Small Entryway Decor Ideas for a Grand Entrance

Published February 2, 2022
small entryway design

Your entryway doesn't have to be large to be grand. Using simple small entryway decor ideas, you can easily update even the tiniest space. Foyers and entryways can be fun decorating projects because, like powder rooms, they don't have to be an extension of the other living spaces. Guests expect to be treated to a stylish space when they come in your front door, so you can really show off your own personal style.

Easy Entryway Decor Ideas You Can Use Right Now

Updating your entryway is the perfect weekend project. You may already have the decor you need on-hand in other rooms. Shopping is a decorator's secret, and it's a fun and budget-friendly way to kickstart a decorating project when you aren't sure where to start.

Start With the Right Entry Table

entry table in home

The most important piece of furniture for your entryway is a table. Inside every exterior door, a vertical space for keys, mail, and whatever is in your hands when you walk in, is essential. Choosing the right type of entry table depends on your available space and the functions it needs to serve. When shopping for a console table, depth is important--be sure to measure the space first, to ensure it will fit. Narrow tables should be used to keep the floor space clear for effortlessly passing through the entry. If storage is an issue, look for a console table with drawers, or a small chest of drawers that can double as a console table. Whatever type of entryway table you choose, it can serve as the perfect visual anchor for mirrors and artwork.

Open It Up With Mirrors

mirror in entryway

When decorating any size entryway, mirrors are not only stylish but also practical. For a small foyer, mirrors become even more useful because they give the appearance of an open space or window in a confined space. While a large leaning mirror is on-trend, most small entryways don't have the wall or floor space to handle one. One large wall mirror can open up a small entryway and keep things simple. For a more eclectic look, decorating with multiple small mirrors in a wall arrangement can make a wall look larger because of the open space around each mirror. For a stylish and artsy look, choose mirrors with a variety of frame sizes--keep your mirror wall looking coordinated by sticking with similar frame colors or finishes.

Create a Small Art Gallery Wall

entryway gallery wall

Displaying small works of art in your entryway is an on-trend solution to adding big style to a tiny space. Displaying artwork in an organized gallery style creates a focal point on the wall. Having a focal point in your small entryway is important, especially if your space is broken up with multiple doors and a staircase. Designing a gallery wall is the same simple process for a small room as it is for a larger one. If your foyer features a staircase, that can also be a great spot for a gallery as it brings the staircase wall into the room, making the entryway feel larger.

Maximize Stylish Entryway Storage

entryway storage dresser

Storage can be a big issue in a small entryway. Whether it's a front door or back door, anywhere people come into their home, there is the potential for clutter. Taming foyer clutter can be easy with stylish decor used in clever ways. If you have room for a bench in your entryway, look for one that has space beneath for a shoe tray or baskets. If you don't have a separate mud room, installing simple hooks for jackets and backpacks keeps them off the entryway furniture and the floor. If your entryway has a staircase, make the most of an open area beneath for shelving, or a storage chest, (it's also the perfect spot for adding a pop of accent color)!

Make the Most of Color in Your Small Entryway

gray color wall entryway

When you're choosing wall color for a very small room, a light color isn't always necessary. The principle of making a room look larger by avoiding dark colors is not always relevant in a space that is clearly tiny. You can make a slight difference by painting a small entryway with light colors, but you could be missing out on the opportunity to create a grand entryway. The accent colors sprinkled around your home in accessories and art can provide you with color inspiration for your entryway walls, as they can give your home that pulled-together look that can be elusive. If you feel as though your small foyer is just too dark, you can add color with an accent wall. An accent wall can also be used to create an entry space in a home that lacks that feature.

Use Strategic Lighting for a Small Entryway

entryway lighting

If your entryway has the height clearance for a pendant or semi-flush ceiling light fixture, that can draw the eye up and make the space look larger. When only a standard flush-mounted light fixture is possible, replace the standard builder-grade dome light with a more stylish and lighter fixture that disperses the light around the entryway. Sconces are a space-saving lighting choice that adds maximum style to any entry space. While many sconces must be hard-wired by an electrician, plug-in sconces are becoming more popular. Plug-in sconces are a favorite lighting update for apartments. Position your sconces above the entry table, to frame your mirrors or art, for a balanced and sophisticated look.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Small Entryway Decor

entryway blue wall

Achieving a grand entryway of any size is all about creating that pulled-together look. When you're updating a tiny space, even the smallest ideas can make the biggest impact to elevate the style of the entire room.

  • Adding a runner-style area rug to your entryway can fill the space with color, and the opportunity to incorporate accent colors.
  • A too-large rug can make an entryway look cramped. Be sure to leave visual space around your accent rugs.
  • An important step in developing a decorating plan for an entryway is to think first about how the space is being used every day, so you can enhance its functionality while making it beautiful.
  • Think carefully before committing to a specialty paint-technique for your entryway walls. These techniques were popular in the past, and they rarely stand the test of time.
  • Do consider wallpaper for your small entryway, to create a stylish focal point. Temporary wallpaper, or peel-and-stick, is a good choice if you're unsure about committing to the look.
  • You can create even more space in your entryway with a small dresser that is repurposed as an entry table and storage chest.
  • Many foyers and entryways are more tall than wide. Use this unique configuration to your advantage by starting your gallery wall higher up than you would in other rooms. Tall entryways are also ideal for macrame and tapestry wall hangings that start high and cascade down to eye-level.

A Stylish Entryway Style Starts Right Outside Your Front Door

To enhance your small entryway's makeover, don't neglect your front door and porch. Think of the area outside your entry as a hint of what's to come. Styling your porch and front door invites guests inside and can give your foyer more presence. Use the colors and style of your entryway for your porch decor to tie everything together. A painted front door to complement your entryway is a stylish move that also energizes your home's curb appeal.

Small Entryway Decor Ideas for a Grand Entrance