Quan Yin: The Story, Symbolism and Use of Statues

Published February 1, 2021
Quan Yin Statue

Quan Yin is the Buddhist goddess of compassion, mercy, and healing. Quan Yin is also known as the eternal protector of women and children and reputed to have the ferocity of a mother guarding her children.

Legend of Quan Yin

The legend of Quan Yin (also spelled Kuan Yin and Kwan Yin), tells how she finally achieved enlightenment and stood before the gates of heaven. The gates opened for her and Quan Yin started to enter, but paused when she heard the cries of the people on Earth. True to her eternal nature as protector and a deity of infinite mercy and compassion, Quan Yin turned back to Earth. She descended to Earth to ease the suffering world with a desire to heal and protect those in pain and need.

What Quan Yin Statue Is Best to Use in Feng Shui?

Quan Yin statues are portrayed in different poses. The best Quan Yin statue to use in feng shui is determined by the type of remedy you need. You should consider the pose and symbols represented in the statue to determine if it is appropriate for your feng shui cure or remedy.

Common Quan Yin Statue Poses

Most of the depictions of Quan Yin are of a young woman dressed in a white robe. The figurine typically features royal necklaces, either those of a Chinese dynasty or Indian royalty.

quan yin the goddess of mercy statue

What Is Quan Yin Holding?

In one Quan Yin statue pose, the goddess is holding a jar of pure, divine water in her hand. In another pose, she holds a willow branch.

  • One pose is of the goddess holding children in her arms.
  • In another pose, Quan Yin distributes food to the starving.
  • Some Quan Yin statues feature the goddess in meditation with her hands posed in sacred mudras.
  • Another portrayal reveals Quan Yin holding a bundle of ripe rice or pearls of illumination.
  • In one pose, she holds a willow branch in one hand and a sacred vase in the other that is filled with the nectar of wisdom and compassion that she slowly pours out to humanity.
Quan Yin Buddha Statue

Where Should the Quan Yin Statue Be Placed in the House?

You can choose the best placement for your Quan Yin based on the goddess's pose and how it matches the sector that you need a feng shui cure or chi energy boost. There are a few things you should first consider that include:

  • Determine the area of life you need to address and match the statue to the corresponding sector.
  • The Quan Yin statue color can be matched to the color that rules that sector.
  • You can consider the type of material the statue is made of, such as metal or wood, and the sector that element rules.
Quan Yin Buddha Statue

Example of How To Choose a Quan Yin Statue

You may find an example for how to choose a Quan Yin statue helpful. If you require a feng shui cure for the west sector (descendants luck), then you could select a statue pose of the goddess holding children. You could then select a metal statue since the west sector is ruled by the metal element. A final consideration would be the sector's ruling color of white, gold, brass, or silver and select a metal statue finished in one of these colors.

Other Feng Shui Placements for a Quan Yin Statue

If you want to infuse the protection and benevolent energies of the goddess Quan Yin, there are other feng shui placements you may prefer instead of a specific sector. For example, you can place your Quan Yin statue near the front door. You may have a shelf, niche, or a console table that is ideal for displaying this representation of such a powerful feng shui deity. Make sure the statue is facing into your home to provide protection of everyone in your household, never facing out.

Quan Yin Statue The Goddess of Mercy

Rules for Placing Quan Yin in Your Home or Office

There are a few general feng shui rules about placing a statue of a deity that you want to follow. You can easily accommodate these rules for a correct feng shui application.

  • The ideal placement is eye level or higher.
  • The minimum placement height is three feet off the floor.
  • You should never place the statue of Quan Yin on the floor since this is a placement of disrespect.
  • The Quan Yin statue should never be placed in a bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, or bedroom.
  • The best rooms for placing a Quan Yin is the living room or dining room.
  • You can place a Quan Yin statue in your office by choosing the appropriate bagua sector. Make sure the statue is facing into your office.

Quan Yin Statues and Feng Shui Use

You can use a Quan Yin statue in feng shui. Place the statue in the area of your life that will benefit by the auspicious energies the Quan Yin goddess brings into your life.

Quan Yin: The Story, Symbolism and Use of Statues