Poison Arrows and Feng Shui Remedies

Poles create poison arrows

Feng shui principles address the issues of poison arrows and offer precise remedies to counter the negative and harmful effects. If left unrecognized and unchecked, poison arrows will continue producing harmful sha chi (negative chi energy). Poison arrows are found outside and inside your home.

Defining Poison Arrows

Poison arrows are structures, manmade or natural, that form sharp angles directed toward the outside or inside of your home. A poison arrow creates an obstruction or harsh angle to your home and is unhealthy.

Consider the sector where the poison arrow is located, such as career, wealth, marriage, education, descendant, mentor, or health sectors. These are the areas of your life that will first be impacted. They cause failing health, job loss, financial ruin, bad marriage, and other negative impacts to every facet of your life.

Exterior Poison Arrows

Land and form feng shui defines the exterior of your home as being far more vital to good feng shui than all the remedies you can apply inside your home. If there are harmful sha chi producing poison arrows tied to the landscape and orientation of your home, no amount of remedies or cure used inside your home will impact the exterior sha chi. That's why it is necessary to address the exterior of your home before you turn indoors.

Landscape and House Orientation

The placement of your home on your lot and everything that surrounds it are the most important aspects of feng shui for your home. You may be surprised to find that the front of your house is being bombarded by poison arrows. These can be as simple as a T-junction street configuration or as daunting as a high rise building.

Sha Chi

The orientation of your home in relationship to its surroundings can give you clues if sha chi (also known as shar chi) is present. Sha chi is known as the "killing breath" found outside your home. It shows up as neglected properties, rundown buildings, dying plant life, and economic suffering. Neighborhoods suffering from chronic crime and overall disrepair are all symptoms of this powerful negative energy.

Areas where sha chi is released, held, accumulated, and attracted include cemeteries, garbage dumps or landfills, hospitals, and prisons.

Cemeteries create sha chi

Poison arrows generating sha chi create an inauspicious home. The exterior sha chi needs to be remedied. No amount of remedies undertaken inside your home can ever disperse this type of inauspicious chi. You must address the exterior causes to cure them.

Common Exterior Poison Arrows and Solutions

There are potential poison arrows in almost every property, if not all. The most detrimental are those aimed at your front door.

Poison arrows that your front door faces can be in the form of buildings, homes, telephone/utility poles, and even streets. Even the corner edge of another home or building facing your front door or a structure larger than your home can create a poison arrow. Disperse, deflect, or dissolve the sha chi the poison arrow creates for an effective remedy.

Common Exterior Poison Arrows and Remedies
Poison Arrow Remedy
Wall higher than ground level Plants with lots of foliage between wall and door
Home, building, or corner facing front door Use different door to establish new main entrance into home
Spires, towers, high rise buildings Bagua mirror above front door (last resort)
T-junction (street dead ends into street in front of house) Add hedge, wall, or berm with plantings between road and house
House across from Y-junction Wall or hedge between house and road
House on curve of road Inside curve of road, never outside curve
Near or under an overpass Avoid this location
Building taller than home Use different door to establish new main entrance into home
Neighbor's triangular roofline Tall leaf tree to block; bagua mirror (last resort)
House below street level Build up so bedrooms above street level

Countering With Elements and Directions

According to Lillian Too, the direction of the poison arrow can impact how you counter it. Once you've located a poison arrow, use your compass to determine its magnetic direction. Each compass direction has a specific element you can incorporate into a wall design.

  • South: Water fountain, preferably one that sprays up into the air
  • North: Multi-faceted crystal
  • East or Southeast: Curved metal shape, like a knife or a metal six-rod windchime
  • West or Northwest: Bright light
  • Southwest or Northeast: Thorny hedge, such as holly or prickly juniper plants

Using Bagua Mirrors as Remedies

Some practitioners use bagua (Pa Kua) mirrors as poison arrow remedies. For example, many western practitioners of Black Hat Sect endorse the use of bagua mirrors. Many others only use the mirror as a desperate last resort while other feng shui practitioners never use them.

This is something each person needs to consider before placing a bagua mirror over the front door to deflect the sha chi from a neighbors roofline. The mirror will send that sha chi energy back to your unsuspecting neighbor. Since the mirror isn't discriminatory, it will deflect and reflect chi energy in the direction you set it.

There are other remedies that won't send harmful chi to your neighbors that should be investigated and tried first. As a non-discriminatory tool, the bagua mirror has no intellect and can't self-govern, even with trigrams painted around it. It can deflect "all" chi energy, not just negative chi,. That means all positive chi energy will be bounced away from your front door before it can enter.

Versatile Poison Arrow Remedies

Many poison arrows facing your front door can be remedied by an arsenal of idea for a one-size-fits-all solution.

  • Block from view by a wall, group of trees or leafy plants.
  • Disperse sha chi with a water fountain that sprays the water into the air. This works great for north and southeast poison arrows.
  • Hang a multi-faceted crystal ball between the front door and object.
  • Plant a hedge to block from view.
  • Build a wall between front door and obstacle.
  • Hang five-rod metal wind chimes placed between front door and poison arrow. Five rods suppress bad luck.
  • Aim bright lights (fire element) at the afflicting object; just be sure you aren't shining a light at oncoming traffic or neighbors.

Destructive Cycle Remedy

Another remedy for exterior poison arrows is to use the destructive cycle of elements. This one of the best ways to destroy poison arrows naturally, especially ones difficult to identify. You will use the facing direction of your front door and the elements governing that sector.

For example, if your front door is located in the north sector and your neighbor's home is the culprit of the poison arrow, instead of grabbing a bagua mirror, use the destructive element for a remedy.

  • North (water): Use earth element to destroy poison arrows.
  • Northeast (earth): Use wood element to destroy poison arrows.
  • East (wood): Use metal element to destroy poison arrows.
  • Southeast (wood): Use metal element to destroy poison arrows.
  • South (fire): Use water element to destroy poison arrows.
  • Southwest (earth): Use wood element to destroy poison arrows.
  • West (metal): Use fire element to destroy poison arrows.
  • Northwest (metal): Use fire element to destroy poison arrows.

Tackling Poison Arrows Inside Your Home

Once you have the exterior poison arrows remedied, it's time to turn your attention to the interior of your home to address any poison arrows. Some very basic poison arrows are found in most homes and can be easily remedied.

  • Open bookcases and shelves: Add wood or glass doors to the bookcase or shelves, move books so they are flush with edge of shelf, or cover them with a curtain.
  • Columns and pillars: Add a tall plant in front of column or pillar.
Columns create poison arrows
  • Staircase or spiral staircase across from front door: Block the stairs from view with a planter of tall plants, curtain, or folding screen.

  • Exposed overhead beams: Hang a pair of bamboo flutes with open ends up in shape of a tent or "A", hang canopy over bed that you can't see through or paint beams white. Move bed so beams aren't over it.

  • Chandeliers and ceiling fans over bed: Move these farther away from bed, so the bed is not underneath.

  • Protruding corner of wall into room: Place a leafy plant in this area or suspend a crystal ball in front of the corner.

  • Tables with sharp edge/corners: Rearrange items to avoid poison arrows, like plants, hanging plants, or crystals.

Making Good Choices for Remedies

Whenever applying a feng shui remedy for poison arrows, be sure that you choose one that will go with the natural flow of its surroundings. Try one remedy and see what the results are before changing or adding another one. That way you'll be sure to have a true balance of yin and yang in your home.

Poison Arrows and Feng Shui Remedies