13 Modern Pantry Door Ideas for a Stylish Kitchen Update

Don't let your pantry be an afterthought. Instantly update the look of your kitchen with a stylish pantry door.

Published March 17, 2023

Add designer detail to your kitchen with stylish pantry door ideas. Make your pantry stand out or effortlessly blend it in for a kitchen that feels professionally designed. Give your kitchen a chic upgrade with a new pantry door that is modern, practical, and true to your style.

Focus on Trim Details


Your pantry door is more than just the barrier between your kitchen and your food storage. This is your opportunity to focus on architectural details and ways you can elevate the space. Choose a door with panels or ornate trim details to help your pantry door stand out. You can even add panel molding to your existing door for an easy pantry upgrade.

Use Coordinating Hardware


Make sure your pantry door hardware coordinates with other hardware finishes in your kitchen. Black hardware complements industrial, modern farmhouse, and contemporary design styles and contrasts beautifully against white. Brass and gold hardware work well on black doors, against warm colors, and alongside black or oil-rubbed bronze finishes. Choose silver or chrome hardware in gray or white kitchens or on a bold colored door.

Choose Frosted Glass


If you want your kitchen to feel light and open but you fear showcasing any unorganized pantry shelves, choose a pantry door with frosted glass. This helps set your pantry door apart from other interior doors or cabinets while keeping the contents hidden from guests.

Pick a Bold Color


Your pantry door is a place to play with style and color in your kitchen. Choose a fun accent color for your door to help it stand out in the best way. Try pulling from other accent colors in your home to create a cohesive look, and don't be afraid to have fun and choose something unexpected. Try bright shades of blue or green, a shocking pink, or a vibrant orange.

Try a Dark Door


Dark colors in your kitchen feel sophisticated and classy. Try a deep or even a muted shade on your pantry door for a soft touch of color among your neutral design elements.

Select a Shaker Door


If you want a timeless pantry door that will always look stylish, a shaker style door is a classic choice. If your kitchen cabinets are in a shaker style, this is an easy design decision. If your cabinets have flat panels, this subtle design on your pantry door will add interest and instantly elevate the style of your kitchen.

Incorporate Wood Details


If you want a rustic or farmhouse style kitchen, a reclaimed wood door on your pantry will drive home that style. Wood doors can also look contemporary or eclectic. Look for a unique wood grain, an unexpected stain color, or an extra-smooth finish to keep your wood pantry door looking modern.

Choose a Door With a Window


If you have a walk-in pantry, show it off! A single French door or a pantry door with window panes give guests a glimpse into your spacious food storage. This is a classic design choice that will continue to look elegant in your kitchen as trends come and go.

Use Oversized Hardware


Make sure the scale of your pantry hardware and door handles matches the scale of the door. Look for oversized door pulls for double doors, bifold doors, and extra tall pantry doors. For interior doors with panel details or glass, try smaller hardware selections.

Install French Doors


Add elegance to your kitchen with a set of French doors for your pantry. This pantry door design doubles as a timeless focal point for your room and helps your kitchen feel spacious.

Opt for an Archway


The best door for your pantry may be no door at all. Open up your kitchen with an archway leading to your pantry. Though rounded archways are trendy and contemporary, sharp archways are still a classic choice with a streamlined design essence.

Design a Bifold Pantry Door


Bifold doors are an affordable pantry door design, and they can easily look high end with a few adjustments. You can add paneling to your bifold doors, statement hardware, and even window panes for a designer hack that transforms ordinary bifold doors into designer pantry doors.

Make Use of a Corner


For a small pantry door that leads to a spacious storage area, make use of a corner in your kitchen. A rarely used corner of your kitchen will make the perfect spot for a pantry build-out, and you can save space on the entry by choosing a slim door. Slim pantry doors also work on other pantry styles and keep your kitchen from feeling crowded or broken up.

Make a Statement With Your Pantry Door


Great interior design starts with looking for every opportunity to make a statement in your home. Something as simple as the door leading to your pantry can transform your kitchen and capture the gaze of your guests in the best way. A stylish pantry door is a must for any designer kitchen.

13 Modern Pantry Door Ideas for a Stylish Kitchen Update