Orange Color Schemes for a Bright Pop of Color

Published October 18, 2022
Domestic Orange Kitchen Interior

Decorating with a bold color like orange is much easier than you might think. Whether you use orange as a wall color or as an accent, it can be paired with any color if you consider how much orange is needed for the space. In an orange color palette, it doesn't have to be the dominant color. It can be used as an accent color for accessories, and still have a gorgeous and dynamic impact.

Find Your Orange Color Palette Inspiration

Color inspiration is the best place to start when you're looking for the perfect combination of colors for your orange palette. Seeing how colors are combined successfully may lead you to a palette you haven't yet considered, along with finding ideas for fresh ways of adding orange to an existing color scheme.

Orange + Green

Orange + Green Color Palette

Cheerful and bright, and orange and green color palette can liven up any room. White accents keep the two colors from overwhelming each other. This color palette has a fun retro feeling.

Orange + Yellow

Orange + Yellow Color Palette

By varying the shades of yellow in an orange color palette, it can create a bright and comfortable space. The secret to pairing orange with another vibrant color is to mix in softer tones of the other colors in the palette.

Orange + Gray

Orange + Gray Color Palette

The combination of orange and gray is unexpected. Cool gray and bright orange are very different, and that can make this palette feel unbalanced. The secret to using this muted color with a bold color like orange is to choose a deep gray enough visual weight to stand up next to a vibrant color.

Orange + White

Orange + White Color Palette

This is a charming and simple color scheme that uses orange to brighten up a plain white room. As an accent color in a white room, orange pairs beautifully with all wood tones to add dimension.

Orange + Red

Orange + Red Color Palette

Orange and red together create an exciting color palette. Used within a neutral color scheme, these two energetic colors add a little energy to a quiet space. Red and orange artwork and accessories are a perfect complement to a neutral palette.

Orange + Neutrals

Orange + Neutrals Color Palette

When you'd like to include orange into a neutral palette, shades like burnt orange and rust will keep the laid-back vibe alive. Muted shades of orange add depth without overpowering the room.

Orange + Blue

Orange + Blue Color Palette

Orange is an excellent accent color for blue furniture. Paired with other dynamic colors, it's the perfect addition to an eclectic color palette. Bring in more orange with accent furniture and artwork to pull everything tougher in a creative way.

Orange + Purple

Orange + Purple Color Palette

Orange and purple are an intense and beautiful color combination, perfect for expressing your artistic style. For a boho or eclectic color palette, these two colors invite the intensity of bright green and magenta to the mix.

Orange + Aqua

Orange + Aqua Color Palette

Aqua is an unexpected addition to orange color palettes, but it works beautifully. The freshness of aqua cools off the intensity of orange, which really balances the color scheme.

Decorating With Bright Colors

The good news about creating color palettes is that there really are no set rules. If your taste runs more toward peach, you can still get the energy and freshness when you choose a softer shade of orange. If you prefer bright colors and want to add them to your home, your goal is to find the perfect color combination that suits your style.

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Orange Color Schemes for a Bright Pop of Color