13 Photo Wall Ideas That Are Picture Perfect

Get creative and show off your pictures in style.

Published March 6, 2023



Don't settle for the standard picture display when there are so many fun (and easy) photo wall ideas to try. From combining pictures with words to mixing and matching your frame shapes, there are tons of ways to give your gallery wall a totally updated and awesome look.

Pick a Theme for Your Photos

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A great starting point for displaying your pictures is choosing a theme. If you're making a family photo wall, this theme is built right in, but if you're showing off a combination of art photos, take a sec to look at what they have in common. This can be as simple as vertical lines or a repeating shape, or it can be a specific thing like branches or architecture.

Make a Triptych Photo Display

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A triptych, or three pieces of art that go together to create a single work, is an awesome way to give visual impact to a living room photo wall or dining room display. Have one photo printed on three panels and hang them together above your couch or sideboard.

Embrace Neutral Tones

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Neutrals are a win in decorating, and that applies to photo walls too. If you need a way to make lots of different photos go together and look like a cohesive display, have them all printed in neutral colors. That doesn't have to mean black and white (although that's a classic for a reason). You can also have them printed up in sepia tones or even muted or desaturated colors. The look is instant sophistication.

Play With Scale on Your Picture Wall

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One great photo wall idea is to print two pictures really large and display them next to each other. The key here is to play with the scale in the two photos. Have one show the details and one a wider shot of the scene. This is a charming way to show off wedding or baby pictures.

Live on the Ledge

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Want to switch out your pictures easily and give your photo wall an ever-evolving look? The answer is ledges. You can install the shelves on the wall and then switch the frames and the photos in them whenever you want - no need to drill more holes or rearrange things every single time.

Mix Up the Shape of Your Frames

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You can't go wrong with all square or rectangular frames, but you can really enhance your picture wall by bringing in other shapes. Look for ovals and circles to add, especially if you're making a photo display with an angled ceiling or next to your stairs.

Wrap Around a Corner

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You don't actually need a huge wall space to create an impactful photo display. A totally doable solution here is wrapping your "wall" around a corner. Hang some pictures on one side and some on the other, making sure you're using similar frames and photos.

Incorporate Words With Your Photos

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One cool family photo wall idea is to add words into your display. Choose statements that appeal to you and your family and then mix them in with the pictures. This looks especially great if you keep the color of the words and the color of the frames the same.

Get Creative With Mats

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If you want a DIY photo wall option that looks super polished, pick up some photo mats in an interesting shape. An arched top or an oval mat in a square frame can add so much sophistication to your standard frames. Hang three of the same together for an easy decorating win.

Try a Freestanding Display

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If you live in an apartment and don't want to nail into the walls, you can create a freestanding photo wall that doesn't do any damage. All you need is a frame that stands on its own - this can be a simple structure or a room-dividing screen. Then hang your pictures from that and position it against the wall.

Hang Lots of Photos From a Single Nail

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Don't want to make too many holes? Just create a DIY photo display that hangs from one nail. It's super easy. You'll need sticks, twine, and clips to hold your pictures. Position the two sticks so they are parallel and add several pieces of twine to make a place to hang the pictures. Tie another piece to hang the display on the wall and clip on your photos.

Make It Out of Macrame

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If you like doing macrame, this DIY photo wall idea is for you. Basically, you make a simple macrame wall hanging and use clips to attach photos. The style can be anything you like. What's great here is this is another way to show off lots of pictures without making lots of holes in the wall.

Add Impact With Frame Backgrounds

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To make a feature wall with photos in your living room or dining room, you don't need to print the pictures super large. Instead, you can add a background for the frames to give them more impact. Barnwood or weathered wood are perfect because the background is neutral and textured.

Have Fun With Your Photos


There are so many ways to make a photo wall that it's fun to experiment with lots of different ideas. Create picture displays in every room so you can try out some of the different options. You'll love this opportunity to be creative and turn your photos into art.

13 Photo Wall Ideas That Are Picture Perfect