Out-of-This-World Space Age Designs for Modern Homes

A renewed interest in space exploration is bringing this mid-century style to modern homes.

Published January 3, 2023
Space age interior design

Interior design experts are predicting the return of the space age design trend popularized in the late 1950s. The difference this time around is that the futuristic design is sleeker, more modern, and much more luxurious. Apply designer tips and tricks to get the space age interior design look that will help your home feel high-end, on-trend, and updated.

Bringing Back Space Age Design With an Updated Look

This isn't the retro space age design trend of the 50s and 60s. The space age design trend of the 2020s is sleek, bold, and updated. With cool undertones, more abstract designs, and plenty of modern touches, this version of space age looks more like a fast-forward to the future rather than a vintage take on the past. Take the defining characteristics of this style and put your own unique spin on them for a look that is both on-trend and 100% true to you.

Use All the Rounded Edges

Modern kitchen design with lots of rounded edges

Modern space age design is largely influenced and defined by rounded edges. Rounded furniture, architecture, and art details give this striking design a soft quality that makes it approachable and casual in certain settings. Look for circular and oval shapes on sofas, chair backs, tables, art pieces, doorway arches, and lighting fixtures to bring the space age design into your home.

Update Space Age Design With Cool Colors

Different from the bold and warm colors seen in the retro space age designs, this time, the focus is on cool, soft tones and wintery neutrals. Look for silver, gray, cobalt blue, lilac, and even shades of soft pink to give your space age design a color palette that's modern and updated.

Add Glass & Acrylic in Fun Colors

Glass and acrylic light fixtures in modern room design

A fun update to the space age look is the opportunity to use glass and acrylic pieces in fun colors. Glassware, acrylic furniture, and decorative items are great places to try a bold blue, rich green, or sweet pink. Though colored glass is nothing new and was in space age design of years gone by, this reintroduction of the trend is sleek, modern, and fun for anyone who loves a little extra color in their life.

Make Metals Shiny

Modern living room design with metal accents

Another common material that's getting an update is metal. Brushed bronze, brass, and silver are stepping aside to make way for the shinier metals of the design world. Use chrome, polished gold, and gloss black on your metal accents for a subtle way to bring space age design characteristics to any room of your home.

Look for Luxury in Textiles

Apartment with luxurious modern design

Space age design is all about luxury, and the best way to communicate that in a design scheme is to showcase it in textiles. Sleek satins and silks are replacing the more textured materials of recent years, and luxurious velvets are popping up in upholstery, window treatments, pillows, and decorative elements. If the fabric says luxury, then it will fit right in with modern space age design trends.

Add Abstract Pieces

Whether in art, wallpaper, or even furniture, abstract designs will elevate the space age look. Try a wallpaper with an abstract pattern in bathrooms or offices. Have abstract art displayed in hallways or over fireplace mantels. Choose decorative elements like vases, mirrors, and trays that look like art with abstract movement, plenty of flow, and a certain avant-garde quality.

Make a Statement With Lighting

Living/dining area with space age lighting

One element of retro space age design that's being brought back in a beautiful way is the statement light fixture. With plenty of white, gold, chrome, and colorful options, statement light fixtures steal the spotlight of the room in the best way for this design trend. Try a collection of round, shiny chrome pendants over your kitchen island or add an abstract chandelier to your living room with long arching arms that look different from every angle.

Trade Structure for Flowing Furniture

Modern living space and furniture with great flow

The rigid, structured furniture of recent years will take a back seat to flowing furniture pieces with the new space age design trend. Chairs that have flowing lines, sofas that are asymmetrical, and tables that feature offset levels or artistic cut-outs will be a clear communication that the new space age look is the latest style update in your home.

Introduce Iridescence

Iridescent design elements can let guests know you're fully committed to the space age trend or to subtly communicate that you're dabbling in the futuristic style. For a bold look, use iridescent materials in furniture, tile, and light fixtures. For a subtle approach, use this ethereal material in decorative hardware, dining and glassware, or small decor like vases and photo frames.

Go for High Gloss

Matte and satin finishes have been on trend for the last decade, but high gloss is making its bold return. Cabinets, furniture, and trim that feature a high-gloss paint finish will perfectly frame your space age interior design style.

Mix in Mid-Century Modern Style

Trends that accompanied space age design style in its original reign still work nicely alongside the modern trend. If you have mid-century modern furniture or decorative elements in your home, you can tie these into your updated space age design. You may find that furniture needs a fresh coat of paint or metals need a bit of polishing to help bring this trend into the 2020s.

Designer Pro Tips for Luxurious Space Age Design

Unlike the trend of the 1950s, this version of space age design is less about moon landings and more about sleek, futuristic luxury. Keep your home updated and on-trend with a few designer pro tips that will help you avoid a retro look when you're trying to achieve a modern style.

  • Skip the bright, warm colors. Space age design of the 1950s and 60s was saturated with rich reds, bright oranges, and warm greens. Swap those retro shades for cool purples, bold blues, and soft pinks for an updated look.
  • Avoid clutter. While the space age style of generations past featured a "more is more" approach, the updated version is all about simplicity. Be sure to leave plenty of open spaces and stick to a few pieces you love rather than crowding your room with every space age element you can think of.
  • Keep wood tones updated. The space age trends of then and now still feature wood materials and tones. To avoid the retro look, skip wood tones that appear red or orange and opt for deep shades of brown or a soft blonde tone with a bold wood grain.
  • Avoid too many geometric shapes. Art, upholstery, and wallpaper are all great ways to showcase space age design. Avoid too many geometric shapes and look for flowing, abstract prints that feel futuristic but simple.
  • Avoid mixing in rustic pieces. Rustic pieces of furniture and decor can be done well, but mixed with a space style, they feel retro and vintage. You want your space age design to be future-forward, so stick to pieces that showcase a sleek style.

Get Ahead of the Trend With Space Age Design Style

The new space age style is the perfect trend to embrace if you're looking for something that hasn't quite saturated the home design world yet. Because of this, your space age design style will feel new, chic, and ahead of the trends. Work in a few space age elements at a time for a subtle way to bring your home into the future of interior design.

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Out-of-This-World Space Age Designs for Modern Homes