with a nice custom built-in unit that also provides space for a television, complete with a shelf for a DVR.

A set of overhead cabinets offers storage for large items, baskets and boxes. Underneath the TV cubby are a set of drawers.

The center section is flanked with double door armoires accented with rope tassels.

Masculine Colors


This closet features a tray ceiling with recessed ceiling directional spot lights.

Frosted glass cabinet doors lift up for convenient use. The shelves are framed with an industrial style metal edging that can double as additional hangers.

Custom made cubbies set at the end of the closet feature leather fronts that have a spring release to access. The same leather design is used to create a chest of drawers with leather drawer pulls.

In the center of the closet is a marble-topped cubby island designed for shoe storage and matches the marble tile floor.

Ultimate Feminine Elegance


This narrow long walk-in closet is the ultimate feminine closet design. The high gloss white finish helps bring light into the closet.

The storage is an assortment of several useful yet beautiful features.

  • Overhead cabinets provide storage and large sliding door rod closets are available for hanging clothing.
  • Gold embossed wallpaper and large ornate gold painted mirror creates a luxurious feel.
  • Cabinets for storage are on each side of the desk.
  • Large mirrors opposite each other allow for that fashion check before starting the day
  • Desk drawers are ideal for storing makeup with a comfy armchair when applying makeup.
  • The ceiling features a domed tray ceiling that supports an elegant chandelier.
  • An area rug covers the center portion of the marble tile floor.

Mirrored Cabinets and Doors


This closet has several great features that make it a metro design gem.

The design of this walk-in closet is sleek and flush providing storage closets and overhead cabinets.

The sides feature grooved handles for ease of opening the mirrored and solid paneled doors.

A window is highlighted at the end of the closet that provides light while a desk below is a similar style as the storage cabinets.

Long and Narrow Closet


Some closet spaces require extra creative solutions for utilizing the space.

This L-shaped closet could have resulted in lost valuable storage space underneath the windows.

Instead, a built-in drawer unit lines this wall with attractive leather drawer pulls.

The rest of the blue cabinetry consists of:

  • Deep cubbies
  • Shelves
  • Clothing rods
  • Roll-out shoe trays

Organize Double Closets


Transform a double closet with a tailored storage system. This closet allows for several helpful solutions.

  • Plenty of hanging space is available for shirts and even slacks.
  • Glass front drawers offer fast identification of the contents.
  • A shelf for storage boxes and other items tops the drawers.

Simply slide the mirrored door closed for a final check before setting off for the day.

Hidden Closets


Additional closet space is created with a closet system placed at one end of the master bedroom.

A clever way to cloak and finish this open closet is to attach a drapery rod and grommet curtains that can be pulled closed. When the curtains are closed, there's no indication that the closet system is there.

This is a cheaper alternative to an enclosed closet and may be a way for you to have closet storage without the expense of building a full closet.

Spare Room to Closet Remodel


This entire room was transformed into a closet with wall-to-wall closet systems. This works best when the room to be transformed is adjacent to the master bedroom. The wall opposite the window is a mixture of:

  • Closet rods
  • Shelving
  • Deep cubbies
  • Stacks of drawers

The center of the room features two interlocking benches.

Underneath the window, a shelf with built-in drawers provides a long desk surface that can also be used as a vanity to take advantage of natural light from the double windows.

Now that you've tackled some closet needs, it's time to find inspiration for that dream master bedroom.

16 Gorgeous Master Bedroom Closet Ideas Big and Small