12 Patio Table Decor Ideas for an Outdoor Oasis

Create the perfect getaway in your own backyard with these designer patio table decor tips.

Published April 1, 2023

Your patio will look like a designer paradise this spring and summer with pro patio table decor ideas. Decorate your patio table with clever centerpieces, creative plant life, and fun DIY projects. Your house guests and neighbors will be so impressed with your patio table decor that they'll ask you to help decorate theirs as well.

Display Seasonal Potted Plants


No matter the time of year, plant life brings effortless style to your patio table. Choose plants that work well in your climate and require little maintenance throughout the season. Use them as statement pieces in the center of your table for striking patio decor that doesn't distract from your other design details.

Make It Cozy With Candles


For entertaining or for striking seasonal decor, use cozy candles and statement candle holders on your patio table. Choose vintage candle holders or modern arrangements depending on your style. You can even use candles that repel insects for your summer patio dinner parties.

Paint Your Table a Fun Color


Whether wood or metal, your patio table will shine with a fun and updated coat of paint. Choose vivid and sunny colors that make your exterior space feel fun and welcoming. Shades of green, yellow, pink, and blue are all fun and easily blend with most decor styles.

Set Your Table With Weather-Safe Textiles


Don't skip the textiles on your table because of potential weather issues. Use tablecloths, placemats, and runners with sun and weather-safe materials so you can add style details with elegance and texture to your patio table. Coated polyester, bamboo, and jute are great options for your outdoor decor.

Light Your Table With Lanterns


Lanterns are stylish and versatile decor for your entire patio area. Use them in collections on the ground and on your table to act as decorative details during the day and the perfect mood lighting at night.

Dine in Style


Who said you can't set your patio table like a fine dining table? Choose stylish china and table settings to give your patio table a sophisticated vibe for all your outdoor entertaining.

Add Color to Your Patio With Glassware


Skip the neutral glassware you might use inside your home and opt for vibrant, colorful glass on your patio. Glassware in fun colors with decorative textures will add life to your patio table for your fanciest dinner parties and your own glass of summer iced tea.

Pick Preppy Prints


For cushions, tablecloths, and woven furniture details on your patio, preppy prints will keep your patio in style. Classic patterns like stripes, checker print, plaid, and simple florals create a timeless patio table design that will serve you for plenty of seasons to come.

Mix & Match Your Patio Chairs


If you love an eclectic look, mix and match your patio chairs. Try combining styles like upholstered and metal chairs. Use various vintage style chairs for a unique design or use chairs in the same design with different colors for a fun and vibrant look.

Choose All-White Table Settings


On dark wood or metal tables, white table settings contrast beautifully. Choose white plates, platters, cups, and textiles with intricate details and stylish textures for a subtle and timeless design that feels minimalist and cohesive.

Opt for Faux Flowers


Faux flower arrangements aren't just for your interior styling plans, they can be the perfect choice for your patio table decor as well. Opt for faux flowers if you like to switch things up often, find it difficult to keep plants alive, or love the look of a certain flower that doesn't thrive in your climate.

Decorate With Whimsical Planters


For the most stylish patio table decor, look for details that add a unique and personal touch. Whimsical, cute, and fun planters for all your plants will help your patio stand out. Try unique shapes, one-of-a-kind pieces, interesting textures, and bold colors.

Dress Up Your Patio Table


With a table decorated intentionally and set for all of your entertaining opportunities, you'll find every reason to go onto your patio. Remember to choose pieces you truly love that express your unique style for an exterior atmosphere that's designed perfectly for you.

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12 Patio Table Decor Ideas for an Outdoor Oasis